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what's going on y'all Jesus
Arlington island turn this off
how the hell is everybody
everybody good I hope
oh what's going on
on game game
game crashed
soon as I click back over to the
game from obs it cracked what's
up everybody Kevin how you
doing this Shawn Sean welcome
my God Chris their Steve's their
quarries there what's going on
game crash I don't have any mods
installed in the game crashed
thank you all for
being here thank you those of
you who stuck it out for the
last half hour
I supposed to be live almost a
half hour ago but I had to I
had to I had to help my wife you
some y'all know
she's just got out of surgery
last week so so
there's that but I'm here hello
Zachary welcome back
we'll get this thing rolling we
are on part 3 of our hundred
percent story mode run and so
far we're not doing very well we
got a we got a couple of bronzes
won Gold in the rest your silver
but we can go back and play
those later later on so we'll
see what we can get into today
I'm not a remember where where I
logged out last time hey Alex
what's up up
what's happening
and yeah Cory
I will II did clip my part of my
twitch stream from last night
and I'm going to end up making a
video for YouTube on
on it and I'm going to title it
like you needed United Nation
soldier gets his
wig split
hey Landon what's up welcome
welcome anybody else I didn't
say hello to to
from when
you were in here at what go
ahead and say say hello in the
jet so I can say hi to you if I
y'all know what I'm going to
guess that the fifth dentist
cave now they
all recommend tried it
oh yeah I had shot that you had
from about 25 metres down the
block after he
he shot at me once and then I
got to cover and I
got trapped in a building with
zombies outside because the
gunfire will attract zombies
so I popped one I patched up I
got back soon as I stepped
outside Onyx was saying he was
hit and so I hauled ass and
luckily I just got a shot on him
coming around the corner
it was pretty awesome awesome it
was pretty
awesome awesome all right where
the hell are we we are in in oh
we're up
an anus Berg okay alright so
actually what
do we got to do here let's see
we're gonna have to go off the
way back
and moving to hand over the
other end the other end end I
John welcome sir sir
Dave dinging dinging see
we are laug here real quick oh
that's the the
that's the Gunslingers maybe
we'll do that today
one of the three honey need one
more deer skin
two more rabbit kills her
horseback to more knife kills
and two more
cards but but we go in here
Where is the thing
from what's Azusa sit right here
hey Chad how you doing man I
appreciate you being here I hope
y'all having a good day we're I
think what we're going to do is
we're going to go
and because once I read each of
these they get marked on the map
so I think today
we're going to go ahead and and
we're going to go ahead and go
after these gunslingers
gunslingers that sounds like fun
yep next one
okay so this should
all be on my map then now
okay here's one down here that's
that's blackmail
there's Billy midnight there's a
few Echo Hernandez I thought
there was a fourth what did I
I not all right let's take a
look see which one we didn't get
Black velvet this one and Matt
okay now he's on the map I guess
I didn't read that one
so he should be
that was here yet the Granger
okay he's over there all right
so let's go for black first
we're going to ride down
here too
Porte saint-denis saint-denis
out of check by the condition of
my guns to
since it's a shop here
well that one's not too bad
doesn't he clean
very nice nice when you go to my
horse here
and and that one definitely
cleaning cleaning that was
horrible the bow
grab that one one
I don't know if I have enough
Gun oil on me what's up Adam are
how you doing
all right that one's good
I love some of the animations
little bit of all right looks
like that one's good
okay okay
no I don't want the bow I'll
come on put the bow back on the
damn horse right
up Melissa how you doing head
to the gun store here stock up
on a little bit of Gun oil and
then hunt down them gun
some watch out ladies
the guns store it's down over
we're trying to get our money
you must be new around here
welcome yeah yeah yeah yes yes
have a look
but what's up Storm you can
always ask the question I just
I reserve the right to not
answer it
all right
we need this
all right we're good I got on it
for now
let's go get a black belt
come here
get your butt over here here
we got here
alright and we're off
not at all poor horse let's see
what we got here here
sorry girl I was watching chat
like a
dumbass I'm I'm sorry
your auntie your momma loves to
I don't know dude at these days
any channel you
start in any in
any sub you know subdivision of
culture gaming cooking whatever
just know there's
a million things out there and
you you can't
someone really wants to do it it
you see what I see see nice
oh my God look at this thing
big boot out back and shoot him
in the good of the horse
oh my God god
all right we need to do we need
to drag him off the track though
that's a nice buck right there
get him off the track before we
we scan them
it is a train coming
I knew it was going to happen
hell yeah
hell hell yes
hell hell yes
we'll sell that down in
saint-denis come on girl
I was a good gift gift
all right off the old black male
do they have a Trader or
with you I don't think they have
a bunch of here today
no but we do have a random
Mission over here
go find out what it is is
kind of hunting I know well well
that'll never happen
they just don't know the
mechanics and it they need to do
is fix their online
service service
Bertram oh that's nice nice nice
friends for life
we imagine saving people taking
them to your
breast and metaphorically I mean
like a mother caring and raising
and then they going to have you
in the back if you ever
betrayed of close friend I hope
not treachery and these are sad
low unlovable
people and I made them stars
stars during
and they oh no now family's not
enough no no he's
easy big guy
got him up against the bar
I don't know Jase
likes to fantasizing chat Adam
she keep that around just let
him do what he's gonna do
we tried to tell her the other
day that that was appropriate
no one cares for you like I do
especially not that magnetic oh
he's my friend he's working with
your friend he'd be here
wouldn't he wouldn't have
abandoned us us you will know
God that works
help see her to make it all
better but first you gotta tell
me what
that the worm ran off to Bertram
promise yes well magnifico made
a promise to huh he made more
than a promise he made a
contract and he broke it so you
just tell me exactly where he is
and then we will all be even
happening in the world
why don't you tell me
in the first place you you just
don't pay call our tries to
these men I'm sorry I'm sorry
you gave me a whoopsie
thank you for all of your help
mr. stranger if you see that
slippery little
fella sleeping rough out there
would you just make a little
Racket and then we'll come along
and we'll find you
I could try oh he's name
is Megan this one that little
that little the little
what do you call it the magician
with the we pop smoke are
Lord now we got another one okay
that's fine we're still gonna go
see Black Velvet
I don't think there's
there's Butcher and
and Van Horn
all right badass Anthony well
the swamp City boys
Eric how you doing man
are you being how you be
got here
we got here
nothing in there
stand up
get some cigarettes take that
who and another card
twitching that dudes twitchin
these guys sleeping
we take it all that money money
ain't Fair nobody nobody
they was sleeping now
they're sleeping forever Vinnie
Vinny bucks can't beat that
but the
was awesome I just stole their
guess they was sleeping I
thought it might have been he
just was I thought he might have
been you know Dad and it was
just glitching or sounds how
they look I should have pulled
out a gun
and shot him right away away
that's it
ain't nothing lot more to this
place place
it looks like that was it and
see the other doors
all right
well that was worth the stop
wasn't it hey Carl how you
doing got some ammo and 50 bucks
that was worth it
off dancing fun with her
off to have some fun with
whoever you got
back back
I almost did it again chat I
almost had a 1050 with a horse
agitated by a predator
there's a predator
must have been a snake in the
okay easy you're all right
you're all right
what are those
I think this one's pretty easy
we just have to help
her Defender property and then
she'll pose for a picture for us
there we go that's sharks you
easy easy
what do we got here
dry colored hair Ron
but but skin him
yeah buddy buddy
all right now
see what we got here here
I don't know why it's saying I
couldn't get all this stuff from
animal I I got
I still got space in my Satchel
I don't know what the game is
talking about
and another random random event
no this is bad
all right let's go see black
I'd like to talk to you about
you I don't care much for
reminiscing hey Manuel what's
going on
bounty hunters that spring to
mind mind
well then you done but them boys
here and you know no wiser ah
those bounty hunters knew my
luck had run
out sooner sooner get inside
I'll tell him you're gone
you don't know
I ain't hiding from them scalp
Hunters running from am neither
and fighting if it's just me
against him be a waste of time
nitroglycerin well let me know
what I can do you want that
while we're story don't you you
yes I do do and we go get up
here quick now when I give you
the word hit that whole place is
wired like Belle
I've got a contract here for
your life or your Liberty
we'd sooner it be Liberty That's
mighty reasonable mr. awesome
I got a dynamite damn it
prizes for guessing what the
call that lucky that lucky
Hunters off your back so
you gonna tell me about your
wild west days running with Jim
boy cat away
little little boy Calloway the
only running he did
was away from a fight and that's
about the end of it
man's apparently a famous
Gunslinger yeah so they say
but they'll get what's famous
confused with what's true the
ones of us
that live that life we was too
busy being scared for our
to talk to new newspaper writers
or dime novel men
purple what were they like
like them those days they all
talk about
same as now I guess only longer
ago all right I'm gonna need
your picture to today to trouble
no sir no trouble at all you
can't be worse than those awful
drones only wanted posters
great you stand over there
and let me get this thing ready
ready ready
how do you want me like this
what other poses you got baby
yeah that'll work
that'll work
you mrs. Bell you gonna be all
been running for 20 years those
will be running till I drop yes
the way it is is
you look
all right let's go with these
dudes hopefully no one
will come along and and we'll
end up being wanted or some
hey Charles how you doing
welcome to the
stream sir hope you're having a
good day day
bullfrog over there
over here right hope you more
hope we don't run into no no
getting some good stuff though
one of us anything inside her
little house here
did I hear someone coming down
the trail
that's the train
get my hat
cigarette card
I don't know how many of those
cards I have
at one of old one of 12 I
thought I had more of those
must be some other cards and
thinking of well let's be some
cards no need to sort of
biscuits or
fall on those those generate
something no nothing nothing
more biscuits and vegetables
that makes a lot of sense are
going to put this at stuff in a
lock box because why not
back that moonshine
all right
my horse go
ass running away the first sound
of gunfire come here
all right girl okay so there's
down what's ever what's up Amber
how you doing there's one down
we gots magnifico up there
I think we're going to head down
here and do this one I don't
unlock the map and we I want to
go through
Saint Denis because I want to
sell this to a butcher before I
how you doing today
right and Amber how you guys
doing I would look at the map
want to make sure there we go
return wrong okay so I need to
turn the other way all right am
I going the wrong
all right I'm just saying to me
or if you're from the deep South
Saint St Danny's
Danny's st-denis I have no idea
what they're all going on about
I have no idea Chase was doing
that stuff in the Stream the
other day day
okay which way is probably to
keep going straight
this way
right this way way
three either drunk or high
hey there sir
all right so where is Lulu
somebody over
this guy is going to rob me I'm
pretty sure
I'm pretty sure we're not going
to deal with him right now if I
remember correctly that guys
he's trying to Ambush somebody
I'll get close to give him some
money or try to help them and
and then you pull a gun put on
my face
and then I'll have to shoot the
the bastard
where is our
our it's going to be way down
here butcher right there
sir can I bother you for a
minute of your time sure why not
can I tell you a little about
what we're doing here sure less
than a minute
I promise we're trying to raise
money to build
an expansion to the Quincy
Harris Memorial Hall of course
her in the face with the tail
can you help a donation of
$20 would put us well on our way
sure times bucks and without
fathers fathers
20 bucks 20 bucks
for me to be honorable fine
$20 ain't no chicken feed web
show I can help you out
that's very kind you know what
Chase I've had enough
of it I've absolutely I'm at my
limit now now now you're
building your disrespecting one
my mom's and what a one of them
one of my inner
circle community members so
here's what's going to happen
we're going to stop
the stream until you guys stop
your because the next
the next move
his band both of you I've had
enough of it so what's it going
to be guys you're now you're
holding up the stream for for
the other 16 people watching
what's it going to be are we
going to are you going to follow
the chat rules and you're going
to talk about the stream and the
content or
are you going to go somewhere
else so we're going to sit here
and we're going to wait until
you guys decide that
you're done getting attention
we're waiting on you guys what's
it going to be
Michael Bluth that lockbox
I take the money back back
oh I'll it went up
myself onyx that one up myself
into what's going on welcome I
hope I said your name
I just don't understand I don't
understand that mentality
at all all
yeah I don't think it would be
honorable for appointment honor
you rock star
what do you mean
somebody's wrong right
something's going on over here
go find out
where are they Donna like
someone was running
somebody but it's dark as and I
can't see anything you go ahead
and drop that
ban hammer Amber I've had enough
of it go ahead have fun
they obviously didn't learn both
of them are gone make sure to
leave dislikes on the way out
guess I could put my rope away
what's up with you Parker my
horse what's up with you dude
I'll give you a gift
if yeah I'm interested I got
some stuff to sell bro starting
with this bloody a spelt on my
back for
88 I'll take it okay then you
could buy this boat frog for 20
hmm get rid of that we don't
need that that
we'll get rid of those a buck 50
apiece for those feathers holy
I'm going to carry on to
that though because I know
there's a mission down the road
saint-denis oh thank you Charles
I do appreciate
nice words words I don't like
having to deal with that crap
but there just comes a point
when you have enough of it it
you know I've been doing I've
been doing YouTube for five
years now I've seen
it all
all right now that
we got that taken care of is a
open so I can go actually we can
go up here and sell some of our
herbs to why we're here and then
we need to damn it
I want to find a place where I
can grab a bite to eat to and
recharge my korres but looks
like all the saloons are closed
yeah it looks like they're all
closed all right we'll head to
the doctor will see what kind of
time frame we got
that's crazy that the doctor's
office is open all hours of the
night that
the solutions aren't
Denton do love this town town
you fancy Hitching Post to
all right let's go see the
it's closed down to ain't that a
I just said all that all that
smack talking about the doctor
it's close
all right
let's have a look in here
let's see
half of those
huh yep brick keep creeping
thyme in the berries
they were going to keep
everything else oregano
yes I'll happily buy another one
I'm sure you you will
come on horsey let's go get us
some beers
pretty sure there was one right
up over here
let's get you're feeling better
bro where's the closest one
right here behind us
it we'll go over here right
around the corner
good morning to you I'm trying
to move my horse is being a
I need to get someone to get rid
of them for me oh I remember
this just
needed done we're gonna kill
some rats all right calm down
let me see what I I can do
Mom oh thank God just be sure
not to bang around place too
is sitting still and I can't
kill him
here we go that's right right
you little
that's right riding a little
furry bastards
there they go there we go
maybe if you swept up
in here a little bit more you
wouldn't have all these damn
rats now would you you
dirty dirty bastard
we can go but a little go
kill those men
man does that all of them are
there more the cigarette
cigarette Carter hell yeah yeah
I don't see any
more that's there in this room
here that one's locked
I still
hear one squeaking around here
somewhere always on the bar look
at that
hmm where's the
last one one here
ready ready ready
there he is there he is
I see you
brother more let's see
that it
yep it is is how about that
thanks mister take this year and
set now killed worse
$11 that see that was worth it
all right so that one's clothes
so I guess we got to go to the
other one to get some damn food
and they're both close now what
all right well if that's the
then we should be able we should
be good to go where the what's
his name at it over here
Bailey Billy midnight I don't
think your drink at that bar bar
yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah a bag full of
rats now
probably the butcher
over at roads and sell them all
those rats make a buck or two
skip in the game
number three watch out out
it is a big Croc right there
couple of going on the beach
there too
easy here we go
easy easy
my horse is dirty okay I'll
brush it it
level three very nice I like to
go the wrong way
oh I see what I did
that's busy looking at the chat
missed my turn
Peppa easy
damn horse just
wants to run run
but tree look like it was marked
or something but I guess
not not
I guess not
I'm sorry what
bastard bastard
there you go
fine fine
I shot him right in the neck
got him in the neck I took his
chewing tobacco and
a letter
I forgot about the fence here
hello Pig Pig
hey there partner
pick that
money money
don't need your cigar
hey Dmitri how you doing
are you in
is she's
talking about somebody breaking
into her house I'm in here
stealing his every this is
I'll take this silver pocket
it is jewelry here here
I'll take that thank you you I
need them cigarettes and take
the Apple though
I can robbing him blind they're
oh mind us don't mind
moonshine what's up buddy are
you doing
mechanics to go
all right let's go talk to this
home boy over here see we got to
to sell
who I can sell that for five
hundred dollars and sell that
we'll sell that
we'll sell the jewelry
some of them watch is one of
watches what do we got here
snake oil I'm going to keep that
yeah we'll sell those two two
all right
five rings to sell
all right not bad
bad yes
yes Dynamite dynamite you want
that dynamite
Moonshiner before bait you know
can I sell him
the Moonshine
oh yeah we can sell it good then
I don't think I have anything to
make any talismans with enough
ooh metal skull mask let's see
I need to get one of those to
poison arrow pamphlet a homing
interesting interesting
interesting interesting
looking for a special something
for a special someone
I don't think I've got I don't
think I have enough to make that
well sweetie the courts chunking
a silver chain bracelet
old brass compass
and I can't make any of that
I did have a bucket with though
we're gonna have to get one of
I never really got into the
Trinkets and talismans talismans
like this one here permanently
decreases the speed of which
help and stamina Dream by 10%
not bad don't you
tell no one one you tell no one
hey buddy that's a good time for
that's a good dog that's a good
guy that's a good boy
hey Robert now he's smiling
that's a good
boy boy
all right let's head over to the
Butcher and then we'll go meet
feeling bad night
you look hungry look
hungry to you I look look hungry
really really
man said I look hungry
link will take we'll buy some of
mr. midnight
let's see where he's at at oh
he's right over here
here well cool
hello there
watch where where you're walking
like he's going to be inside
or is he back here let's go find
welcome it's the station clerk –
over his smile
that is a hey you there quick
word what can I do for you sir
there's an old Gun
Slinger I'm looking for her to
come through here name midnight
Billy oh that old soaked yeah
that's been settled
that ozone or these trains but
he's going nowhere but the
gutter I imagine you'll find him
ride in the next one through
here either that or the next one
try them both look in the bar
car look in the
bar car car copy that hello
hello hello
see him here here we go
mr. midnight
excuse me I'm trying to drink
mr. midnight listen
this won't take a moment I just
want to talk
with you about your old days as
a Shootist get away from me hey
did you sleep no
one section that you sleeping it
was the only way not a problem
I'm here about Jim
boy cat away and no one shot him
yet how do you cut for me get
away from me goddamn it mr.
goddamn it
shut up
oh he got me me he got me
goddamn it
hey what's up mr. gaming thank
you for the $2 Super Chat
the server is down right now
we're trying to figure
out what to do
goddamn it
now where are we headed to now
that's my horse behind we are
headed up up
wonder if I am I horse may be
following me actually
had it back in the Saint Denis
and we need to be going the
other direction so so
my horse died what what
how the did my horse died
good Lord lord how the did my
horse died
damn damn it
all right well then I guess
we're huffing it to the nearest
that's a
long ass walk man is there a
stable over here in saint-denis
that's going to be closer
there is
all right well I guess we're
walking walking
guess we're hoping it
it's not of a
hey what's going on are you
doing hope you're having a good
I'm not my horse died
died I gotta carry my sad little
help at all the way
bump up the road here to the in
the rain
did the the Whatchamacallit
whatchamacallit here
I'm not going to be able to take
them to this because I got the
saddle Naomi drop it
let's take one of
not with the satellite I
that's okay
it ain't too much further up up
the road
walking in the rain
walk further than that red dead
Dead Yet
it's rare that that your without
transportation in this game game
I probably should've told my
horse I should have tied my
horse off a building stay there
okay go on see if you can find
the law do what I
can can
how far away is is this we over
in the swamp
hell this turned into quite the
the buckle didn't it
we'll try not to run directly
through the swamp didn't have to
to oh baby right there
how close are we to the stable I
think we're closer to the stable
Maybe let's see
no we're not
if I rub the the tracks and then
we can go over to that spot I'm
almost wondering if that's going
to be the better option
Nobody Does it
All right so the plan is we're
going to we're going to run
the tracks back to Saint Denis
grab a horse are other horse oh
my God
stammers draining fast fast
yeah that's what I'm going to do
I'm going to go get my horse
first pray to God that no trains
can't believe my horse died died
can't believe
please God no trains I don't
want to jump
off into the water
we're so close we're so close
right King right
I mean if I have to I'll jump
off into the water it's not that
big of a deal I'm almost
to the point where it won't
matter matter anyways
Deadhorse I'm one third one of
my way to a country
we're almost there there
call Daniel dang yo all day dang
how are you Lando are you doing
hey well at least
this boost my stats for how far
I've gone on foot
we're almost to the stable
though so
and we're not in danger being
run over by a damn train at this
I think this is the first time
I've ever had to do this in
single player
dad dad I'm
tired how are you what's up
Stone it down look at this fog
man this is insane
is like the hallway in The
Shining Closer I get the further
away I am
all right now that we're out of
that let's drop the saddle real
quick and let's see
we're going to take them bitters
that'll keep our stamina up
how you feeling Dom
I'm feeling better
this fog is insane insane
yay yay we made it it
I made it
yeah both of you stop or it's
going to be ban Hammer Time
the guy that Shire
Shire let's store the saddle
saddle saddle him up
I can get a new saddle how much
are these good
it Saddles is almost as
important as a good horse let's
see what we got here
but kind of like that that one
when how much that was going to
be oh 85 that's not bad
it's not bad at all all
the stock ones only 51 51
14 okay okay yeah that's going
to be the one to
hi it cost more for a reason I'm
sure it does
dude I'm sure it does I got one
of them myself
what's the difference between
these two bags dot f granted
I don't understand
all right you bet all right mr.
Epps who aren't the best ones we
catch a nice addition on a SAP
my bad my bad my bad bad
I think we're good there for
it's nice to give a little
special grooming there we go
not bad take care of it let's
see renamed the horse what does
me we need
to name this one one
hmm I guess we'll go with
this one since I have it use
this one in a while
I think it was
uh perfect
is that going to let me do it
does it got to be one knit one
he likes it I love Aegina as a
good name for a horse
all right did I end up losing
that because I
went into the Stables I bet you
you I did
yep yep oh well oh Wells all
right I guess we'll head over
dammit Granger
all right
I wish it was easier to get the
horse Lantern
I can't see out here
help me
I need medicine
Phooey is the one with the pink
flowers tiny little bastard
steer clear thanks mister I owe
you my life excuse me
some things you learn the hard
way that's a nice horse
my horse over here messing
around with the hell
what the
hell okay boy boy thousand miles
per hour I hear that this we can
cut through here here huh
halt halt our say it
the donkey laid in the ground
a donkey donkey
you shoot him dead
yeah that's it keep moving
thank you really something don't
you hey you need to move along
you goddamn fool look now I'm
bluffing you best get going or
else keep well away
I knew they wasn't going to try
nothing what's up dude
or what
this is a warning
shut up you asked for it
of course now we're doing this
you can play that way way
the rifle out dude dude
I'm about to die
damn that was close
yep yep
that was a close
one one
yep suddenly just became
became Davis
is that a rabbit
yeah yeah it
was another guy
be kind of a cool job though
right around all night on a
all right off to see I forget
the next dude
I think this is the one that yet
end up in a duel and blow up as
house I think this is the one
hey Dakota how you doing man how
you is is
I'm pigs
you got
easy now good boy
but they think they were going
to do
yeah about a month ago it's been
a little while for me too too
I wish rock star would fix
finally give us a private
service service
that was that right right
with something
big running
how is it deer
I was hoping it might be a bear
or a cougar
a good long ride ride
oh my God
goddamn it
every time
easy easy easy
hey Ben so how are you man
how you been doing doing hey
Yep this is the one
that's good to hear man
is this long to hear
what do you want you
Granger that's my name and
Malcolm patient to if you hadn't
we're always used to be a
quick-draw guy you knew Jim boy
cat away used to be correct then
there's a long over who might
you be
don't matter I need you to tell
me about Jim boy just
a quote for Abyss cold cold but
it's all good
that sounds really good I can't
talk to you now look at me I'm
knee-deep in hog crap
no Mommy we can talk while you
I ain't talking and shoveling
besides young
man like you get it done in half
the time I don't know about that
what's to know you interested in
the old days you shovel this I
tell you some stories
man your hands clubs goddamn it
he's better be some stories
really I got a I got a pick out
the crap or get out of here and
stop wasting my time shoving a
damn you
rock star what nothing you know
me I killed men women
and children too animals even
killed rocks and I killed
him good I shot folks stabbed
skinned folks folks let's
capsule so boy
they scream when your scalp
let me work work
don't know
what's gotten me but I know it's
coming autumn I burn folks alive
married folks alike I one time
I woke up I'm drinking a nice
hot cup of coffee no idea girly
feminine type like you I'd
probably add chopped your head
stuffed you and eating you
a sausage No Doubt now it's
clean enough to eat off I guess
I'm done with that Barrel to the
pile and I suppose you
is no shortage of around here
Here comes from Hungry Hogs and
no hand
okay I'll clean up your mess go
on tell
me about Calloway I said I tell
you stories I didn't say they'd
be about you
don't trifle with me old man you
knew him just give me something
and you
making a book you should make it
by me they're just words is all
give me something to say and
I'll leave you alone you owe me
there hey you be careful killer
like me it don't take much end
up on the end of my knife one
time know what I don't think you
or anything at all just a
a crazy old and the killing well
you'd already be hard for you I
had made a deal with the
federals got this far this this
is your last chance mr. Granger
give me a quote
from the book hey you don't want
it don't matter he's dope
government Witness
Calloway said you is full of
piss he didn't tell me that
half of it let me to drop you
girly only wait worth my time I
got too much to lose
too much to lose well seeing as
I cleaned up this big star
I'm in my
rights to reckon you don't want
to do that you walk away right
now well well all I wanted was a
quote don't know your trifling
with that's my stick
you walk away right now
now don't
there you go sock is way
no no
no it's gonna be the last
thing you do do
knife to gunfight
not bad not bad not bad what you
got in here for me
I don't need that repeater
already got one of those
boom regular shower I love it
you got nothing in here
Granger's nothing
a harmonica that'll cover that
will come in handy
later later on
is that say these going to need
one one
what do you drop anyways
Granger's revolving uh
ship will take that all righty
there's that
make the only one we have left
is way the hell up up there
that's a
long ride ride too so what we'll
do is
is I think we're going to go
over here and
you one of these other dishes
all right let's see here
out of here
this one over here
is the closest one
all this is Reverend Swanson I
remember this one
you here Reverend he's inside
cards drunk as a skunk
mr. Morgan
I took your advice sir I took
your advice and your God has
deserted you what you talking
about I took your advice sir
I have removed myself from
Morpheus is embrace
free I am free
you don't seem free friend you
seem drunk the
the down Reverend way the oh I
finished look at him he's
finished none of us
for Slicker down his throat
friend I just wanted to play now
firstly we ain't friends don't
make no mistake on that subject
now secondly he can't hardly see
let alone Reese change the name
ain't never been one of my
strong points neither would see
and I do just fine you want to
step outside of do a business
here I just want him to finish
the game why can't we all just
get along these are good man
after their children God God
children of God God has about
you playing this place on that
seems fair
fair sure you want to gain
oh sure we'll pleasure I'll play
a few hands
well sit yourself down there
reverence go take off off
I'm Luthor this is Marvin
fortunate for you both will be
gentleman about this same goes
for you you so
are you two know each other
anyway I'm sorry Michael the
best is to friends if you don't
mind me saying you go a long way
back and now you're his
I guess it's something like that
can we play somebody put on
his big-boy pants this morning
you can't be no real clergyman
he committed
about five cardinal sins just in
that chair you're sitting in
think he used to be all right
let's see what we got drifted a
little unreasonable pair of
Queens over there is a challenge
to all of us us
can you imagine him at the
pulpit if he could stand up on
the fours
they turn water into the whiskey
and I don't remember much after
that he's a decent fellow going
through a bad time
this respect him again and
you'll find yourself in a bad
time too
all right all right just trying
to have a little fun here it is
a game after all all mr.
boom to
to Paris I we're going to go
we're going to
go all the brave All In you're
bluffing bluffing maybe I
am am have a look at these pilot
big pile of nothing for Christ's
sakes come to me come to Papa
just settle down
we're going to leave we're just
gonna bear losses this is
getting crazy
I'm done friend has been a real
come on rip
where is he where to Go whoo the
Reverend wear it it
excuse me gentlemen
Reverend rev Swanson which go go
what are you doing doing we go
wake up they up there
all right your hands off him
you'll keep
you stuck out of it
it's your hands off here now you
son of a
what the hell is your problem
he's with me me
oh my God
god damn it
all right try that again again I
guess I don't use handguns there
their oh my god
no you're not no you're not
son of a
come here dude don't make me
shoot you
I will will
all right let's go
find one Swanson here
goldarn it
you made me run after em on foot
doobie be saved is my horse this
is going to suck give me a horse
he's staying there good stay
there don't come out of of the
I'll your comes a train
this place and was was stay
can you put out of here
twist your legs your truck and
I'll go down what the hell
what the hell throwing me off a
bridge lat
a goddamn shame you crazy
I've been bad a gun mr. Morgan
I'm sorry
we're so different
let's get you home home
that's a wonderful idea I could
have tea
with Margaret Margaret whose
Margaret what
passed out out
come on drunk you let's go let's
get back home
somebody's going to enjoy that
$5 bounty
probably probably probably
baptized off the side of a
yeah Reverend
shut up up
that's bad boy come on Reverend
Swanson let's go you drunk
bastard let's go
I was wondering when he'd show
up up
hey Jason how you doing man
go to sleep your way to
Salvation my friend what
just usual poor bastard
well thank you mr. Morgan I'll
keep an eye on him he was lucky
time real lucky
hmm well there we go
and we got a silver for that
what did I miss on that one
oh really I should have done one
more hand
damn it oh well well we know
what we can go back and do and
make that
a hundred percent later on but
that's gonna do it for me
I'm going to get out of here go
eat some lunch go check on my
lovely wife and I
will be alive again tonight on
Twitch at 8 p.m. Eastern Buddha rocks or Buddha and with that you guys
have a great day I hope to see
you later on tonight and we'll
see you on the
next one bye everybody everybody

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