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hi I'm Jodi Cohen founder of Vibrant Blue Oils here to talk about our body balance
Pancreas blend this lend was formulated
to help balance the pancreas against
overload and fatigue to support optimal
function as you may know the pancreas is
located on the left side of the body
deep in the abdomen between the some
stomach and the spine the pancreas plays
two key roles in the body supporting
both digestive and hormonal functions it
secretes digestive enzymes that help
break down and digest proteins fats and
carbohydrates in the small intestine it
also secretes the hormones insulin and
glucagon which worked together to
regulate the proper level of glucose in
the blood to be used by the body for
energy if you combine all these jobs
with the widespread consumption of
refined carbohydrates and the lack of
enzyme rich raw foods which help you see
why the pancreas is so overloaded stress
and the consumption of excess sugars or
carbohydrates can force the pancreas to
constantly release insulin which can
lead to problems like fatigue or energy
chips during the day weight gain sugar
and caffeine cravings digestive distress
from art low digestion level enzymes
hormonal imbalances poor sleep quality
and brain fog so our Pancreas blend helps
balances and to apply it you're going to
massage two to three drops over the
pancreas which is on the left side of
the body two-thirds of the way up from
the belly button toward the ribs if you
put your hand on your belly button and
move it over to the left and then up
you'll feel the ribs where your hands
will be over the pancreas and you can
apply it before meals to help with
digestive enzyme support and blood sugar
balance or before bed to help prevent
blood sugar related night waking I like
to put a few drops on a cotton ball and
place it inside or near the pillowcase
to keep it handy in case I wake up in
the middle of the night or on my bedside
table and often just smelling it will
help put me back to sleep I hope this
blend helps you balance your blood
hi I'm Jodi Cohen founder of Vibrant Blue Oils thank you so much for watching this
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