Video Lecture on Pharyngeal Tonsil Types from Human Digestive System chapter of Class 11 Biology for HSC, CBSE & NEET. Watch Previous Videos of …
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Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and
Advanced videos. Hello students today we
are studing chapter human nutrition in
that we are studying topic types of
Pharyngeal Tonsil now when I Pharyngeal Tonsil
these are associated with
fairings leaf like structure and council
is nothing but a fluid or you can say a
lymphatic tissue
today we'll be studying about that.
Pharyngeal Tonsil now when I said tonsil
we have all have started about Tonsil
which children at the age of and
have they get difficulty in
breathing if that tonsil region
increases or it becomes hot now what are
this tonsil and what are the finagel tonsil
now when I talk about fairings
this are nothing but organs which are
just situated below your nose region and
pharynx can be said as a common lap of
Pi which is further divided into two
different pipes what is Auto fence and
mesu pharynx
now inside nasopharynx which will
further be down into track II and the
wind pipe inside me so panics there are
certain kinds of functions which are
present and everyone off has this this
are nothing but lymphatic systems – a
lymphatic system this is the drainage
system present inside a body which is
spread throughout and across another
drainage system is the blood system with
just reading conveys lymphatic system is
colorless and lymphatic system is
associated with Johnson which helps us
to breathe very properly and if your
lymphatic system in the tonsillar region
becomes little hard then children get
special young age due to cold or low
immune system
tonsillitis or we can say inflammation
of consoles this paraffin this potential
console is basically located just behind
your throat region or near the lymphatic
regions or you can see the nasal cavity
region they just add heart to the buccal
cavity or the palate of your mouth the
two different types of financial bounces
would be one is your nasal tone cell and
another one is real lymphatic tonsil
pharyngeal console various types
now challenger consoles are basically
part of the lymphatic system and they
are located just behind your throat
region up to the nasal cavity or you can
see the nasopharynx stage they're
present near the pilot of the
nasopharynx just the sinus openings that
is Auto pharynx and although pharynx
will lead to your esophagus region and
under richer nasopharynx and over
feelings are associated all the focus
will be down to stomach there is sonice
offense will lead down to esophagus or
you windpipe just between that there is
an epiglottis till a present that's of
tonsils or you can say types of
nasopharyngeal ounces would be one is
your nasal function and another is a
lymphatic cancer
now when I say lymphatic cancer it means
that your lymph nodes basically becomes
swollen or influent and it is difficulty
in breathing specially young children on
newborn babies that is nestled on sense
and found in anti to oily younger
individuals students today in this part
of the chapter be I studied about
pharyngeal tonsils and what age group it
would be present I hope you are clear
about this concept thank you

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