This video demonstrates how to set up a proctor in the UND Proctoring System. For more on Proctored Exams: …
This is the UND Proctoring Welcome Page.
Your username and password is your NDUS.Identifier,
which is the same login as Blackboard.
Once you are logged in, click on the green
Designate a Proctor button for Students.
This will bring you to the My Courses page.
This will be a listing of your online courses.
If you do not see a course listed that should
be, click on the green UND Tech Support link
or the Help button in the upper right corner
to contact Technical Support by chat, phone,
or send help request.
Click on the Review the Proctor Policy before
designating button.
Once you have read the Proctor Policy, slide
the “I have read and agree to the Proctor
Policy” button.
Then click the green Continue
Your courses will be listed under the My Courses
page to designate a proctor.
You can click
on the Designate a proctor for all sections
button if will have the same proctor for all
courses or you can click on the Designate
link for each individual course to assign
a proctor for that course.
This is also where
the status of your proctor will show once
you've designated them.
This is where you will select a type of proctor
from the drop-down menu.
This will show how
to select a custom proctor.
Click on the green
Submit Designation button once the type of
proctor is selected.
Contact your proctor to get their correct
contact information.
This information will
need to be filled out if it says required.
Make sure that the proctor email is accurate.
This is very important so that they receive
the notification that you have designated
If any information is incomplete, there
will be red writing and a red bar that shows
up with information on how to correct the
Once the proctor information is filled out
correctly, click the green Submit Designation
An email will be sent to your proctor
for approval.
At the top of the page on the left there is
a breadcrumb trail.
Use this to go back a
page or click on the green house icon to take
you to the homepage.
To log out, click on the green Log Out button
in the upper right hand corner.

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