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– Welcome back to all
my Quick Fit friends.
If you regularly run,
chances are you've experienced
shin splints or foot pain
at some point.
I get asked about exercises
that can be done to relieve
these issues quite a bit
at my fitness center.
Today's routine will not only
stretch out the tight spots,
it will strengthen
your feet and legs
to give you a more
powerful stride.
So even if you don't run,
you will still want
to do this exercise
because foot pain
is kind of common
whether you're a runner or not.
Definitely take your shoes off.
If you aren't used to
exercising your feet,
you may not want to do
all of the repetitions
that we do.
Go very light and gentle
to allow your muscles to
become better conditioned.
Let's start with your feet
about shoulder width apart,
and you're going to push
the ball of your foot
and your toes into the floor,
using the strength of your
foot to move you, okay?
One side for a few.
Start your deep breathing
and then do the other leg.
Remember, we're using
the strength of the foot
to move you.
I'm not leaning over,
lift, all right?
Adjust the toes.
That means you're pushing
the ball of your foot,
the big pad under your big toe.
You're pushing
that into the floor
and just lifting the toes.
That's a new one.
That's really
great for the arch,
people with plantar fasciitis,
this is a great move for you.
All right, tight
toes are notorious.
I see it so much.
Our feet are in
shoes all the time
and they don't get the ability
to be free and stretch.
So go at these pretty gently,
but work at them because
when your feet are tight,
it makes the rest
of you very weak.
And if you're getting
a charley horse,
just go even more gentle,
don't put any force down
through the muscles.
Imagine that you're just
opening and closing your hand
as if there was a
butterfly in it.
Okay, not trying to
crack a peanut, okay?
All right, let's do
the first foot again.
We're on the top of
your foot and toes
and we're going to
shift our heels.
You know, you can do
this seated as well.
I do it quite a bit in my
studio with my class members.
I have them sit
sideways in the chair,
shift the heel left and right.
Let's do the other side,
shifting the heel,
trying to work all
those toes, all right.
Now, you can use
the chair for this.
We're going to
lift up, two heels.
Sometimes I've had people
need to actually bend
the knees a little bit
so they can really
get the heel up,
getting more bend
through the toes.
All right, now knees forward,
lift the heels,
straighten, and down.
Sit down, lift up and down.
You might need to do one heel
and then the other, up and down,
you'll feel way more powerful.
Your stride will improve.
You'll kind of
bounce up the stairs
when your feet are strong.
All right, shake that
off a little bit.
And we'll just do
some fasts again.
Lift, lift, lift,
my hand is just for
balance, I'm not pushing.
You need to because
your feet are weak,
well, then that's a
great starting point.
Now let's do a
couple slow downs.
Come up and then
control the down,
gripping with your toes.
It might take many months
before you can really feel the
strength return to your toes,
but that's okay.
A few months is gonna
come one way or the other.
Let's let it come
with you stronger.
So be encouraged when
you find a weakness,
because then you're aware of
it and you can work on it.
Good, and reverse.
We don't think much about
our feet and ankles,
but they have the heavy
work to do all day long.
And now let's just
try to do like a wiper
with just the ankle.
This one is kind of hard.
You can also do it seated and
use your hands to move it,
to move the foot
in that funny way.
Let's do a circle
with the other ankle.
Go as slow as you need to
to get as large of a movement
as possible, don't rush.
Don't let me rush you.
All right, and let's try to
do that wiper with the ankle.
I think you'll find one side
is much harder than the other.
All right, let's do a long point
all the way through the leg,
right down to the toes.
Lengthen, enjoy that
stretch through your shin
and the top of the foot.
Now fast as if you're
ringing a bell,
needs a little bit of
power and a snap, okay?
Do each one quickly.
And then as you
get more control,
then you can do quick ones,
many, many, many at a time,
but don't try to do it
fast and sloppy.
I'd rather you did each one
quality, quick, quick, quick.
All right, now we're
going to pull, all right?
Pull and hold.
[inhales and exhales]
This hip's getting a
little bit of a workout.
Now let's try to pull
fast with some power,
pull, pull, pull, pull.
Now I know it looks
like I'm pointing,
but I'm thinking
about the pull, fast,
each one fast with power.
And then when you
get more control,
you can try to do many
fast with power in a row.
All right, other side, a
long, slow lengthening
all the way down
through your toes.
[inhales and exhales]
And now fast, aggressive points.
Remember to stand tall,
pull your stomach in,
[exhales and inhales]
allow your balance
stabilizers to do their work,
point, point, point.
And now a long pull,
feeling the stretch
down the back of your
calf and your heel,
your quad's getting a workout.
This hip's getting a workout.
Pull, stand tall,
stomach's pulled in and
held, pulling quickly.
[inhales and exhales]
All right, now let's use
the back of the chair leg.
This is a pretty great
use of the chair.
I want to stretch your calves.
So get the front of your foot
there and then press the heel,
okay, lift [inhales]
and press. [exhales]
And then as you get lower,
it'll become more and
more of a stretch press.
If your chair leg
is very straight up,
then just do your best.
Inhale, [inhales]
exhale, press it down, [exhales]
press, one more and press.
Let's do the other side,
press it down.
Take your time.
Do what you gotta do
with this standing leg
to allow you the
space to do this.
Run through it one more time.
And down, and down.
Let's take your
back leg behind you,
press the heel down,
and then allow for a little
bend through the knee.
Your forward foot is
pretty far forward, okay?
Straighten and bend,
straighten and bend.
Let's do the other
side, reach it back,
straighten and bend,
straighten and bend.
Let's go down to the floor next.
So get on down to the floor.
You've got your toes
under you, all right?
And we'll just sit back.
If you start to get
a charley horse,
take the pressure off.
And down, and up and down,
you can have some of the
pressure on your hands
and then flatten the feet.
Sitting back a little further,
working those shins, shifting.
These are some of the
very best exercises
for stretching the shins.
The shins and the feet
are all connected.
All right, and then sit
up and pull one knee,
really getting into the
top of that foot and toes,
and then the other.
[inhales and exhales]
All right.
If you regularly run
or experience pain
in your feet or legs,
repeat these moves gently but
regularly to see improvements.
is the place
to find great routines
like these and more.
See you next time in class.

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