P.Hotpot Thai Cooking School Bangkok is popular. I’m no cook but I live nearby and visit the associated restaurant where I consider the food to be excellent.
I had a really good time and I enjoyed cooking.
Pretty good teacher. I really liked it.
P Hot Pot Thai Cooking School is in a quiet
cul de sac not far from the temple of the
tall Buddha in Bangkok.
The serene, friendly, easy going yet professional
atmosphere is popular with students of different
nationalities. Those in this video are French,
Check and Malaysian.
Students are invited to select the recipes
they wish to learn and then choose the style
they prefer whether it be traditional Thai,
vegetarian or Isaan. Isaan, as many of you
will know, is the north eastern corner of
Thailand where Laotian is the first language
and the food has a stronger taste.
P. Pon, who runs the school and who, incidentally,
comes from Isaan, is an excellent cook and
a well established teacher keen to impart
her knowledge, whether it be to an aspiring
master chef or to somebody with less stratospheric
ambitions. Everyone is made to feel welcome.
Classes tend to be smaller than at other cooking
schools in Bangkok and an extremely high percentage
of students attend as a result of personal
If you are attracted by the intimacy that
smaller classes tend to generate and likely
to feel comfortable with a teacher who is
serious about her profession, consider P.Hot
Pot Thai Cooking School.
Believe me, you could do much much worse.
For more information on courses and how to
book click on the link below this video.
For more information about Bangkok take a
look at the other videos on this You tube

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