Event happens right after the Bonus Track in Volume 3 of the Light Novel Turn on CC for subtitles.
We're all out of medals,
And we're also out of time too,
So let's move on to the last game.
Last game?
What are you planning to do?
All-About Chiba Ultra Quiz!
So that being said,
with this game here,
We'll be holding a contest that tests your knowledge of Chiba.
It's time to get started!
Now then, sensei.
Please handle the quizzing and the judging.
Very well.
But this is one those games, isn't it?
Fundamentally, it's a game you play
by yourself, right?
A game just for me, right?
That's why, we'll be competing in teams.
We'll break up into teams and
answer as we see fit.
The rules are…
Well, like, please read the mood as we go along.
Komachi-san's explanation suddenly gotten lazy, didn't it?
How should we split up the teams?
If it's a team battle,
Then I'll go with Hi-Hikki…
Um, for his Chiba knowledge…
Let's break up the teams into boys and girls.
In that case,
We're on the same team, huh, Hachiman?
Let's give it our all, Totsuka.
Komachi has something in mind.
T-There it is.
That planning, scary kind of smile…
Now, let us begin!
The losing team will be subjected
to a penalty game.
The winners can tell the losers
to do whatever they want!
Do you want to go to the Kingdom of Ostriches!?
What's the Kingdom of Ostriches…?
Totally sounds like a place
I wouldn't want to go to…
It's pretty fun if you go.
Stuff like the ostrich sashimi's really delicious.
So you can eat the ostriches…
Speaking of Chiba's mascot,
Leave this to me.
The rampaging red mad dog,
That is…
A trap!?
You really piss me off.
I'm reading the rest of the question.
Speaking of Chiba's mascot,
The mascot CHI-BA KUN, that is,
What is that CHI-BA KUN's color?
It's all Komachi's!
The answer is…!
Why is CHI-BA KUN red, I wonder?
W-Who knows…?
Even I don't know that much…
Do you mind if I move on to the next question?
Located in Chiba,
The very first manmade beach in Japan is!?
Ku-Kujuukuri Beach?
Nice guts!
My little firefighter-kun!
We won't get anything like an answer
if we don't speak up.
It's all good, don't let it bug you!
Don't mind!
I-I as well!
I tried my best too, you know!
Yeah, yeah, I hear you.
Leave the rest to me.
Let's hear your answer.
The answer is…
Inage Beach!
When it comes to Chiba, that's about right.
With this, both teams are head to head.
Let's keep going!
Chiba's local specialty is?
Katsuura Tantan-men!
Bousou Local Pastries is?
Although it's in Chiba?
Tokyo German Village!
A famous Chiba person is?
Inou Tadataka!
You're awesome!
You're number one!
I'm not number one.
Chiba's number one, that's all.
Chiba's third in Kanto though.
That's my onii-chan.
His love for Chiba is deep…
At this rate, we're going to lose to Hikki's team…
Lose to Hikigaya-kun…
Yukinon's on fire…!
At Chiba's decanter souvenir shop,
the well-known-
Wet rice crackers!
Wet rice crackers…
That is,
What is the recommended way
of eating these wet rice crackers!?
Who the heck would know that!?
Leave it to Komachi!
The answer is…
You toast it in an oven and eat it
with shichimi and mayonnaise!
Sounds like a ton of calories…
Is it really okay to toast wet rice crackers…?
It was even the right answer too…
When it comes to useless things
regarding Chiba, please leave it to me.
After all, since I'm the only one
my brother can talk to,
I just end up remembering everything!
Weird siblings…
The most hauled fish product
throughout the country in Chiba is?
Spiny lobster.
Why the heck does Yukinon know!?
Yukinon's a little weird too!
We're in Chiba yet we can
still catch spiny lobster.
Hauled the most in the country too…
We might as well change Chiba
to Chiba Lobster instead.
But still,
Not a big surprise at all.
Could you stop calling me that?
That's right, onii-chan.
You need to make sure to call her by Yukino.
Wha, that's…
I'm not doing that…
My life would be in danger if I did.
That's right…
Even if you did call my be that…
I'm not sure what I'd do.
Are you guys done?
For the last question,
It's a Hammer Chance!
For this last question, answering
correctly using the Golden Hammer
Will get you 10,000 points!
Then what the heck was the point
of the entire quiz then?
Now I look like an idiot for
answering all those questions earlier.
What is this?
Epitome of life?
I will leave this to you!
Use it!
The Goldion Hammer!!!!!
It's Golden Hammer by the way.
I asked 100 high school girls from Chiba.
The standard dating spot is?
Boyfriend's house or something?
He gave a surprisingly, honest answer…
Is that what you're hoping for?
That delusion of yours…
Oddly enough, for how realistic it sounds,
It's also sad.
Super embarassing…!
Kill me!
Just kill me now!
I-It's okay, Hachiman!
You gave it some thought,
If I were a girl, I'd be really happy!
That's right, Hachiman.
I think about it quite often as well.
It is nothing to be ashamed about!
I-I know, right?
We're boys and all.
It's not weird at all!
Now, now, what's the problem?
Komachi's at the house anyway.
So that just now was ver
high in Komachi points.
Don't comfort me.
Don't give me that look of pity.
Don't pile up the points either.
You're just making me feel worse.
Since that was the wrong answer,
The Golden Hammer will be
handed to the other team.
It's in your hands.
Go for it!
The answer is…
Tokyo's Destiny Land!
Time for the results~!
With 10,003 points,
The girl team wins!
I'm not satisfied with this at all…
Since we won because of Yui-san,
You can ask for whatever you want!
I suppose so.
I believe that's proper.
I don't have any complaints since we won.
And I don't have anything in
particular that I want to ask of them.
That's so sudden though…
Yui-san, Yui-san!
Could you lend me your ear?
What is it?
Whisper, whisper, whisper.
T-That's kind of embarassing…
Now then.
It's time to reveal the penalty game.
Um, you see, Hikki…
Go out and play again?
I guess I'll have to if that's the penalty.
That might be nice!
We should all hang out again!
As far as Komachi's concerned,
that didn't mean everyone but…
I shall accompany you as well.
A-Although I did say accompany,
I only meant by hanging out, okay!
D-Don't misunderstand, Hachiman!
Like hell I will.
There wasn't a single thing in what
you said for that to ever happen.
It's like…
Not what I was expecting,
But it sounds fun, so whatever.
I suppose.
I'm not particularly too good with everyone,
But if you're okay with me,
I'll accompany you when I have the time.
That's a promise!
Yukinon, I love you!
An unthinkable sneak attack…
Could you not get so clingy?
Komachi's magnificent plan was…
I only said when I have free time.
As expected…
Sure is nice to be young…
Onii-chan's youth love comedy is…
Is wrong…
Someone hurry up and take her!

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