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Ringing temple bell
Don't get in the way.
Waste fellow. Don't mess up with me
Bought scooty?
My brother bought me as today is my birthday
They were offering pooja as soon as I left meeting you
I was really shocked
its really nice
its gray color. Isn't it?
Your cousin and prashanth have gone and bought it seems
is it? They haven't told me
Won't you tell me if you get to know?
That's also true
How is it?
Ahh! It looks really nice
Don't touch it. It will get stained.
What's wrong with my hands. They are clean
Your color will stick, Dark skinned.
That too its brand new
I will die if anything happens to this
its okay you touched it unknowingly now. Don't touch it again
Oh my God! Girl has fallen off, Gangajala!
ouch! its fallen on my legs
Oh Girl! you fallen off?
Nope. I am just lying as its soft on the floor with the bike on me
Damn it
What are you staring at. Lift me up
Bike is fallen on my leg. Am not able to pull out
yes yes
What happened to my hands. They are clean anyway
Your color will stick, Dark skinned
Why do you stop? Please lift, its hurting
Not that. You warned me not to touch your bike saying my color will stick your bike
Didn't you?
I didn't mean it anyway .Please lift me now
That's what you say now. Later you will nag about staining your bike
Hold on a second right there. I will go call my brother in law
Girl Girl! Lift at least a bit and go
Dark skinned lady
Dear! Dear!
What happened? Is anyone tested positive in the village?
No dear. Gangajala fell off riding scooty
You mean the new one
Infront of Hanuman temple
I pity her. Did she get injured?
I don't know Dear. Can I go watch her and come back?
No No. Sort everything here and bring turmeric while coming.
Okay Okay
I dont know which scoundrel placed that stone,I am not able to pull out my leg
Ouch!. because of this corona, there is hardly anyone on road
come out. come out
Oh my God!
Sri! Please come fast
how did you fall off? Gangajala?
Accidentally fell. Please lift me up sri
its really heavy
I will do it anyway. Thank God there are no injuries
By the way, Why do you rush that much?
its always better to ride as slow as possible. You know
From now on I will do that. Please lift the bike. Its hurting
Yeah, I will do that anyway
you should not go like this when its rainy, Gangajala
When braked suddenly, tire will start sliding
Even on sand should not drive fast .Bike will skid, you know
By the way
No sand and also its not raining here
How did you fall off?
As soon as the tire mounted that stone, I fell of
I didn't tell you bike will slip when mounted a stone.
Why do you want to tell all this now. Please lift me first. leg is hurting
I came here feeling pity
Oh my God! Didn't you lift yet?. Please make it quick
Are you waiting for turmeric?
No No
He has been blabbering without helping
I was advising for your sake only
Lift lift, make it fast
oh my God, my legs
wait wait, leg is struck inside. I will lift the bike, you pull out your leg
lift little more. pull
little more, little more
lift little more, little more
Cannot lift beyond this. Pull that
you also come and help here
I don't want to, she will scold me
ah! Why?
As it turns black
becoming black?
Biike? Why would she say that? She won't
She said that, DIdn't you?
She said that Dear
Did you tell that Gangajala?
I said something senseless, please get me up sri
I am dying here
Dear, Get her up
I am not lifting
Crying in Pain
Why did you leave it like that?
I didn't leave that, it slipped out of my hands
Hey, Nothing will happen
It sounds like something is broken
Your face, it is bumper, bumper hit the ground
Is it Bumper?
My leg is broken, It is paining severely
Lift it up
Wait, Wait, I am lifting it
Pull your leg that way
Screaming in pain
I've removed it
It's hurting severely (while crying)
Dear it's bleeding
No, only oil is leaked
Wait I will clean that
It is blood, but
I've told you that it is blood right
This senseless guy tells it to be oil
What shall we do now?
No, don't press it like that
Is it hurting?
Please call 108, I am dying here
Hey, You won't die
may die if heart is broken, but definitely not when leg is fractured?
Yes right?
my uncle had a protruded bone
They just pushed it inside and tied it
Turmeric powder is here right, apply it
Wait, I am applying turmeric, it may induce pain
Apply more, it will stop bleeding
Don't cry
Do you know my pain?
Why are you kicking her unnecessarily?
Though I pity her condition and applying turmeric
She is kicking me
Talking to you itself was ominous
So, Can you beat me for no reason?
Crying loudly
Beating each other
It's okay wait Gangajal
Damn it
She's beating again
You are beating as if I am your wife
Beating again
Stop it
Why is she beating me?
You are not able to control
Why are you beating me?
Why are beating again and again??
Screaming out of pain
She broke my leg completely
Ohhh. Sorry Sorry
I'll talk to mother
I've not done anything
Wait, let me check
Check it carefully
Oh! its fractured
Wait, I'll make it proper
Don't panic, I'll set it right
Crying in Pain
He is handling it slowly, be quiet
I won't break anything
Wait, It is over
It has to be set right at one stretch, I've seen in many movies
Wait, It's over
If I press the bottom bone upwards, it will get joined
After then you can run automatically
Handle it carefully, Please
its hurting more
Please don't cry, it is about to set
Wait, it will get set with just one try
Everyone is shocked
Oh my God
music playing
Both of them are in shock
What just happened?
Why did it come out when I pressed it inside
What shall we do now?
First, let's take her home
No one is here to carry even
Lift her up. Let's go
Open the door
You hold the head, I'll hold legs
Why all these discussions infront of the home?
Lift her up
She looks thin but she is heavier like a cameleon
cameleon faced one
Go and call the doctor
Wait, I am feeling exhausted
If we sit here feeling exhausted, she will die here
Yeah, I am going
Go and get someone
The whole body is sweating
GrandPa, Is the doctor here?
No, he is not here
Where did he go?
He went to his village
Oh! is it? he used to never leave this hospital
I don't know where he has gone
This RMP also is not here
Didn't he open the clinic!
Even this is closed!
Even this is closed
What happened Sathwika
Brother, Is Dr. Raju not here?
Clinics are closed right
They are closed since the lockdown
Then, Can you call him and ask him to my cousins house
What happened Sathwika?
My friend Gangajala has broken her leg
Oh no, Then you have to go to Mancherial
Going there is a big risk
There, Corona cases are increasing rapidly
Going there is risky
Instead of going there and getting Corona
Cutting the leg is better
Stop, Why are you speaking like that
Hey, stop everyone
See Sathwika, just like online classes
Online treatment videos are present in Youtube
Without panicking, try it out watching them
Well said
Isn't it brother!
Okay Brother, then I'll inform my cousin
Is she alive or not?
yeah she is alive
There is not a single doctor
All the clinics are closed
I swear, I went everywhere
What should we do now?
What can we do?
Our Chinti Brother is there right
He suggested me to get treatment by watching online videos
Getting treatment by watching online?
This sounds good
Shall we do that?
Let's try
Then Cell phone?
I'll go and ask Dorayya Uncle
Then go and get it faster, Don't delay that
Where are they? There is not even a single video
Did he suggest you to look in to Youtube?
Yes, he suggested youtube only Dear
Then why there is not even a single video?
Atleast if we get to watch about fractured hand
Somehow we can treat this leg by watching that
It's getting dark
Let it be
What will her mother think?
She may panic if she doesn't return home before it gets dark
Look Dear, there it is
How to fix a fractured leg?
It is in telugu
Hi patients
My name is Dr. Sathish
You are watching Dr. Fixit
Then, today by being at home
Let's know how to fix a fractured leg
See this is our leg's bone
This is very strong
We have to take care of it
if it is fractured it is very difficult to join it
Don't worry, I can fix it
You can watch it
In our daily life, leg is very important
If we want to go somewhere, we have to go using our own legs
Will we go using others legs?
Watch it
Even our elders taught us to live on our own legs
So, what if those legs are fractured, How can we live?
If you don't want them to be fractured easily,
You have to take good food, like
All this is useless (video forwarded)
Then, take the fractured bones together
After cleaning (Sathwika's voice: Press it tight)
In this way clean the area around the wound carefully using cotton.
Injecting some medicine
Applying Bandage
Thank God
It's Done
she is not even waking up now
Its good she is not waking up. She might not be able to bear this pain
You did a wonderful job Dear
Even though you studied only till 10th, you did it perfectly
Even If am late, I do latest things
Sadly that uncle always suffers from chest pain
Venkatesh brother says that he always have stomach ache
Aunt always says that eyes are paining
Can you treat them in the same way by watching youtube?
Will you do that?
Will you?
You'll do that right!!!!!
I'll try
I hope you don't delay it after saying yes
From the next time, whatever we do,we will do it in a week
Is it okay?
Let's go
What about her?
We will carry her home

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