Вы задаете много вопросов про содержание лисы, на которые мне поможет ответить лиса Василиса (как самая старшая, спокойная и воспитанная …
Hello! This is Vasilisa the Fox.
This will be an educational video about the peculiarities of fox feeding
People think that a fox looks like a dog and it should eat like a dog
Yes, the fox belongs to the canid family
But the fox has a different metabolism
Dogs hunt in a pack, like their ancestors wolves
A pack kills a large prey and therefore the dog is adapted to starve
Foxes are more like cats
They tend to do better with smaller, more frequent meals during the day
But unlike cats, foxes can eat other foods, including plants and fruits
Cats are obligate carnivorans. They depend on meat for their survival
Foxes are facultative carnivorans
Given the fact that cats have a fast metabolism,
you should know the following …
Asyunya, come here
Foxes, like cats, are not recommended to starve
If your cat does not eat for more than 48 hours you should contact your veterinarian
Otherwise, a pathological process begins in the cat's liver
Come on "sit"
Say goodbye to your fans
Please, say goodbye
Good girl
This is the best assistant

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