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– Is she okay?
– I'm fine, I'm fine.
– Is she having an extanential crisis?
– A what?
An existential.
– (laughs) What did I say?
– We are playing real or
fake climate change facts.
– God, that's so scary to think about.
Why am I doing this?
– My knowledge on climate
change is not that thorough.
– I find the whole topic super depressing.
– I get so freaked out by it
and overwhelmed that I'm kinda like,
la la la la la la la la la la.
– It's like we're all
in that meme of the dog
that's like drinking coffee.
– That's what I was thinking!
And we're like, this is fine.
– Everything is fine.
(girl screams)
– I hope that we're gonna
be good and also educated.
This is an educational video.
(girl screams)
– That's quite small, don't you think?
– I feel like it's definitely gone up.
I feel like the (beep)
summers here have gone up
more than 0.9 degrees.
– Exactly!
– Bloody hell Australia!
50 degrees, what are you thinking?!
We're saying fake because–
– I feel like it's higher.
– Fake.
– I'm gonna say real
just to mix it up a bit.
(drum roll)
– (gasps) It's real?
Oh my god, wait.
– But I feel like 0.9%
for the planet's surface
temperature is a lot
since the 19th century.
– I guess yeah,
it is the entire planet.
– Like it's risen by 0.9%.
– That's crazy.
– That's insane.
– Yeah.
– You were correct.
– I don't know if I'm happy to be correct
about these really somber facts.
– I think that's real.
I read a lot about that.
– Yeah, I think it's real.
– Yeah, I'm gonna go real as well.
– So I actually do
think that this is real.
Like the Great Barrier
Reef is losing coral.
– I can cook.
So, three, two, one.
– It did happen.
I just think it's more than 10%.
– All right, what's the answer?
– It's fake.
(drum roll)
– Nearly 30%,
– Oh no!
– Of corals in the Great Barrier Reef
died in the 2016 bleaching event.
– The extreme ocean temperatures
that led to the 2016 and 2017 bleachings
are predicted to occur
every two years by 2034.
– Wow, so it said 10%,
but now it's actually,
the real number is 30%.
– Shame, yeah, that's bad.
– (laughs) What?
– How can there not be?
– Why are there people who
think that it's not a thing?
– You know, I can't answer that.
– Yeah.
– (laughs) Yeah.
– This is the flat-earthers.
– Yeah, exactly.
– I feel that's a joke.
– Okay.
– (laughs) Is she okay?
– I'm fine, I'm fine.
– Is she having an extanential crisis?
– A what? (laughs)
An existential.
– (laughs) What did I say?
– Extanential?
– I'm saying that's fake.
(drum roll)
– It's fake.
According to multiple studies
published in the peer
reviewed scientific journals,
at least 97% of currently
publishing climate scientists
agree that global warming
trends in the last 100 years
are extremely, emphasis on the extremely,
likely to have been caused
by human activities.
Badaing, badaboom.
– Oh, so the 3% is the ignoranus.
– I thought it was more.
'Cause wasn't it called
the lungs of the earth,
and when the amazon fires broke out,
it was like the lungs are burning.
– Like a big chunk higher.
'Cause I remember reading it and going,
"Ah shit, that's scary."
– I think it's real.
– It's gotta be real, or it's higher.
– Yeah.
(drum roll)
– [Both] Oh.
– [Both] (gasps) Fake.
– What?
– This is a common misleading claim.
It absorbs a large
amount of carbon dioxide
which is turned into oxygen.
However, some scientists estimate
that the oxygen it
produces which we breathe
is probably closer to zero.
– Oh.
– It doesn't actually produce our oxygen,
which is interesting.
– I feel like–
– Where have I heard this before?
– I feel like I hope it's true
'cause it's like a pretty,
it's like a wicked quote.
– Ooh, this sounds like a
sci-fi thriller that I'm into.
– I don't wanna–
– I'm gonna say that's fake.
– I think that this could be true.
I think that they do
want us to go to Mars.
There's a lot of info
out there that suggests
that they're going to
send us there one day.
– Did Donald Trump tweet this?
– True.
– I don't know about the quote,
but I feel like creating
plans is real, for sure.
– Yeah, for sure.
(drum roll)
– This quote is from the…
I know, I know.
– Oh my god.
– This quote is from the award-winning,
2014 epic science fiction
film, "Interstellar."
– Damn!
– "Interstellar!"
– "Interstellar!"
I've seen that movie five times.
No wonder I'm like,
"Why do I know this?"
I'm like, "This is from
all my research of NASA,"
but actually no, it's from
watching Matthew McConaughey.
– I feel like this can show you
how sometimes things can
get blown out of proportion.
Like the "Interstellar" quote.
I can see plenty of
people on my social feeds
posting that as evidence
that the earth is dying.
– I actually, I feel a bit disappointed
in myself after this.
I thought I knew a lot
more about climate change,
but turns out I'm kind of dumb.
– I feel like your intentions
are in the right place though.
Like you know, you're not being ignorant,
you know that it's a thing,
you know that it's happening,
slash me, I feel like I did a little bit
better than you but–
– Well.
– I mean.
– Everything seems so far away,
and it's always somebody else's problem
until it starts hitting home.
And when it starts hitting home,
you suddenly realize,
shit this us,
this is actually right on our doorstep,
and if we're not doing something about it,
then that's our home.
So, we all need to make a change.

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