Human hair is composed of strong keratin proteins that are very dense. Throughout history human hair has been collected and used in many interesting ways.

The still surface of water is a natural mirror
I wanted to see how I would look with a gigantic mustache
I spent the past few months collecting a little bit of my hair every day
While I untangle my hair with my fingers I am able to collect loose strands of hair
This process is both relaxing and productive
I used to throw away the loose hairs but one day it occurred to me that the hairs could be collected and used to make cordage
Hair is made of strong proteins called keratins
It is a slow process to collect hair this way but at least the fibers require no further preparation before being twisted into cordage
I use the same twisting technique like I do with plant fibers
It is important to keep the fibers straight and in line with each other
New strands of hair must be added so that the cordage doesn't get too thin and eventually end
It is difficult to try and explain this technique for making cordage so I will try to clearly show how with different angles
The goal is to maintain approximately the same thickness so that there are no parts of the cordage that are significantly weaker than the rest
They say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
The same is true for cordage
With this technique I can make about one meter of cordage per hour
As you can see, it is quite strong
After a while I tried using the rolling technique to make the cordage
Surprisingly, it works very well, even with hair
Using this technique I can make about three meters of cordage per hour
One week later
By this time I had made about twenty meters of hair cordage
I used about two meters of hair cordage to make a fishing line with a clay weight and baited thorn hook to use for surf fishing
The hair cordage is tied to the end of the main fishing line
The fact that hair cordage is water resistant may help it last longer when exposed to the elements
Unfortunately the waves were very big and the currents very strong on this day
But I will be practicing more with this fishing technique in the near future

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