Want to learn all about the right coronary artery and its role in the blood supply of the heart? You’ve come to the right video! Test your knowledge once you’ve …
Hey there everyone! It’s Matt from Kenhub,
and in this tutorial, we will be discussing
the right coronary artery. The coronary circulation
is responsible for nourishing the heart during
its tireless effort in pumping blood around
the body. The focus of this video is the right
coronary artery, which you can find here highlighted
in green on this image of the anterior view
of the heart. Along with the left coronary
artery, the right coronary artery branches
off of the ascending aorta.
The right coronary artery passes through the
atrioventricular groove to the right side
and continues on to the posterior surface
of the heart. It supplies the right atrium,
the majority of the right ventricle, the portion
of the left ventricle that communicates with
the diaphragm (areas of the interatrial and
interventricular septa), the sinoatrial node
in around sixty percent of the population,
and the atrioventricular node in general.
This artery further divides into several branches
including the sinoatrial nodal branch, the
right marginal branch which runs to the right
margin of the heart, and the atrioventricular
nodal branch which supplies the atrioventricular
node at the junction of the four heart chambers
within the septae on the posterior side of
the heart. Lastly, a posterior interventricular
branch runs along the posterior interventricular
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