PHA TRAINING WORKOUT WITH DUMBBELLS // Follow along with me in this 25 minute PHA training workout. PHA stands for Peripheral Heart Action Training.
Hi guys, it's Carlos at The Carlos Method.
Today we're doing a PHA training workout.
PHA stands for peripheral heart action
training. It's a method of circuit
training. We're alternating upper body
and lower body exercises throughout in a
continuous fashion. Okay thoroughly, thoroughly warmed up. I'd
say use six to twelve kilogram weights
and let's get started. Okay guys, we've
got about 15 seconds. Don't forget to
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This is a PHA workout. We're going alternating upper, lower body exercises. I'm going to
start with dumbbell squats. Shoulders
back and down.
Feet shoulder-width apart. Nice and tall
and we're sitting back and down into
this. Imagine you're sitting back into a low
Standing up tall. Make sure you're driving
through your heels. The weights I've got
here are nine kilograms
roughly. You can obviously go heavier. PHA
training is actually quite a tough way
to train so,
like I said, you're always alternating
lower body upper body exercises back to
Minimal rest. I've got 15 second
rest periods in here for today.
60 second work periods. So we're going
with dumbbell squats first working the
hamstrings, glutes, torso
and then we're going to switch to
what is the next exercise? I think it's bent over rows. I think. Don't quote me on that.
So it's going to flash up in
front of me in a minute. We've been shooting lots
of workouts today. So it's the third workout of the day today.
So it's your dumbbell squats. Sitting back
and down onto a low chair.
Make sure your back's in a good position.
I'll show you side on guys okay.
We're here yeah? This is your dumbbell squat. We're going to have a 15 second rest
period in five seconds.
Three, two and
rest. Yeah it is bent over rows in 13
seconds. Take some deep breaths
and if I ever forget my sister's
always got the flash cards coming up on
the screen so you always know what's up
So feet hip width apart. Hinging over 60
degree angle
and you're going to row into your body
So 60 degree lean. Focus on your
breathing here.
Arms at 90 degrees.
Yeah as people know on my channel I've
got ADHD so sometimes the odd
thing I might just briefly forget you
We've obviously planned it and organized
everything behind the scenes it's all on
my app in front of me so sometimes from memory, you can't always
trust my memory at times.
Okay so chest is up. Abs are tight. Sit
the weight into the hips.
Get the chin tucked down. 25 seconds here.
And we've got press-ups coming up
10 seconds guys.
Weight's in the hips.
Okay press ups it is. Okay let's get these
weights down onto the floor.
Alright guys. So hands shoulder width apart. Legs straight. Keep your core tight.
Squeeze your glutes. Okay a minute of press-ups.
All the way down. All the way up. Get a
good tension on the chest.
Squeeze your glutes and your abs. Protect
the back.
Yeah so PHA training is great for muscle
endurance. Great for
a good fat burn and just general
Obviously you're not going to get mega
strong doing PHA workouts
because it's not like regular strength
training. It's not dead lifting or squatting huge
amounts of weight
but it's good for, you know, it's an
advanced circuit training technique so
it will tax your body.
It's time efficient. You'll get lots of
work done in a short amount of time.
And like I said you're working a little
bit aerobically when you're working at a
fast pace.
You can intersperse it with some cardio
intervals which we will do
on another video once my calf strain is
healed. But for today we're just doing
upper body lower body weights.
You can intersperse it with some cardio
work as well.
This is variation on it. Okay
dumbbell RDLs. Grab your dumbbells guys.
That's why you'll see me getting up gingerly off the floor.
I was playing football just a week
ago and my calf got strained. Okay stay really
tall. Shoulders back.
Feet hip width. Now hinging from the hip.
So bottom out.
Aim the bottom to the back wall. Stand up
tall. Drive through your glutes.
So slight bend in the knees. 20
degree bend.
It's your dumbbell RDLs, so romanian
Just work the range you're comfortable
in guys okay. I'm going down to about mid
shin, if i go any lower it's going to
pull on my lower back. Everyone's got
different ranges of motion.
iIm still a bit tight in my hamstrings. I'm
foam rolling them a lot.
Just be careful. What you don't want to
do is round your back
and put pressure on that lumbar region.
So keep the back nice and long. Chest is
up always.
Using your glutes to come up okay.
Hinging over the hips.
20 degree bend on the knees. Find the
range that you're comfortable in. So you don't want to feel compromised
through your lumbar spine. Just make sure
you've got a nice
stretch on the hamstrings and you're
driving nice and smoothly, safely
through the glutes up to a standing
And rest. Okay dumbbell alternating
shoulder presses.
I'm going to take some deep breaths here.
Shoulders are always my weakest point. I
always find it hard overhead.
Okay here we go.
Alternating. Let's go. So coming up, lock your rib cage
down, brace your tummy
squeeze your glutes.
This is your dumbbell alternating shoulder press. Now you can turn them out wide if you
want. i know it sounds like I've got a million
injuries but I've got them in close
because I'm getting my
my right shoulder worked on at the moment so I prefer it on this inner grip. Obviously,
it's going to be a bit more tricep
and a bit more front deltoid
but you can go out there if you
want to. I just can't get to that range
at this point in time. Do you know what it is? I just do a lot of training. I
train like six days a week but sometimes
ten sessions in the week.
Sometimes I'll train twice in the day. I
play football. I like my
boxing fitness obviously I like hitting
the weights four or five times a week.
So obviously when you're using your body a lot you pick up little strains and
niggles and so I'm often visiting the
physio or the osteo or
getting a deep tissue massage. Alright
so fully extend the arm.
Breathe out as you come up. Rest. Back to dumbbell squats okay. Take
some deep breaths.
So like I said once you've done this
workout once through, adjust the weights,
go heavier
if necessary. Three seconds dumbbell
squats. Back to the
first exercise. Here we go. Back and down
through the hips.
Standing up tall. So this is round two.
We've got four rounds of this
peripheral heart action workout.
And sit back and down. Standing up
tall. Squeeze the glutes guys. I'm going to show
you side on. So nice and tall. I'm a bit
bendy in my back but I actually feel
fine. I've got an arch in my lower back
sometimes but
I'm working on it. I just want you to sit
back and down through your hips.
Keep your chest up okay. Now
from the front position what I don't
want to see is the knees collapsing in,
the ankle and foot rolling in okay. So
just stand in front of a mirror
and make sure there's good symmetry
through your body as you're squatting. It's
very important you've got the movement,
you know a clean movement pattern
before you start loading it with really
heavy weights. So if it's not a clean
movement, even go body weight
to start with on your own to
practice the movement. Because
if it's not good, if your knees
are collapsing in and your hips are shifting
to one side and you're twisted,
it's going to do more harm than good.
Dumbbell bent over rows okay.
Take some deep breaths here. Then we're'
going to go down. So the rest periods are
short. You can take it down to
10 seconds, even five potentially but
obviously you're going to sacrifice a
bit of weight possibly. Leaning over.
Hinging over.
But you want relatively short rest periods. I
think anything from five 10 seconds up
15 20 seconds is okay. Obviously depends
like I said on the weight you're lifting,
the amount of time you're working for on the work periods.
So this is my second in the series of my PHA workouts.
I've done one before. We did one before
me and my sister.
It was a really fun workout. That's when I think I was doing cleans and snatches and other
Obviously it's a bit more static this
stuff but still very effective. All compound
But we'll be putting another one of
these in soon as well.
Okay dumbbell rows. So fully extend the
elbow behind the line of the body.
Arms at a right angle. Chest up.
I'm glad I only picked 9 kilograms. You know what? I go heavier in the gym but when
you're doing this kind of workout
you can't use a lot of weight. That's why
it's good for endurance.
Okay. Press up position guys. Okay, keep the core tight.
Okay let's go so all the way down. I
worried that weight was going to roll away.
Okay so press ups for one minute. Squeeze
your glutes, squeeze your abs.
If you haven't seen it yet on my channel
check out my press-up challenge.
We did the Royal Marines one. It's a small part of the Royal Marine's fitness
test and it was was press ups
to the beat. I managed to get 60 in.
Well I managed to finish at 60 which is
when the beat finishes so
i managed to complete that one. The other
one is a running challenge which is very
tough. It's a one and a half mile run
two percent incline in under 10 minutes
is the second part of the running test.
The first part is you do that bit in under
12 and a half it's a lot easier.
Okay so press ups. All the way down. Chest
to the floor.
All the way up. Squeeze your glutes.
Squeeze your abs.
Grab the weights. Nice and tall.
Feet hip width apart. Hinge from the hips.
Keep the shoulders back and down. Keep
your core tight.
Hinging over, driving smoothly
through the glutes.
Make sure you're not harming your lower
This is more of an advanced motion than
stiff legged deadlift RDLs so
make sure you've done some glute,
activation work
if you haven't done in the past and some
core stability work.
Just to have some core strength there
and awareness of your core muscles
just so you can brace and support
your torso as you're
doing this hinging movement. You don't want to go straight into this if you've
never exercised before in your life
and you've got no idea how to do it
safely because you just need a bit of practice on
this so
if you're unsure, pause the video if you
need to.
Practice with a light weight you know
just make sure you control the movement.
You shouldn't feel any pressure on the
lower back.
Okay alternating arm shoulder press. So
these are quite tough the shoulder pressing in a circuit.
On the shoulders. Brace your tummt. I don't want to see
your rib cage moving around so lock the
rib cage down, lock your torso.
Let's go one at a time. Just breathing out as you press.
So a minute here guys.
Squeeze your abs. Squeeze your glutes.
Fully extend the arm. Lengthen out
Where are we for time? 20 seconds. Focus
on your breathing guys.
Whoo. That does puff you out. It raises the heart rate.
Third round okay. Third round. So we're halfway through. It's a halfway
mark so
let's put the work in here now. Back to
the double squats. Nice and tall. Chest up.
So back and down. Through the hips. Going
back to a lower body exercise now. So
we've gone upper
to lower, upper to lower throughout the
And then three round four rounds of the
same exercises because you get more and
more used to it. More
efficient at the movement. The muscles
are fired up – they know what they're
doing in the movement pattern
and sometimes it's good to just stick to
a few core exercises and really work
Get the work done safely and effectively
rather than
always too much change in the stimulus.
Too much sometimes in some sessions.
Fine if you're advanced and you know
exactly we're doing but sometimes
changing up the exercise too often too
isn't always a good idea. I mean I often
do it but then i've been training
for many years. I do it with a lot of my clients
back in North London but they have a lot of
training experience you know so they're
very aware of their movements of
what they're doing. So well sometimes
it's good. I mean I've sometimes picked two or three exercises and
I really worked them for a good hour or
so heavy in the gym with heavy weight. Alright
so these are your dumbbell squats. Third
and rest.
Okay dumbbell bent over rows okay.
Deep breaths again. Feet hip width apart.
Slight bend on the knees. Hinge at the hips.
two and here we go.
11 minutes left guys. 11 minutes on the clock. I'm just looking down and seeing
So tight grip on the weight. Pulling that
arm back behind the line of the body.
Chest is up.
Lock your ribcage down. I'm bracing my
tummy here.
Pulling back on these weights.
25 seconds.
Breathe as you pull the weight in. I tell you what accumulative fatigue catches up with you.
Third round.
Yeah so what I'm saying – with accumulative fatigue
you start off with something that feels
okay at the start
and obviously the tension builds and the
fatigue builds within the tissue. It gets
Press ups. Let's go.
Core tight. Squeeze your glutes.
Third round of press-ups. I want control
Control over the movement. Good form and
technique over everything else. Squeeze
your glutes and your abs really tightly.
Protect your spine and push through your
Get a good stretch all the way down and
push up. Try to touch your nose to the
to the mat.
Just brace everything. I often see
on press-ups is the back arches
or people are like, you know, not in the
right alignment. You need to be coming down a
straight line. You have your core switched on and your
Often times people are swaying and the back is arching.
Dumbbell RDLs. Here we go again guys.
Being careful of my calf here.
My sister said I'm the most injured PT
she knows.
Alright so nice and tall. Feet hip
width apart.
Hinge over at the hips and you're
driving up smooth here.
I really like doing this in the gym when
I'm heavier with the dumbbells.
It's a nice motion. I like doing it with the bar
as well, the barbell.
I'm quite fond of doing the dumbbells.
And like I said to give you an example
when i'm in the gym I'm doing heavier
strength training just to give you the
illustration the example of what i'm
trying to say
is I might be in the gym I might do
these on 20 to 24 kilograms
whereas now I've got 9/10kg and
they're working me a bit you know.
I know I'm talking, I'm coaching so I've got to talk as well but
just to show the difference that when
you're doing a workout like PHA training
obviously your weight is going to be
compromised is what I'm trying to say.
So the weight you would typically do for strength training when you are lifting heavy
uh and obviously probably you pick one
exercise in the gym,
do a set rest couple of minutes, do a
set, rest a couple of minutes.
Do four, five sets and move on to the next
Whereas for this one, you're alternating
between different exercises.
Okay alternating shoulder press. Okay so
the last exercise of the
third round okay. Alright we're good
Bec yeah?
The light's gone. Okay five seconds. Three,
two and let's go. Press up
and down. Press up and down.
The lighting's gone a bit on our
camera tripod I think
but I think we're still good. It's
really bright in the day. I think we're
like four o'clock in the afternoon UK
time so I'm sure it's not going to affect
our video footage but if you do see the
screen a slightly changed shade it's
just our camera light that was on
and has suddenly gone off.
It's a technical technical issue there. So
no big deal. So we're going to go
core tight, abs tight and we're going to press
up fully overhead.
Breathe as you press. That's important
you breathe as you press up so your
blood pressure doesn't go through the
Let's breathe the pressure out.
20 seconds.
My left shoulder always gives up.
Final round guys. Final round this is it.
This is the last round so we go
back to squats.
Taking deep breaths. Feet shoulder
to hip width. Toes out slightly and here
we go.
I can really feel this nicely in the fourth
set – my hamstrings, my quads, glutes
they've all been working
they feel nice and warm. It definitely
feels like a better set I'm doing on the
fourth set
compared to the first. And you'll
probably notice that guys when you're in
the gym. Guys and girls when you're in the gym. So
often you're working sets third or
fourt, fifth sets in
are your best sets because you're fully
warmed up. You're fully engaged in the
movement pattern.
You've been doing it a few seconds
before and everything's fired up in the
Now obviously if I was doing, just to
reiterate, I was doing this as a full-on hardcore
PHA, I'd also bump up the weights. I wouldn't be
chatting at all but if you want, you're
on your own obviously, you've not got to talk
on the other side of the camera, you're
on this in your living room or wherever
you are, you can really,
really go for this. As I'm chatting away
you can really go for this and
make your weights really heavy so you're
really pushing yourself to the max
on every round. I've obviously got to hold
back a bit otherwise
I won't be able to talk and coach anyone.
I want to make sure you're doing it
safely and
effectively. Dumbbell bent over rows.
Okay some of you guys once you've got
the moves you'll probably want to mute
me I guess.
Okay bent over rows. Leaning over yeah.
Pulling up.
Which is fine too once you know what
you're doing.
Okay so pulling back. So chest up.
Core tight. I hope you've enjoyed this
workout so far. It's a nice change up to what people
regularly do sometimes.
Alternating the upper and lower and do
check out my other workouts on the
we're building more and more workouts on
the channel now every Monday and
Thursday we put them out, me and my sister.
She's on the background editing them and
filming and doing all that behind the
scenes stuff.
I'm obviously planning out the workouts
and executing them on here.
20 seconds here.
Last ten.
Okay, press-ups. This is the fourth and final set.
Rest those weights down. Alright press up position guys.
Okay I'm just worried that the weight's going to roll. Sorry about that guys. Straight in here.
We're in a car port and it's on a bit of a slide
I just don't want the weights to roll. Last time they rolled all the way down
across the other side of the carport.,
which wasn't great. I think it was just
in rehearsal
and luckily a car or anyone or a cat
out there. Alright so press arms up and
Core tight. Squeeze your glutes. Lock
everything in.
Let's get these press ups done. Final set
of these obviously you can be going
I like to go at a steady tempo.
If you can go a little bit quicker than me, more dynamic, it's fine.
10 seconds.
Dumbbell RDLs.
Okay standing up tall.
Shoulders back. Feet hip width apart.
Okay here we go final set here guys.
Two minutes left.
So hinging over the hips. Slight bend on the knees. 20 degree bend.
Aiming the bum towards the back wall.
Getting a nice, active stretch through
the hamstrings.
Driving through the glutes and through
the hamstrings on the way up. Keeping
your core tight.
Shoulders back. Just smooth drive, don't
jerk it, don't jolt it.
Just control. Get that glute contraction
at the top always.
Really squeeze your right and left butt
cheeks. Squeeze it firmly.
As if you're trying to crack a nut or something between the cheeks. Crack a walnut or something.
Alright five seconds left okay.
Three, two, rest and rest guys. My
sister's making funny faces . I don't know
why that came out actually. Okay here we go.
So we are into the shoulder presses.
10 seconds. This is the last exercise of the
last round. Your fourth and final round.
I've heard that somewhere. I've heard
that before. Alright so here we go.
Alternating arms. Let's move on from that.
Okay core tight. Squeeze your glutes.
Squeeze your abs.
No movement of your rib cage.
Alright so alternating arms, fully extend
the arm at the top.
Now thanks a lot for following along
guys. It's been been good to have you on
the channel
and following along in this workout. I do
appreciate it. We're building all the time,
growing all the time.
We've really kicked it up since the lockdown period
so it's been going from strength to
strength since then. We've had people
commenting from
different parts of the world giving us
some nice feedback and comments which
has been really nice, really positive.
So yeah we're building all the time. So
hopefully you can support us and follow
along and
try some of the other workouts on this channel.
Woah. I'm going to keep breathing now.
Deep breathes. Six seconds.
Fantastic work guys. Fantastic work.
Thanks a lot for following along. That
was your PHA
workout circuit. A very tough
session. Obviously go through it
once over and once you've got the hang
of it and you know the
rest periods and the work periods then
I sounded like Elmer Fudd then, west
I did sound like Elmer Fudd then didn't I? Haha. I'm hunting wabbits.
So yeah once you know your rest periods
and your work periods then obviously
you can up the weights, go bit
heavier on the weights and make sure
you're pushing yourself
into the max but just you know get used
to it first get accustomed to it
and then gradually gradually you can
load and progress it. Thanks a lot for
following along guys. Really appreciate
Thanks a lot. Thanks for taking part
and I'll see you next workout.
I'm going to go and hunt some wabbits! haha

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