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A beached sperm whale that was found on a
Spanish shore is causing serious concern.
It seems this whale ate so much plastic waste
that the plastic tore it apart from the inside.
I’m going to tell you everything you need
to know, here for you on IO.
Welcome back to inform overload, I’m charlotte
We have a serious plastic waste problem on
this planet.
5.7 trillion tonnes of plastic is currently
floating around in our ocean, and it gets
worse every year.
8 million tons of waste gets thrown into the
ocean every year by careless humans.
Its not just disgusting to look at, Marine
life is getting trapped in it, and eating
64 pounds of plastic debris was found inside
a young, 33 foot long sperm whale.
A sperm whales usual diet is giant squid,
but when this sperm whale was found, it was
deathly thin.
Everything from plastic bags, to ropes, to
pieces of fishing net and debris was found
inside the whale’s stomach.
It died from gastric shock, or peritonitis,
where the inner walls of its abdomen were
Its usually caused by a bacterial or fungal
The whale just couldn’t digest the plastic,
and eventually its digestive system ruptured
And this isn’t the first whale this has
happened to either.
It’s a problem that’s becoming way too
In 2016, 13 whales washed up on shore, all
of them having consumed plastic waste.
This is what’s going to happen to marine
life all over the globe if we don’t do something
about the way we consume plastic.
If action isn’t taken, By the year 2050,
plastic waste in the ocean could outweigh
the number of fish.
If this whale isn’t enough to make you think
differently about your plastic consumption,
consider this.
Micro plastics get broken down into toxic
It then ends up in the food chain, and from
there it can also end up in the food that
we eat as humans.
I don’t know about you guys, but I’d prefer
not to eat fish with a side of plastic.
Thankfully, initiatives are being taken to
clean up the waste.
The discovery of this whale has forced authorities
in spain to clean up their beaches.The EU
is trying to make all plastic reusable or
recyclable by 2030.
The UN also wants to end plastic pollution
but there is no real plan set out yet because
the united states does not want to be involved.
Don’t listen to your government.
Use reusable shopping bags.
Support charities that help clean our oceans.
Start using less plastic.
I’m charlotte dobre and you’ve been watching
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