Lòng nướng dai dai, thơm thơm, ăn kèm rau sống thật đã. Tuy nhiên món ăn này không phải ai cũng biết làm, làm không sạch sẽ khiến món ăn không còn ngon …
We should cut it into small sections like that to marinate well with the spices
The intestine will be cooked fast
It blows up! So good!
I will dip into this delicious sauce
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Hello friends!
Today I would like to show you the recipe of grilled pork intestine
The main ingredient is pork intestine
We should keep this fatty part
I will process the intestine later I will process the intestine later
Let's me show you the following spices:
Shallots, garlics, chilis, lemongrass
These are seasoning powder, broth mix, and soya sauce
Fish sauce
And this is honey
This is satay chili paste
Cooking oil
Followed by tamarind
We will use sour tamarind to mix the sauce
Vinegar and salt are used to process
Before making this dish, I will crush some ingredients first
This is shallot
We just cut it into very small thin slices
Then we will crush it small
We can marinate the intestine later
I will put the minced pieces to this mortar
You should crush the garlic
to make it mashed
Then we will mince it
Next, we will put minced garlic to the mortar and crush with shallot
We should crush until mashed
When we marinate, these spices can absorb into the intestine
So, remember to mince them small so that they will bring fragrance
We will scoop the mixture to a bowl
Alright! We have crushed lemongrass and chilis already!
Now, I'm going to clean the intestine
I have to bring along both of vinegar and salt to clean the intestine
Remember not to cut into the intestine, we just cut this fatty part
I add vinegar
Vinegar will make the intestine clean
Let's transfer it to this tray
The water should be clear like this so that the intestine can be clean
Here! We should remove water from this tray
See? The water is pouring out. Let's transfer the intestine to the colander
If the intestine still has water, when you marinate, it won't absorb well other spices
Leave it to drain then I will bring it to marinate and grill
Right! I'm cutting the intestine into small sections to grill later
Yeah! To marinate!
You should cut each section for 20cm
When we grill, these intestine sections will contract
You see. The fat is still on the intestine
Remember to cut it into even sections like that, we will marinate them and grill them later
I will mix the crushed spices to this
I have crushed shallot, garlic, lemongrass and chilis
Now I'm adding a little pepper
A little broth mix
A little seasoning powder
Please add just a little amount, otherwise the combination will be salty
I add a little fish sauce
A little satay chili paste
After that, we add some honey
All right! I will add some soya sauce
Rest them for a while to make the spices absorb into the intestine
Then, we will bring to grill
During this time, I'm going to make a fire
While waiting, I will process the spices to make the sauce
To stir-fry together until fragrant
I add them here
Lemongrass and shallot together
We should add some chilis
Remember that we should use a little of tapioca starch
We soak tamarind here to bring the sour taste
We mash it!
We will boil it to make the sauce
Here, I'm adding sugar
Yeah! Sweet and sour!
A little fish sauce
Now, I'm going to grill the intestine
The fire is ready and the intestine is well marinated now!
Alright! Let's grill the intestine!
Remember that
The intestine will be cooked so fast
We should spread them like that
You can use the grill instead of this one
Remember that the intestine will be cooked very fast
If you can clean the intestine carefully, you can put it on the grill instead of cutting it into small sections
Actually, however, it might take so much time to clean the inside of the intestine
It has some fatty parts on it
If you don't clean it well, the intestine will have bitter taste when it is cooked
Because there still has feces stuck inside the intestine
It will take so much time to remove the feces
If you can remove all, you can put the intestine on the grill without cutting it into small pieces and just turn its side
By doing so, the intestine will look good!
But I'm just afraid that the intestine isn't clean
Few minutes later, the fat will drop out and make these sections crispy
You guys should grill until they turn crispy properly, otherwise they will be burnt and bring bitter taste
Yeah! They have contracted!
Yeah! You see? It blows up! It's crunchy!
If you don't clean the intestine carefully, when it blows up, the feces will shoot out
When you clean it carefully, there is no dirty things inside but the vapor
We will take out the cooked pieces
They have turned golden brown. Look so great!
If you keep grilling, they will be burnt to black
I will pour little cooking oil to make the sauce
Yes! I will stir-fry shallots and garlics
Just stir-fry until fragrant
Alright! Let's pour tamarind sauce in
I have mixed tapioca starch with water. Now we will pour it in to make the sauce condensed
Come on! Let's take it out!
Guys! I have finished cooking the dish
See? A plate of grill intestine. Look so good!
Now, let's enjoy with me and see how it tastes
It must be delicious!
I have to cut it
The dish should be served with this sauce. That's so great!
If you eat when it's hot, it's so crunchy
But if you enjoy when it's cool, it's tough
But the taste is still the same. So good!
This dish is best served with beer
This sauce is quite sour. Properly!
I just mix the sauce properly, not salty
I have to drink some beer
This dish is best served with beer
Remember that don't cut these sections too long, when you turn its sides, the fire is hot
That will make it difficult to turn the side
Therefore, we just cut shortly to turn its side easier
Can you see, they have the red pink color
So beautiful!
When we mix well the intestine with spices, they will be grilled until they turn golden brown. So beautiful!
This dish is suitable with those who like drinking
Awesome taste! Delicious!
Thank you so much for watching and supporting me through the time
I hope you still keep pay attention to my channel, so that I can introduce to you guys more delicious dishes
If you guys have any feedback, please feel free to message me. I will follow your wishes
Thank you so much and good bye for now!

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