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hey i'm back with another video today we're 
going to talk about statins okay it is very very  
essential for you to understand this information 
now statins work by blocking a certain enzyme  
that blocks your production of cholesterol your 
liver cells make a good amount of cholesterol  
in your body so the cholesterol in your body is 
not just coming from the diet it's coming from  
your own cells and it has some very important 
purposes number one it's a precursor for making  
bile salts which is involved in digesting fats 
absorbing fat cypo vitamins like vitamin a  
e d k omega 3 fatty acids etc etc cholesterol 
is also necessary in making bile salts  
so if you don't have enough bile salts your risks 
for gall stones go up your risk for pancreatitis  
increases because if you have bile sludge 
that's going to block the pancreatic ducts  
and causing a back up into the pancreas so there's 
so many side effects of statin but the big one  
is myopathy now that's a gentle term for muscle 
disease because statins have a direct effect  
on the muscle they can create necrosis of 
the muscle which basically kills the muscle  
they can cause muscle cell apoptosis which is 
another term for the muscle cells dying you can  
get all sorts of inflammatory muscle 
problems weakness of the muscle pain  
in the muscle stiffness in the muscle and even 
an autoimmune condition of the muscle as well  
another side effect is high levels of something 
called creatinine kinase which indicates muscle  
wasting and that can increase by 10x now there's 
also the topic of why your cholesterol is high  
in the first place and let's say it even goes up 
is there any problem with having high cholesterol  
i'm going to leave that for another video but in 
this video i want to talk to the person who's on  
statins and what you can do to reduce the symptoms 
of myopathy now there's something else that  
a statin will deplete and that is something 
called coq10 it's an enzyme involved in giving  
your muscles energy and you may have seen it 
at the healthy store mainly for heart problems  
if you're deficient in coq10 you get muscle 
wasting muscle weakness low back pain  
again a problem in the muscle um heart failure and 
the list goes on and on and on so the more statin  
you take the more deficient in coq10 you're going 
to be and it just happens that if you take coq10  
you can greatly diminish the symptoms of myopathy 
when someone's on a statin drug so this video is  
mainly about those people that are taking statins 
that apparently for some reason have to take it  
they're getting side effects and they might not 
know how simple it is to relieve the complications  
from this medication so start taking coenzyme q10 
and if i were you i would double or triple the  
dosage if you're taking the statin and as you're 
coping with statins i would highly recommend you  
also learn more about cholesterol how to keep it 
in check and what diet you need to be on if you're  
new to my channel i put the links down right there 
check it out before you go if you have a question  
about a product or you're new to keto and you 
want to know how to begin keto or you're on keto  
and you need a debug because it's not going 
as smooth i have a keto consultant standing  
by to help you this is just for the people in 
the u.s hopefully in the future we'll be able  
to answer everyone's call but i put the number 
down below so you can call and get some help

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