Paxton Gate: Curiously Mind-Expanding Treasures: Paxton Gate is a boutique shop specializing in taxidermy, fossils, framed insects, science kits, jewelry …
welcome fellow travelers today on Exit
Thru the Gift Shop we are at Paxton Gate
this boutique shop has oddities and
treasures inspired by Natural Science
Paxson Gate has a wide selection of
taxidermy available
look at these guys up here everything
from a zebra mountain goat
caribou ibex
or this beautiful juvenile porcupine
they also have carvings like this carved
cow skull it's amazingly intricate
considering it's on the top of a cow
skull African baboon buffalo skull or hyena
this is very cool a fossilized
also found a large selection of fossils
and different types of rocks
some fossilized whale ears
a variety of assorted shark's teeth
more trilobites I think if I had a
fossil collection I would probably
collect different types of trilobites
they also have wet specimens like this
fetal cow
or this bearded iguana
here's a cave Bearpaw
here's a variety of snakes that are in a
the beautiful two-headed calf on display
okay I want to show you guys something
but this is a little bit more graphic so
if you are a little bit squeamish then
maybe skip ahead now that's your final
warning three two one
so this is fetal sheep twins that are
actually still in the uterus and this
has been shellacked and mounted as some sort of trophy plate it's incredible
some regular taxidermy animals chicks
squirrels baby groundhog and if that's
not enough for you you can dress up some
mice these guys there's a little no one
some mouse magnets put that on your
well what's that guy doing over there
these wall-mounted octopuses are amazing … octopi?
I'm guessing that the fossil
aquarium is a little bit easier to take care of than live fish
and they said you didn't have a heart
or if you're not interested in animals
maybe you can just buy a human skull
and since we're in Portland you can put
a bird on it at the faulkner event
all right that's it today from Paxton Gate
this is a very very very cool shop there
is so much to see an explore maybe not
for the faint of stomach but for those
of you that likes taxidermy fossils and
other oddities come in and check it out
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that we've been until next time it's
time to Exit Thru the gift shop

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