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Does the blood completely withdraw from the body?
How much of my life is actually
is precious
I've seen that you're so worthless
Man hanged himself from tree, committed suicide
Can an autopsy be performed on the burned body?
Head, chest and abdomen need to be opened and examined
Blood doesn't stay in the body
because blood flow occurs outside
then it becomes very difficult to find blood in the body
Keep going underground.
Welcome to the underground I am Mohammad BAHÇECIK
We're facing an autopsy officer this week.
Nice to see you, thank you, thank you
It was hard to get you here.
I sent messages I wrote on Instagram, Thank you
you've finally seen it
you agreed, You got up from Hatay, you came all the way here.
Very well, thank you.
I want to thank.
We want to know you, what is a person for
he chooses such jobs, why an autopsy?
What do you know about autopsies?
We have a lot of questions, but
Let's get to know you, how old are you?
when did you start your career, what's your name?
Where do you live?
My Name Is Ismail Hakkı Algül
First Of All, I'm From Hatay Dörtyol
I've been doing this for about 4 years.
I'm now a civil servant.
I'm still actively pursuing.
How I started this profession
frankly, I didn't have a target.
From the presence of the autopsy assistant department
I didn't know.
I am a graduate of the Department of health high school "ATT"
I won this division in 2013
There was a scoreless pass when I won.
Assistant autopsy department.
Frankly, that's how we started meeting.
I mean, should we go into the autopsy nice while you've seen it?
did something like that happen?
Actually, my teacher directed me when I made a choice
then like this
moving one
I mean I was young
he said it was a job you could do.
why did I say Teacher?
Are you people busy with many different tasks autopsy
Afraid work said
he gave me a little gas, I said, then I'll do it
that's how we chose to meet.
So something happened with a little manners?
Get into it and settle down.
so we entered a little bit with that intention, then this profession
so we can say that we have down to a science, the people who are doing this
we have become.
I mean, God forbid, it's a good profession.
I'll tell you
a sacred profession somewhere is actually, after all
one of the last points is you
by the way, I've had a lot of confrontations with Gassal.
Funeral Imam
a dead washer, I don't know, a morgue guy or something.
The end point is now in autopsy.
I mean, Buddha took turns.
Now we're all the way to the autopsy.
After this time, God forbid
if we have a funeral
So we know it all from the beginning.
Autopsy is the last stop of everything
people would place the future of the most recent already
we don't want anyone to come, but
a slightly different area from the other confrontations you make
because after we finish other operations
Caya, Gassal, funeral Imam
and the gravedigger enters
we're a little more of that dimension
we approach from a different perspective
for him, it's a different experience for me to be here right now
and being in a confrontation like this
a different experience for me
Hopefully we get a good result.
Let's start with our first question, Brother.
Why did you choose this profession?
I did not consciously choose this profession
a situation that occurs entirely as a result of tevafuks
such tevafug
Yeah, I mean,
I graduated from health high school "ATT" in high school.
Then I had to choose college.
we were in search of an episode
At that time, I was a teacher, obviously me
as a result of charging
I started researching this part
Autopsy assistant department
because there was also a scoreless pass from the episode" ATT"
In 2013
I researched it, it came to me as a very different episode
And when I was researching it on the internet, no one recommended it.
There was a situation like that, in my production a little bit.
don't go over something, if something is rejected
her research has her digging
yeah, there's a review.
I chose the autopsy assistant for him.
and then because it was a scoreless pass
we settled in with a scoreless pass
then here are the lines
we were assigned to this profession, we started our mission.
God bless you, when you say that tawafu is like this,
I'm underlining it.
think about it as a result of tevafuk
find yourself a
you find him in the morgue at the head of a dead man.
it's in your hands
I don't know if you have a knife anymore.
You're starting to dig things up with him or something.
if it's good for you, it's okay for us, brother.
Good for me, why good?
As I said, This is the profession we are in
yes, a death
but as death is always what man fears most
actually, it's his most special moment.
Because it happens to you once in a lifetime
What a cold blood
it happens to you once, and we witness this moment
actually, I mean.
and the people found in this moment
emotional states
we're seeing his movements.
As I researched on the internet
this episode is sickening, this work is not done
this profession is a profession to be done in no way
contrary to what is said, it is very important
we realized it was a profession as we got into it
because people's lives
it's in question, How is it in question?
You're investigating an incident.
In order to illuminate an event, you exist in this profession
and your There
a person
a wrong one when making an assessment
move or decide
do you, or routing
it will provide a return for you in the afterlife
we act consciously
from this point of view, the profession is very important.
It's already
imagine if you were in the hands of an unbeliever.
in any case, this is a dangerous situation.
After all, the person who will perform the autopsy
faith is essential, if you ask me.
All our friends who are already involved in this profession
he has a belief, as you say.
More or less, it's not up to us to evaluate it, but
an event that we call respect for a person or a person
in itself
in the framework of values that it places
it can only be done.
If a person does not respect a person,
he does not respect the living or the dead.
For him, as you say in this profession
you have to have a belief
at the other point, you have to respect a person
because all the funerals that come there
the last one comes to us as a trust
he's kind of entrusting the families to us in that pain.
We make the best of them for him
by preparing, by conducting a kind of examination
by fulfilling our duty
the part that fell on us as it should
we're trying to do
Maybe 3, maybe 5, maybe 10 of them come to you a day, but
so far
what's the most interesting case, brother?
The most interesting case I've ever encountered
not in my name
but there's 1 of them
room subject in terms of development of the event
it's one of the cases I think of.
One day, on the way to the hospital to do an autopsy again
we were standing at the lights
as soon as we stop at the lights, on the side of the road
selling napkins, selling water here
people become
one of them was one of the uncles who sold napkins.
he came close, he wanted to sell us napkins.
Of course, we continued because our work was urgent
Of course, we went to the autopsy.
after arriving later, another phone call came in
I'm told there's another autopsy.
we left, we went again, we saw that
he's our uncle who sells napkins.
Passed away.
As a case, yes, we have had such a case
because that's how he placed me
I mean, it wakes you up all kinds of things.
a person you were in touch with half an hour and an hour ago
a person you're talking to
you're looking at the autopsy table.
we can be in this is us
for him, the profession constantly reminds us of this.
After starting the profession
have you had any psychological problems?
I thank God I didn't have a psychological problem
as I said, only a person
for me, it was a process in which he evolved to think
I've seen this case in any business, I've seen this incident
I have no idea
it's not like I can't fix my psychology.
But as I said, all the time
for me to think about myself, to question my life
a lot of things like I care about my loved ones
he made me go over it again and again.
But psychologically the side effect I thank God
I've seen up to this time.
I hope I don't see it anymore.
But every job when we look at it from the right angle
I'd say he's sending his own message.
You have a good perception of divine messages
it's about your cold blood.
I'm speechless,
Lord, at times I hope.
What exactly are the challenges of your profession?
I can describe the difficulty of my profession as follows;
For example, I'm here now
we're having this confrontation
even here, it's about my profession.
I have to be careful with hal and my movements when I talk
Because why?
We are the ones who witness people's most painful moments
this moment is also the topic of conversation outside
or people
we don't see it as a situation to describe in detail.
In this way, as well-intentioned as you
people who really want to be useful to people
and we share them.
As a difficulty, for example, when talking about a case
laughing I need help
for ourselves, these are the criteria that we have always set.
or outside when you're talking about an event
or in a friendly environment, or in a business environment
again on this case
we have to act with respect.
This is obviously a person's behavior
it does not affect negatively, but at the point of balance
it's a little difficult because when are we going to laugh?
we won't laugh, when will we be serious
or when won't we be?
These are our little he
our emotion control
impresses at some point
as a difficulty at the other point
it can be seen again, but
this is a situation that you need again.
as people say, to the most painful moment
we're witnessing
and we have to tell people about this situation
so these autopsy procedures because by humans
it can be deceived or not welcome
but we have to do it legally.
we have to explain it to people.
in those cases, when he is in pain
it's us again to explain it
I'd say it's one of the disadvantages of our profession
it's hard to maintain that psychology.
After he started doing the profession
In your life
What changes have happened, brother, there have been many changes in your life
Had many changes in my life
I can honestly say that. Because I'm already an emotional thinker.
My emotional thinking is a person who always comes to the fore
how much of my life is actually
Is precious
and I've seen that you're so worthless
By worthless, I mean
We have no guarantees!
we have no guarantee in any way
We don't know in any way when it will happen and what or how it will happen to us
After I entered this profession
you know, cases are coming before us.
Various cases, different cases
More than the content of the case
I wonder how a person should be?
I always have a question
Took place
In that sense, Me Too
Developed in this sense
An autopsy revealed the case as soon as possible.
let's finish up and go home and get busy.
let our salary go to bed as soon as possible
I'm already past the part
How I need to be
I wonder how I live
One day I have at this point
I can be because of your thoughts
Created too many differences
In this process
Because I started writing poems by myself
You see
So you're saying deaths cases
I have to leave something on this world as a person
This would be nice
Or beautiful or not seen in humans
but leaving something
I wanted continuous
I started writing poetry.
I read poetry
I started spending time with books.
I tried to spend more time with my loved ones
Because I've always thought of him on this world
as I enter the autopsy, I have these thoughts in my mind
a person is afraid to say that they love when they look at each other face-to-face
He's never afraid to go to his grave and cry
In order not to experience this situation
He must tell his loved one that he loves
I thought I shouldn't be afraid of it.
He developed it in my life
and death
Because we see the moment after death
We've never seen a person die there in a different way
I mean, the rich come there with their money, the poor come with their poverty.
And the knowledgeable one
We didn't see him come with his knowledge
We saw that he only came there as a person
For him, this is me
he can speak to anyone who is human
can communicate, can chat
An adjective for him
Or, I don't know, he doesn't need to look for a feature
In that sense, I don't communicate with all kinds of people.
has benefited me a lot
Because I didn't see a difference
Not that death comes according to the person
not because we saw that the time had come
I can say that it caused such a change in the general sense
In fact, he must die when he is born, he must be born when he is dead
It is necessary to adopt such a philosophy
I sometimes share how it will be in a friendly environment or something they ask
Actually, that's what we call death.
because we see it as the part that happens after our last breath is over
It's always affected us differently
so death is the future
We'll get away from everything
Because there is a perception that we will neither see what we love, nor that our loved ones will see us
Every incident related to death
Every topic, every conversation
he pushed people away. Because he didn't want to remember death.
In fact, a person who lives as a person must die when he is born
When he came into this world, he was already a man
Has been
He's waiting for a rebirth.
Our view of death, that is, my view of death.
We'll be born when we die
A little bit in that sense as my philosophy and as my thought
I'd say he changed
By the way, you have a YouTube channel
I'll leave it as a link below
Let them reach you from there, write to you, ask you
: So what is it
let it be our ad
What was the name of the channel, brother
on behalf of myself,
Already Ismail Hakkı Algül
Ismail Hakkı Algül YouTube channel
be sure to follow the link below
Go from us and listen to what else he has to say about us
You have poems, they listen to them a lot
So imagine
His poems have passed before thousands of deaths
A person writes
I think if you listen with that head
I think it will be more effective
Your first day in the profession
You put the gloves on your hand
You put on your apron, you put on your mask.
You walked through that cold door.
Now you're at the head of the dead
the first day of
first professional watch
What did you feel
when you first saw the dead
the first case I entered was about 6 years ago.
The case obviously
I don't remember the contents, but I remember how I felt
I said, Where am I?
I mean, my first reaction was, frankly, him.
What do I do?
How could I do it?
I thought
Because we were crowded
Yeah, when he came in.
We entered with our student friends
a person is not afraid of death when they are crowded
And but
After all, when you think you're going to do it alone, I wonder how much
I can keep it up, I said how long can I do it
From the case when it first came out
Honestly, I thought about quitting the Department.
I mean, I thought I couldn't bring it on.
But I continued this chapter with the support of my family.
Finally, such a
Development of this profession
I thought it was the right profession for me at this stage
but that was my first reaction.
I told you where I was.
I mean, because
There's death next to you
You are with that death
You'll be kind of intertwined, you'll study it.
You'll give me information about him.
He impressed me that way
During your professional life
Any case you fear
did you fear?
Not until this time
As I said, the first case I entered
It affected me
But I wasn't afraid of any cases in the process after that
And I didn't shy away from any case
Because life goes on, I have seen from the living
to be afraid of death, not of the dead
As long as we thoroughly adopt this philosophy
In fact, I have never created fear and anxiety
I'm just focused on doing my job, my job, the best I can do.
In all cases,
I tried to approach all the funerals that came before us in this way
During the autopsy
have you ever had an interesting incident?
I'm in this profession
I'm almost new
I am in this job for 4 years
Interesting for me
I didn't come across an incident
The water that's just different
As my own view again
Actually, when you listen to their stories
Its difference emerges
So you're looking at the case's history.
You have the possibility to listen to the kind of
He also shows a difference
But other than that, during the autopsy
I didn't come across a different case during the autopsy.
Autopsy team
Is made up of how many people?
Autopsy team
prosecution as follows
by now these autopsy events are also being carried out
For him, there must be a prosecutor
Later medical examiner
Although the number of technicians found varies, at least
An autopsy technician needs to be found.
Video of the operation performed other than that
And for the receipt of a photo recording
Crime scene again
Of course, this crime scene is the gendarmerie or
Is changing
The crime scene needs to be there.
Again like I said
1 person for photographing, 1 person for video
Autopsy technician 2 people
Coroner 1 person
And the prosecutor
when we count
It consists of a team of about 7 people
But as the actual
Autopsy found
Forensic scientist
And photography
It consists of officers who photograph and record videos.
Armed assault
Bomb attack
Have any exposed dead come so far?
I'm afraid he's here.
Why, unfortunately
I'm saying because the first place I served was Hatay
I served in Hatay
Events in Syria in Hatay
We witnessed
So events in Syria
Crossing the border
He was coming to us
We were doing an autopsy on them, examining them.
Unfortunately, he came in the process
the bombing was caused by the collapse of buildings as a result of the bombing
Let there be funerals left under a dent
or as a result of a car explosion
Let there be people who have passed away again
We've encountered them
So, according to the case, the event
By severity
Body integrity is impaired
We have encountered many cases that are not intact
Armed was attacked
Are these holes so different?
They say he's getting purple or something.
is there anything that is true?
Passes as firearm injury
Definition of this in our profession
Of course, the types of gunshot wounds differ within themselves
According to what this difference is
Changes vary according to the characteristics of the weapon used
So your shot
Remote adjacent
or be close
Again, it differs on the case
As I said, You are a very powerful weapon
If used, it can partially disrupt the integrity of the body
but smaller guns
Like a pistol
If weapons were used
So it applied
Shots fired
Only one in the region
I can say
I mean, for example, you now
Do you know based on
Bored from afar
As bored
Yeah, it's our review.
Because it was done on the funeral
Other part crime scene
ballistics examination etc. an expanding part
Review what we do
Of course, the area where firearm injuries occur
Check watching
As you say, here's the hole that formed, as you call it
structural features formed around
Its close or adjacent
It gives us ideas when it's done from afar
We need to say here
In Forensic Medicine
100 %
A result
We don't just give an opinion
Of course, here's how we reviewed it.
As I said, So about the weapon used
About the distance of the shot made
We can express opinions
with the first case you encountered
Among your current case
How there is a change of feeling
there's a change of feeling
and the first case, where did I say I was?
And the last case, I said I was in the right place.
Change as such a change
It happened because it was late at times
On behalf of myself,
Too much
I have had experience
I repeat, for myself
Because everyone's experience differs according to themselves
it differs in receivables from the profession
I'm in this sense myself
Too much
I saw a difference
the first case I entered, I thought I wanted to leave the Department
But the last case, too
I have to continue from here
I have to take what I can
I'm starting to think
In this sense, it is also very beautiful for me
Like I said, I gave contributions
I'm thinking
I'm looking at life
My view of my own life is also many
And it made me make changes
The people around you are your friends
And your family
Your profession
How does he see it?
My family first
From the moment to the last, he always supported me
They never deceived my profession
They didn't say why you choose this profession
After learning what the content is at first
Again the same support continued
Except for him
From the environment
Of course, the reactions that came upset me in the first place
I mean, because as I said, We are a person
With his latest memoir
And of those people
Relatives are witnessing
Witnessing his sad moments
People are cutting people at work for us
do you think you are ripping people this job is done
I got a lot of reactions in his style and it made me very sad
This person is a deceased person, after all, entrusted to us
or butcher
As a
In the phrase
Being shown made me very sad in the first place
I got such reactions from my environment in the first place
but these reactions
Never against so much
Strongly opposed
I didn't try to dispose of it, I tried to explain it in a nice way
In this sense, too
I set up a page @autopsies
It's the same on this page.
Order with the same intent
I tried to respond to these reactions
Or around me
And the reaction I got from the first people I heard was Butcher
I was upset by the perception, but as I'm saying right now
We are able to fight them
at least we can accurately describe your situation
At least this video will be instrumental to that.
by the way, @ autopsiers also Instagram page
I'll leave it below, be sure to follow
Tell him you're coming from us.
Exhume buried funerals
Do you do autopsies?
Of course it is happening. It's even called " Fethi Kabir."
Of course, before we do this
there needs to be a court order
I mean, why is a court decision usually made?
These events are a legacy
his condition can be obvious
Children of the deceased
he may not get along with himself. He says We want a DNA test.
we prove it we want to
In those cases, I called the Tomb of Conquest
Those buried and take off for the funeral
We are doing the examination process
That's what's in our profession.
Funeral's here
For a variety of reasons
Death is here
They say he died like this, they say he died like this
But there's nothing clear.
you want to examine it and get clarity.
Even if you study it a lot
Do you ever find any clear evidence?
The reason for it
Are we sure we can't say that?
Of course it's happening
At that time,
Conclusion if
Existing conditions reach sharper
With the findings we have
If we can't answer clearly, of course, the top
We're forwarding the file to the authority.
where is it from a higher authority, of course, the Forensic Medical Institution
The presidency's
More there
Someone who's in this business
A group of teachers who decide as a board
We have doctors available
No clear decision, of course
There are cases where we pass them on
Our teachers there
He examines these cases and then draws conclusions
We haven't seen
But we've heard a lot
The dead
They have a heavy smell
How do you deal with this situation, brother
Areas that we do, that is, do autopsies
Already considering this situation
Designed areas
Ventilation for him
We have a system
For the preservation of funerals
There are cold rooms. We have morgues, closets
Other than that, in US
There's equipment we use when we log in during the autopsy.
These equipment
As I just mentioned
Autopsy rooms
Because we perform this process, we can prevent this smell
So as you mentioned
Yeah, a smell.
Coming out
He must come out of a funeral
We do this
Autopsy field design
We use it with the measures we take
With the equipment we use on ourselves
We can block it
It's the one that breaks your psychology that never comes out of your mind
Was there one dead?
Not one dead
But I can't stop thinking about the dead
How does it not come out, as I mentioned
Always me
Reminds me of death
Details of the cases I've been involved in
I can't remember why he died why he died when he died
And it was never in your mind
But I'm also the only partner who woke them all up
Death with emotion
I don't forget any cases because it reminds me
In this sense, it constantly tells me
The only sounds that came to my mind constantly
Me how we must prepare
Why should we prepare?
A person, that is, when performing an autopsy
Doesn't he think about death?
He's always in myself in every case
I thought about it in such a special way
I don't remember
There is one case I remember
But as I said, they all have something in common
It reminds me is
and in this strange way
it connects me more to life
It may seem like such a contradictory situation, but
there is a saying
If I remember correctly, the word of our Prophet Efendi
As if he would die tomorrow
Prepare for the afterlife
He'll Never Die
Work for the world today
We feel
It feel it feel it
I'll try to think for myself
I've come all this way to deal with the problem, but
I mean, every case reminds me of that.
In cases where I live and enter, I just do it
I'm surviving
Autopsy procedure
First, the autopsy process is performed as follows:
incoming funeral
A dead body is being examined
Because our job is dead
Examination of the dead
Length of you who know me
Weight eye color hair color
Gender, et cetera all of these first
Before the autopsy begins
basic criteria to be examined
Because of the incoming cases
He can be unidentified
He may not be close
identification in the following days
For such findings show us direction
For him, when he first came to us
As I said, even if it's an estimate
getting height getting eye color
How old is your beard if it's a man?
And so on, we write it all down.
An autopsy later in the process
Legally, 3 zones must be opened
These regions
Chest and abdomen
Of these regions
Whatever the case get
If an autopsy is to be performed
It needs to be opened and examined
In addition, the process we do is also
After all, a
Because it has a tendency to give results
And to reveal information
We measure their weight
Why are we doing this
Because every person
By body Index and by average human height
Organs have weight
This is missing more
The funeral, that is, the funeral that we performed an autopsy on.
It increases the information we can get
So more than one organ
It weighs more than its Normal size
He can show that you have a condition again in the same way
Rise in weight
Again, he can show us that he has a condition
our review is conducted in this way in a general sense
Other than that, the case
According to the state
We're taking samples
These are blood samples.
Toxicological examples
Get samples and
By providing the necessary protection and directing the relevant units
Our autopsy in general terms
we're concluding.
Or very interesting, for example, now I give an example
Why he died
Can you tell from your kidney, spleen, heart or something like that?
Depends on the event, the funeral.
How did the funeral Come, How did it come
if he has a kidney condition, we can see it, we say
he has a kidney condition
If you have a heart condition, vascular heart Again
And besides, a heart attack
This style
We can catch it during an autopsy
Except for him
as I said, your case
We have the way it came
In diverge
It differs depending on where we took the sample.
Here's an example of a brain
If he's bleeding
There we can see it again in the brain
For him, of course, from General bodies
How many minutes does the average take
The duration of the autopsy is certain
Not limited to frame
Because it changes according to the incoming case
Some cases take 1 hour.
It can last 2.5 – 3 hours
And this, as I said, is the case that came
Depends on why you're here.
I give example
The cutter came in with a piercing tool injury
and more than one
If he has such an injury
Examination of this
A certain
Such cases for classification
2 hours can last close to 2 and a half hours
But more like this
Less scrutiny
I mean less
The incoming case was only examined by a dead body
If it is a case that can be given, it takes an average of 1 hour
Incoming cases according to
Time varies no certain limitation
A certain
It should be over at this hour
And it's like you shouldn't leave so early anyway
Limitation does not exist
1.5 in general terms
We can say that it takes 2 hours
Maximum 2.5 hours
Yes, maximum takes 2.5 – 3 hours
You just said You said a knife injury or something. we were wondering.
Knife injury to his hole again
Position emerging
Up to the brand where the knife is used
Will be apparent
Or can you extract something that will be obvious up to the shape revealed
Of course, I mean, these are
Again, the autopsy is already in the interests
Blade used
Both sides are sharp and one side is sharp and one side is blunt
Different on the wound
both sides sharp
If there is a knife that he has used as
Both ends of the wound become narrow
One side is blunt
One side is sharp
If the knife was used
The blunt one
Side wide
The side that is Sharp is narrow
creating an angle
In this way, it gives us information in a general sense
I've seen different wounds like this.
different blade and cutter piercing tool used
We are doing the interpretation
So it doesn't just qualify as a knife
We call it the cutter piercing tool because it
cutter-not only does the knife enter the piercing tool
for him, we express an opinion in a general sense
a thought in a general sense
According to the findings
The results are then examined.
He's got knife marks on him, but someone's different from someone else.
For example, here are 30 of 30 blows
As I said, both sides are narrow, but one is different
Does it mean that another person also intervened there
so what is the point
There are how something aksediyo
two different tools are being used
He can say
But did the same person use it or did a different person use it
After all, we can't link the result
I mean, because
It can also be the same person
He used different tools
But 2 different people
He used two different tools
we just saw two different tools being used there.
We specify and provide information transfer to relevant places
In the article I read, it says:
There are changes according to the seasons.
For example, let me give an example in summer
There are more deaths like this.
It's like this in winter
I've heard a lot of things like Is it true
Yeah, I'll tell you for myself, there's some truth to it.
Because this is what you do while I'm doing it
Especially autumn
Season or season transitions
We see it showing more weight
I mean, this, too.
I connect it to what people live in
Psychological in transition of seasons
And existing
As a result of the collapse of psychological problems
Couldn't fight it
By doing and ending your life
We encounter a lot of these cases because he found the solution there
We met a lot from the seasons transition
Suicide, especially in the fall
Cases are happening
Write out of it
The month's most
Drowning in water too, of course
We can see cases and firearm injuries
Because the summer gives
Acceleration of blood
And the tension of that summer
Causes an increase in firearm injuries
Let it be directed again
The weather is hot
People who go swimming
There, we find that he died as a result of drowning in the water
So my view is by seasons
Autopsy formsee also
Is changing
Well, you just mentioned swimming.
When a drowning Dead comes to you
When you open his organs, so do all the organs
Do you encounter seawater
sea or lake
Of course, if
If he swallowed water
This is the biggest symptom
For us
Where do we come across organs in the lungs
We come across it, so it's in the lung.
or in the windpipe
Presence of water
We see
I give an example of a muddy
Let's say the place where the water drowned
As I said a moment ago
In the windpipe
or in the pale esophagus
We come across muddy water
as we move forward and examine the lungs
Because breathe
The most important organ for us to get
As we descend to the lungs
We find signs of these
So, the reports that will be released after the autopsy
On average, how many days
It reaches our hands
Reports that will be released find an average of 2.5 – 3 months
Is it taking that long?
Of course, it differs depending on the case of yes
If it's connected to a result
For that moment
If no final result is given
Examination of samples taken
their conclusion and reporting
2.5 – 3 months
But a death
Or the funeral
if the exact cause of death has been determined, a report is already being held there
To you
It's called The Dead Doctor.
what is your opinion about this
I will
I honestly don't find the description pleasant
So the dead doctor
Different expressions
If I did
It's against the way I look at it.
We're not dead doctors.
Obviously, we're not already at the doctor
This makes the technician that we work
But he also attributes a dead doctor
Something that seems wrong to me. Why?
We are here because
With the dead
although we have a job, we are still a case for them
we approach as human beings
I mean, for us, because this kind of description usually works
because it's scary and because it's scary to people
you're a dead doctor.
You're the butcher.
You cut people, you mow them.
Going towards the trend
for it bothers me
We're not dead doctors.
we have a name for us
Our doctors, forensic expert
Their technician autopsy technician
Rather than ascribes to us
In this way, the principal
address by our names
I think it will make me and everyone in this profession happy
Your burned body
You did an autopsy
Yes, an autopsy will be performed
It's burning, of course.
Varies by degree
what is this degree of burn
If it's at a high level, if it doesn't identify the body
or exactly
if mining does not work
We exist from here
We are taking action from the findings and reviewing them
So, what is it that we can take a bone sample in this job
If he's the only example we can get, if he's left.
We take a sample and examine it
Apart from that, as I said again, the integrity of the body is intact according to the degree of your side
His identity is not lost
Funerals again
autopsy procedures
Of course, it happens, and the autopsy
we're doing the process.
What are the circumstances where an autopsy is mandatory
So you have to do an autopsy on everyone?
We don't have to do autopsies on everyone legally
Mentioned cases
we're doing an autopsy.
Suspicious deaths
As a forensic case
The record made
And later died
we do autopsies on people
What are suspicious deaths
Found dead at home
Drowning in the water
Found dead on any property
Gunshots fire
suspicious deaths, such as or
Heart attack
These are the ones we're doing autopsies on.
In addition, he is hospitalized
Person deceased
Relatives after death
When you complain about the hospital or doctor
again, in these cases
We're doing an autopsy.
Every Case
He's not being sent to us for an autopsy.
Thought to be suspicious
Natural death
In Net
Funerals send us an autopsy
Every autopsy for him
Ben, not every case is considered an autopsy.
No autopsy
To become an autopsy officer
What you need to do
To become an autopsy officer
Autopsy assistant of another name
to become an autopsy technician
First, the associate degree program
Need to finish
He's called an autopsy assistant in the associate degree program.
After finishing this section
assistant autopsy when appointed
Autopsy officer as autopsy technician
You can start a mission
But it
Basic requirement at the beginning
You must have read the 2-year associate degree program
Ever doing an autopsy
have you ever had a body that you hate?
Not until this time
Thank God I don't think it will happen again
Because my perspective on this profession is
To me
All the cases that come before us and me
They are cases that have been entrusted to me for that moment
I'm not disgusted.
Because we are in this fact
How are we gonna be?
We don't know how he'll be.
it's like being disgusted
My profession
It has not happened in my entire professional life
Because they
My profession
Approach them in the best way possible
Think about the best things about them
I'm trying to continue this profession
after that, it will also happen
God willing, I don't think
Up until this time
Little boy
Did you do the autopsy?
Yeah, I'm afraid I did.
Again, unfortunately, because
Children are our future
They are a sapling that has just begun to grow
For him
Unfortunately, I did the autopsy.
As I said, during my time in Hatay
That's the time frame we've encountered most in Syria.
With many children's funerals
I'm afraid we're facing each other.
How does a child differ from an older one?
from the eldest child
It has the following difference
The boy is innocent
The boy doesn't know anything
Like grownups
He can't plan things
In a book I read, there was an example
He says Let's think
here's the boy sitting at the table
Dad's making dinner in the back.
The boy's back is turned
As he talks to the child, he sees the father take off and fly
Mom says she loses her mind here
Because he knows that
Can't fly
how can a person fly, how can they take off
how can he stand up?
But if the boy looked back, he would applaud
Would be happy
Because no one has ever told him that a person cannot fly
a person cannot stay in such a situation
The boy is
When they grow up the way we shape them, they become adults
But if they stayed like that
Already no event
No situation
How sad they will be
What do they feed
And they don't try to draw conclusions in their own way
Children for him
And newly grown
My view of saplings in style
this is always
The location took place in
I'm in these events
These funerals, especially at Children's funerals
This example comes to mind when faced
Because they don't know anything
He's not even aware of the situation he's in.
Didn't even realize it
I'd say there's such a difference for him
Up until this time
Autopsy of one of your family
Has been done
I've never had a case like this before.
I hope not after that
Because of that environment
We breathe air, we know the environment
May My Lord ease everyone in the situation
My thank God
I'm close
I know
I've had a case like this
So far
Did you see him die of fear, brother?
I've seen up to this time
We always hear
I'm scared to death
Do you have such a thing
I've never encountered a case of pay explosion
But I'll tell you this from fear
result of human reaction
Heart attack
I came across his case
But one
I've never encountered a case as a pay explosion
By this time, you've removed it from your professional background
such an example will be orgy
do you have stories
tell there
But I don't know if it'll be an example.
It was an example to me
I was once told it was a case
Of course, we are for this case
We had to get to the scene.
The scene of the crime
above the village is
I was told
We said We should go
At least we need to examine it on the spot.
we have to walk 1-2 kilometers on the way to the case
Because it is already above the village
We had to cross the bumpy road
Of course, the atmosphere is beautiful when you walk down the road
why are you drinking?
You think he'd rather be here.
Walking down the road
After all, you know you have a funeral
After walking 1-2 kilometers
By the edge of such a stream
Although not very large
A syringe in which water flows
We've come to a place where it's heard
Then we looked
A person hanged himself from a tree, committed suicide
Of course there
inevitably a think
I mean, man goes through these environments and these beauties
How did he decide something like that?
thinking for yourself
But you don't know the story of that person either
The thought it evokes in you
if you get too involved in it again
You can't go to the edge of the creek
But the incident
In your own name
If you see it as learning a little more lessons
Needs to be seen
and seeing these beauties is also human
Continuing life
he must fight
It's one of those events I've been through and haven't forgotten.
Another incident
I mean, when I meet a case like this again
Drowned in the creek
I was told
Sure how how this happened what happen
Again to have detailed information about them
We went to the scene.
Here's what we saw at the crime scene.
Again In Hatay
It was the situation I faced
Inside the pipe
Crossing the other border from the Syrian side to the Turkish side
Rain is pouring
A heavy rain
And as a result of this rain, they stay in this pipe. Because it carries water
As a result
They're passed away
It's like I said again, you know, people
These situations he's in make me think
After all, there is a war
Death on the run
Here again with death
You are staying alone
In this case, me
It affected and I couldn't forget
Again like this
Does it completely withdraw from the body
Blood is not drawn with all
Is falling apart the inside of organs
We can say
In our current state of life
In a way, of course doesn't happen
Because now I'm a constant movement in a constant cycle
Heart works organs work
But after death happens
This blood
Not out of the body, but actually inside the body itself
He's Starting To Shy Away
Withdrawing to organs
Because there is no movement in the veins anymore
It stays in the veins
A situation like that takes place
Of course, it depends on the case
If the development of the case is a
Or if it damaged a vein
Blood doesn't stay in the body
Because blood flow occurs outside
Then it becomes very difficult to find blood in the body
When a Normal funeral arrives
as soon as you hit the first scalpel, the blood comes out
As I said, We are not facing such a situation.
Of course, at every point in man
Because it exists
Only capillaries
Very small amount as a result of discontinuation
other than that, we can meet
After hitting the scalpel, it appeared a lot
Massive bleeding
He's not coming out.
What are the organs doing
Do you connect back instead or
Are you taking it to another chamber
Back we
We put it back, we leave it back
It's not like the first design, like the first version
as I said, only that person has an operation
As we deliver to relatives of the funeral
So, do you control the brain?
do you do a special study for the brain
I was wondering if you broke the skull or cut it.
of course, as I just explained
We need to open 3 zones one of the 3 zones is the head zone
For him, we conduct a study of the brain
we don't have an extra review
You know, of course, it happened in the brain area, in the head area
If there is a traumatic event, we are conducting a detailed examination for it
So, is there a method developed by technology, for example, your brain
What do you know when you remove it from the brain
After all, a piece of oil
Does technology come into play or what happens
Technology does not enter, medical information that is available is involved
Because there is no technological situation
Because what we can encounter in the brain is that we can see a certain brain hemorrhage
Or if there's an edema in the brain, we can see it.
or if there's a tumor in the brain, we can see them again.
No need for technology
Again, when the eyes are examined manually
We can see this result in person, and the brain
Of course, there are veins that cover every area of our body, as in every area
Surrounding the brain
It happens in the veins
Another example of a blockage of bleeding
or where we are at that moment
In case
A result can be tied to
We thank brother
Thanks a lot
Lastly do you have
Something you want to say
Can you talk to that camera?
Okay, I thank you first
I want to say
Our life
Very precious
For a minute of this
We are not able to rule for a moment
We're not going to be you never
I do this in this profession
I've seen it in myself, and I've seen it in people.
Although we think that we have no common denominator anywhere, our only common denominator is death
For him, let us appreciate our lives, our loved ones and our time….

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