Heey Guys!! This is my journey with my rescued /adopted cat, Luna. I realized a lot of beautiful things through her. I also learn that humans must experience how …
Saw a post in FB that a cat is looking for someone to adopt her . Hesitant at first but ended up petting her.
This is her Day 1 with us. She's Luna. She find everything unusual
but still was courageous to play.
She bites and plays everything she saw.
She loves the mosquito net a lot.
She gets crazy for a while then leaves.
She's starting to be familiar with us and sleeps soundly whenever we are near.
Our hearts might be connected already.
Is she comfortable in that position?
She's getting clingy each day.
Licking and staring me.
She really loves to sleep beside me.
Is that still normal?
I guess so. We were already in love with each other now.
She wants to be where I am
Even if she's just disturbing me.
Tryin' to play a piano, Luna?
She loves zooming her face.
She's confidently beautiful.
But suddenly, she was ill. She had a sensitive stomach and she vomit.
We decided to monitor her diet. We discover that a sudden change of diet for a cat with sensitive stomach is a big "NO!"
We keep her hydrated and we visit a vet to consult her issue and to deworm her too.
Can you see she's getting better now?
Oooops! A lot better! hahaha
Even she got her appetite back we still need to watch over her diet carefully.
We also discovered her favorite cat food! That helps a lot!
She could totally clean her bowl! hahaha
It's our second month having Luna with us.
It lightens our mood and it lessens our anxiety.
Her energy is infectious!
It's okay even if it cost a lot of tissue hahahaha
Luna is a kitten with a sensitive stomach but it never
hinders us to be thankful in adopting an adorable creature like her
This little thing made me realized that God created me to care even if its difficult

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