Oncology Massage Therapist Steve Romey discusses the physical, emotional, and spiritual connection when working with a patient. To ensure his patients …
Being diagnosed with cancer from what I've
experienced is extremely traumatic and there's
a lot of emotions that are involved with that
that affect the person both physically and
emotionally and so it will show up in their
stomach, it will show up in their moods, it
will show up in their heart.
I got involved with oncology massage with
Camp Keepsake which is a camp for individuals
that have cancer or that have had cancer in
California, it's a weekend retreat. And so
we were providing massage services for individuals
at the camp, but I felt like I needed more
information. And so I decided to become more
informed as to the potential side effects
of massage and how it could help or potentially
hurt an individual that is affected by cancer.
My internship with oncology massage has allowed
me to touch individuals on both a physical,
emotional and spiritual level. And I felt
like I needed to have this additional information
in order to provide a safe massage for the
individuals at camp and beyond; because once
I got into the program I wanted to touch people's
lives. I wanted to see what I could do to
help. So what I have found that I bring to
the table is an unconditional loving male
energy that many individuals have found beneficial
because women as mothers tend to give unconditional
loving energy to their children and others
around them. But to get it from a male is
extremely valuable as I've found and many
people appreciate that.

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