Selamat datang di channel kami, kali ini kita akan menyajikan “Puding Batik Lapis Malkist” aneka ide bisnis jualan dengan modal dikit atau ekonomis bisa …
1 tablespoon of cornstarch
1 pack of black coffee without pulp
8 tablespoons of sugar
1 pack of malkist creckers
Gelatin Powder (Chocolate)
1 liter of water
Put the agar powder into the pan
Add sugar
Add black coffee powder
Stir until evenly mixed
Add water
Poke it
Cook the pudding until it boils
If it's almost boiling
Add cornstarch solution
Stir and cook until boiling
Pour a few spoonfuls of the pudding mixture into the mold
Let stand until the surface hardens
Add malkist creckers on top
Pour the pudding mixture on top
Let stand until the surface hardens
Continue to do it until the malkis is finished
Let stand until it hardens, then sprinkle crumbers on top

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