Differentiate between discomfort to work through and pain that needs to be attended to. Ignoring true pain will lead to problems in the future. For more info on …
Do you have pain during anal sex or even thinking
about anal sex?
Well, I'm sex coach Nikki and I'm going to
be talking about some of the most common causes
of pain during anal sex and giving some solutions
to get through that pain whether it's a mental
issue or a physical issue.
So first of all, I want to talk about defining
pain versus discomfort.
So when you're getting into the anal area,
you're going to trigger your nerve endings
and your body might be telling you all kinds
of crazy things like, "I have to go have a
bowel movement," or like it just can … that's
usually the most common one.
If it's your first time and you're having
something penetrating your anus, you might
feel like you're going to have a bowel movement.
So just know fecal matter is not stored in
the rectum and so if you have a bowel movement
and then you go into anal play, you should
be good.
I do have some videos about enemas and things
like that if you are concerned about that,
but you should not have a bowel movement under
most circumstances.
So that's one thing.
When you are feeling sensations, there's this
kind of sensation that you should not ignore
and that's when you are like, "Ouch."
It's like anything that's like sharp, actually
painful, anything that makes you tense up
and try to close up, those are warning signs
and danger signs that you need to pay attention
It could be simply that you need to do more
warming up, it means that you're not ready
for that size yet, or it could mean something
even more serious like some kind of a medical
So in the upcoming videos, I'm going to be
talking about some of these things: Number
one, the belief systems; number two, the muscular
architecture of the area.
There's like … that's like the number one
physical issue that causes pain during anal
sex is the tight muscles.
We'll be talking about scar tissue in that
area, so there's a lot of potential for scar
tissue even while we're still in the womb
and so then it can hurt during penetration
and then we'll talk also about fissures.
So that's a little opening or a tear in the
opening of the anus.
We'll talk about hemorrhoids, now that's probably
like the most known issue that we want to
address and overcome because that's like the
most common thing talked about in public,
And then the last thing is a little bit, a
little bit more minimal, like less people
have it, but it still happens, is called a
So these are all medical issues that you actually
need help from a professional doctor maybe
to get through some of them.
All right, so I look forward to talking about
all these issues and how to overcome them
in my next few videos.
Make it a sexy day.

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