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Everyone always says that I misbehave too much that I am the worst little brat they know but today
I am going to be the worst behaved spoiled terrible little fart stain on earth
Good morning rosie
Can you go wake up your lazy, brother?
It's almost time for school fine, but it is the only helpful thing. I will do today. Good girl rosie
That's the spirit
Do you think she will behave today good god, I hope so such a troublemaker
Looks like that moron is still fast asleep
What a perfect chance to start my day of being bad. I think I will wake caillou up with a bed full of bullet ants
Thank you pumpkin
Oh my god, what's going on up there?
Kaylu is covered in hundreds of ants quick throw a turkey on the ground. They will bite it instead
How did you get all those ants on you
I have no idea
I just woke up and it was just ants I bet it's because you're so gross and filthy
Rosie, don't make fun
Did you fill kalu's bed with hundreds of ants? Nope? That wasn't me?
You better not be lying now. Everyone get ready for school
Yum yums
Oh crud not ice cream cones cereal I hate that garbage. Sorry rosie. That's all we got
I want count chocula. I want it now. That's too bad sis
I want count chocolate. I want count dracula. Oh, no, she's gonna be bad again
Rosie how dare you destroy the kitchen if you misbehave today, you will get in trouble shut up loser
Rosie that was very rude of you
Guess what dad rosie didn't want ice cream cone cereal
She wanted count chocula cereal and when we didn't have any she busted the kitchen
Now she just threw the fridge at mom rosie. Did you destroy the kitchen and then bash your mother with a refrigerator?
Nope, I can't recall doing that
Don't make up stories caillou
Now get your butts to school
I wonder where doris is
Hahahahaha, I have a hilarious idea. I will destroy the school bus and also I will go to chuck e cheese instead of school
Hi there kayloo nice day today, wait, where's rosie? Oh my god. No
Hey dora, what's up skipping school too. Oh, hey rosie. I was just gonna change the name of the school
I am being super bad on purpose today. Let me do it. Oh how naughty it's all yours, kiddo
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Hey what how dare you do this to me? Shut up
Rosie you troublemaker?
Time to play all day and cause trouble for chuck e cheese, too
Oh boy, I love to play ski ball
Oh boy i'm gonna eat all this food till I barf
Oh god, no
Oh well easy come easy go now time to skin idle
Good gravy what the butthole happened to all of my pizzas. Oh, well, I guess I will eat all of this slop
Anyway, whatever it is
Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god, what did I just do?
Okay, okay i've had my fun here now it's time to misbehave even worse
I think I will fill the entire place with bombs. That will be hilarious
Welp it's been a real blast
See you later
chucky sleaze ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Rosie what are you doing home from school? Whoops
I am um, um, um, um, um, um, there was no school today
Yes, there is caillou is there right now?
Why aren't you did you do something bad today?
Of course not I am a perfectly behaved angel. I would never misbehave that little stain through the refrigerator at my head
It hurts so bad
Mom, how dare you accuse me of such things. I would never do that
Just for that I will break your legs with the tv
Rosie you did it again
How dare you how dare you how dare you how dare you
Rosie, you have been a bad girl
How dare you feel can't lose bed with bullet hunts?
And how dare you destroy the kitchen?
Yes, and how dare you throw a fridge at doris, and how dare you blow up your school buzz?
And also how dare you change the school's name to dora sucks
We know everything you did today
How dare you skip school and go to chuck e cheese?
And also eat way too much till you puked
And how dare you destroy the building with bombs?
But I am innocent you never saw anything
No more lying you are in so much trouble
now you are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 10 o'nellian 298
Octillion 287 septillion
347 sextillions
637 quintillion 462 quadrillion 389 trillion 22338
975 897
590 days
Or at least until part two
You are definitely grounded till then young lady lie down on the table and you will receive your first punishment
Why what is my punishment this time?
Me and boris will take turns farting in your mouth
Well, it looks like I really blew it this time, but believe me I am not done being bad today
Stay tuned for part two of rosie misbehaves the movie grounded for eternity
Cuz I am feeling extra spicy today, maybe I will puke one more time just for good measure, okay, here we go
Oopsie doodles
Being grounded is so boring. I have been in here doing nothing but playing bad five nights at freddy's rip-offs
I wish I was out there causing trouble some more
Okay, rosie, it is now part two so you can come out of your room your grounding is finished
That is great news, I can't wait to act horrible again
Wait, what did you just say?
Oh, um nothing. Hey, you dropped a dollar behind you, really?
I don't see anything
Oh, she's at it again boris, that's right everyone today. I will be the worst kid ever
Come on rosie we gotta get to school
And no monkey business this time on the bus
I was already in the hospital because of you. Okay, okay i'm coming
Hold it right there
Doris says she got a chair stuck in her butt because of you. Is that true rosie? Nope, that doesn't sound familiar
Wow, she sure is weird
I don't believe you for a second
Shut up boris
No, no, no no no no no. Oh no, no, no, no, no no, no, no
Hey caillou, what's up nice day today? Hi arthur. You're looking dapper this morning. Good morning. Rosie
Shut up. Loser. I hate you
Rosie, how dare you be mean to eric? He was being very polite to you
I would never be mean to eric in a million years
I was just making conversation if I wanted to be mean, I would do something more like this
Okay, then as long as you try to be more polite in the future, thank you arthur the fartsvark here's a present for that advice
Disgusting disgusting i'll never understand how she got this bad folks. My parents really dropped the ball with this one
Don't laugh at my stupid brother, you know buddies
Good morning class. I hope you are ready for your test today. Wait, where is eric? Oh, he probably missed the bus or something
I will just have to start class without him I suppose
Sorry, i'm late miss martin. Rosie. Threw me out of a moving bus
Oh, eric you and your silly stories. I would never do that now stop lying or I will throw you off a moving bus
Enough talking kids now it is time to take the written test for math today. I hope you are all ready
No bad grades will be tolerated
Oh poopy doops, I forgot to study for this test, but I bet I can make up the answers and still get an a
Okay, this looks like I can fake my way to an a plus first. The old name goes here
Okay, 1 times one, oh, I think I know that answer already
Let's see two times two should be easy to figure out what do we all have two of
Three times three. Okay, three plus three is six then add three more and you get
The rest of these are too hard for anyone on the planet to get right I will just guess
I think the last one is probably just a filthy word
I'm done miss. Martin. Here's my test
Rosie that was very rude now. Let's see here. How did rosie do today cinnamon rolls?
How did she even get to that two times two equals butt cheeks good god, you are stupid rosie
Well, this is the closest to an actual answer so far but still yikes
I have no idea what the butthole garf means
Hey, how dare you?
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, rosie you bad bad bad bad bad girl
Ooh, oh ho ho. Oh ho. Oh ho. Oh ho. Oh
Oh, rosie, how dare you write on your test? That is a very nasty word. We do not say that here
Oh, did I say I like to say check this out?
Oh my god rosie you are in so so so much trouble now here is your test back you got an f minus
On the contrary miss martin i'm getting an a plus and you are gonna eat this test
Oh my god, I swallowed your test you are such a troublemaker i'm telling principal crotch. Yeah. You better run you little less
You've gotta start behaving or you will get expelled why can't you just behave for five minutes?
Let's see how tough you are eric after I poke you in the eye with my dirty poop fingers
No, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no
No, no. Oh no. Oh no
You got a problem with my behavior too aardvark boy
Yes, you're such a bad student. You are mean to everyone now. Behave, please
All right, then I will behave
Thank goodness. She will start being good for a minute. I thought she was gonna kill me
Oh, man, what a fun day this turned out to be
Rosie for misbehaving so bad principal crotch wants to see you in his office right now
Fine i'm going there now
Rosie miss martin told me you are misbehaving today. Is this true?
Well, I wouldn't say misbehaving really she just doesn't agree with my philosophy
I don't think this is a philosophical problem. She says you wrote nasty words and failed your math test
She also says you made her swallow and almost choke on the test
Yeah, that sounds like something I would do
I also just heard that you poked eric in the eye with poopy fingers
And also, how dare you kick arthur out the window, how do you explain these allegations?
Oh, there is a simple explanation to all of this. I am the absolutely worst behaved child on the planet
Oh man, I am so hilarious later losers
Gotcha you little stain you aren't going anywhere i'm calling your parents. They will not be happy with how rude you have been
No, no, no. No, no, no. No, I will behave is this rosie's parents?
Guess what she did today she threw eric out of the bus window then she spit on arthur for no reason. Oh, no
Oh, no, I will get a punishment today
Then she failed her math test and said a dirty word and she forced me to eat her test
Then she assaulted eric and arthur and also made me swallow a chair
Yes, the chair tasted like butts. Guess what? She also hit principal crotch with a computer
Then she farted and puked on his face. How very rude of her
And I wasn't even mean to kaylu today. This stinks
How dare you
How dare you we are so angry because you misbehaved all day again
I can't believe you threw a stool at doris's butt then you kicked me up onto our lap
We also can't believe you smashed poor eric out of a moving bus
and also
How dare you get an f minus on your math test and how dare you say bad words in class?
Make your teacher eat your test and poke eric in the eye with stinky fingers and don't forget
How dare you smash art throughout the window and also you made miss martin swallow a chair
And for the cherry on top of your diarrhea sunday, you knocked out principal crotch farted up his nose and barfed on his face
Are you sure that was me? That's a lot of offenses for one afternoon
There's no mistake. You are grounded grounded grounded for 80 trillion
850 540
4420 millennia or at least until part three. Oh and you also get a punishment young lady
Oh, no, not another punishment. What is it this time?
Looks like I really pooped the bed on this one again didn't I?
Hey, don't feel bad for me. I have tons more ways to be bad today
Wow with rosie being grounded it is so nice to just relax and enjoy the awesome view
Being up here feels so free and safe. I could just live up here
forever part three
Rosie you are the worst sister anyone on the planet could ever have
I am severely hurt but I should be okay. As long as I can just
Caillou, how dare you get hit by a car? I guess I will have to bring you back hocus pocus
Oh, wow, I am alive thank you rosie now I can just get up and do
Oh, come on. Well after I bring him back again, I can continue being the absolute worst child
the universe has ever seen ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
So I put my pants back on and everything just worked out hi kids
We are glad you're back
We have a surprise
Oh boy. Oh boy
I do love surprises
What is it mom and dad?
Well, I figured since you kids have been out of our hair today. We would all go to the zoo for some family fun
Oh my god. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah
Goody, a fun place to misbehave really badly. No, no rosie. You will not go unless you promise to be a good girl
Okay. Okay. I promise to be extra good today daddy
Let's go. Let's go
Caillou, I think I sat in bubble gum earlier is there gum stuck to my dress? Let me check
No, I can't seem to find
Any rosie that was so disgusting I can taste all the bacon you ate today
If you behave like that today you will be so so so so grounded and you will get punishments
Fine no more big farts. Let's go already
One second I forgot something
I can't wait to see all the cool animals. I'm so excited. I could poop my pants such a massive loser
This is gonna be a long ride I suppose I could always mess with caillou till we get there
What the heck are you doing
Mom rosie spit on me many times
How dare you spit on your brother repeatedly?
You better wash all that spittle off of him right now
No problem. Mom. I got this
Oh my farts and garlic rose where did kayla go
He is so clumsy. I bet he fell out the window or something. Oh my god
We have to turn around and find him
Oh, don't be such a baby you needed a bath
This should be a good parking spot. Ok, let's go enjoy the zoo
Ok guys what would you like to see first there are many animals we could see how about the tiger?
It's right over there and I like to make fun of its stripes okey-dokey then
Oh, wow, hi miss martin
I didn't expect to see you here. Oh, hello. Kayla. Nice to see you today
How did we end up in the disgusting baboon exhibit? Look at that ugly one on the bench
I see rosie is up to her usual naughtiness. Please. Try not to misbehave at the zoo today
No problem miss baboon. Oh for pete's sake
Anyway, it was nice to see you all. I have been here all day and I am very tired
I am going to take a short nap on this bench
Good day to you miss martin. Have a nice snap
Oh look rosie elephants
They are my favorite cause they're so tiny and cute. That makes no sense. But whatever, dude
Darn it. We are so far away
I wish I could get closer to one. Oh, I can totally help you out there
Is that close enough for you doris, oh my god, mom got her head stuck in an elephant's rectum
How could this have happened? Wow, she sure is clumsy, isn't she I bet she tripped and fell into there
Holy poopsicles doris, I have an idea maybe if we wait the elephant will blow a nasty fart and you will come out
I've got so much elephant poop in my mouth
Are you okay doris you look like you smell god awful
I think something hit me from behind and I flew right up at stinky butt
Rosie, did you do this? No, I can't recall that happening. Maybe it was a stranger or perhaps an angry ghost
Come on, doris. Let's get you something to eat after your traumatic experience
Hello smelly
Lady, would you like to try some delicious food stuffs? Yes, please. I will take one pizza
one soda
And one chicken wings, please
I have had a very rough day here
Okay, blue blue lady
Coming right up
I just had a hilarious idea. I will completely destroy this food stand then doris will not get to eat anything
delightfully devilish rosie
What the heck is that thing
I run all the food service at this zoo
We are all sorry for the incidents that happened today, but I have some troubling news to share with you
Oh, no
What could possibly be worse?
Well, I checked the zoo security cameras and saw that your daughter rosie spit in miss martin's mouth also
She's the one that kicked you into the elephant's butthole
I just knew it
That sounds like exactly what she would do. She also planted a bomb at the food stand and destroyed it. This is very serious
We think she should be grounded big time for this
I am sorry I just farted. So I suggest you go ground rosie before it skunks the room up and you puke
Disgusting. I like the stink of my own rancid cabbage farts
Oh my god, I can't even run away because I am so plump
Oh, no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh, no, run run. Run. Run. Run run run
Wow, what a crazy day at the zoo am I right shut up rosie
You are in such big trouble when we get home. You have no idea rosie
I can't believe you spit right in poor miss martin's mouth while she was trying to sleep. That's right
And how dare you keep me 50 yards right into an elephant's anus and how dare you blame it on ghosts?
And also blow up a food stand and some chinese man with a bomb
Yeah, and how dare you put a massive mega bomb in the security room and destroy the zoo
You are the worst kid on earth
It's so nice of you all to remember my great deeds
But I am very sorry they happened and it was all just a misunderstanding how on earth could any of that have been an accident?
Shut up, and obey me all of you. Not a chance. Rosie. Just wait till we get home
What the poop happened to the couch, oh, yeah, I burned it down when we left
How dare you how dare you how dare you burn
our couch
You are grounded grounded grounded for eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million
Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty eight decades. Kayloo
Give rosie her punishment
with pleasure, dudes
Hey stop it
No, no no, no
How am I gonna get out of this one come back soon for more naughtiness with part four rosie misbehaves the movie
grounded for eternity
Oh no, oh no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, I gotta think fast here time to save myself with the power of my fat farts
Time for part four, baby
That pathetic planet will be fine
but closely must be defeated first, or she will just blow this thing for me by
Now no. Oh no
No, no, no no no no no
Oh, hi rosie must be part 4 or she would still be grounded
Wake up wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Oh my poop rosie. Get out of here
Don't be annoying today. Mommy is tired. I said get up
That was so painful
You will be in such big trouble. If you are rude to me today. Oh, how dare you talk back to the mighty rosie
Rosie you are being terrible today already
Why can't you stop breaking my bones for five minutes?
I woke mom up
Thank you, darling
Time for some good old-fashioned misbehaven
Oh, hi, rosie, are you gonna be nice to me today? Last time you bash my face in with a vending machine?
Oh, that was a total accident. I am on my best behavior today. What do you say we go hang out?
Oh goody. I was really bored now i'm feeling super sassy. Let's go then
Oh yuck, look it's a filthy hobo be careful. He probably smells like garbage plus I bet he just farted
Careful, I just farted over here. You called it dora?
What do you want? You filthy street rat? Can I borrow three cents so I can get some wax paper?
No problem. Homeboy. Here's a nickel go get it. Loser
Sorry dora this must be done
Oh my god, that hurts my butthole so bad
Well, you're not gonna like the next part much either
Get a job rosie. I can't believe you farted in my mouth. All I can taste is poop particles
I can't survive much longer. Goodbye
Why did I not see that one coming I swear rosie you're gonna get it idiot
Oh my god
Here comes my hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot boyfriend. Kayloo
Hey dora
What's up this afternoon?
Doing anything cool. Oh, hi kayla. Didn't expect to see you here today. I am not busy right now
Dora, you are my starlight and my everything
I would like to give you your first big fat kiss right here and now oh my gravy stains
Are you serious? I have been waiting for this moment for so long
Then pucker up mama cause here it comes
Oh my god dora you smell like the dirty anus of a homeless person wait, it's rosie's fault I can explain
brush your disgusting teeth
Never call me again smelly girl
Rosie troublemaker you cost me my boyfriend
So only three of my ribs were broken by rosie today not the worst ditto I just had a fractured femur and a bruised sternum
Life goes on
What's for dinner?
Rosie that is the second time you bashed me with a fridge then why didn't you see it coming?
We didn't even know you were home, please stop assaulting us for 10 minutes at least i'm hungry boris
Well, you just destroyed the refrigerator
So we will have to go out for dinner. Oh boy. Yeah. Yeah
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, where are we going?
I think we should um go to that one place mick popeye's house of chicken belle
Well, it's not chuck e cheese's but I will accept mick popeye's house of chicken belle. They make a mean cotton candy pizza
Now where is kailu? He is coming too. I think he is with his disgusting so-called girlfriend I hear
She likes homeless people's buttholes
Guess what mom and dad me and dora almost had our first kiss but her mouth smelled like a gas station bathroom and I puked
Did it smell like bigfoot's unwashed taint?
No, not quite like that
Worse did it taste like a dirty dish rag? I found under a skunk kind of yeah, or was it a bit more like this?
Yep, that's the one good guess rosie. Okay enough goofing around everyone. Let's go out to eat
Good grief am I good at parking or what?
Hey, this is pretty nice
Nothing like a night out with the family. You be a good girl here rosie, and you can get some dessert afterwards
Oh, don't worry. I won't do anything to you guys
Welcome to our restaurant. What can I get you bumpkin?
Hello there french lady
We would like one cotton candy pizza
one soda
And one chicken wings, please. We we made a moiselle. I shall return with the foodstuffs
Oh man, I have a hilarious idea on how to misbehave here
I will go to the kitchen and poison all the food then everyone will puke so bad
May I be excused I must go to the toilet I have rancid diarrhea you were just fine a minute ago
Disgusting good god rosie that fart was so so so so so greasy hurry up and go to the bathroom
La la la I love to cook this meal will be so so so so delicious for that family
I am so good at cooking. I didn't even get any of my farts into their food this time
Oh, man. Suddenly. I have to take a big fat guy dump so badly
Time for a little bit of poison fun always carry this with me for special occasions
Time to give the disgusting americans this grizzy slop
Here you go you feel this wine eat it all up and give me all of your money
Okay, we might as well start eating till rosie gets back from the can
Tastes a tiny bit like rat poison donut
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god
Guess what I heard the snooty waitress lady saying she put rat poison in her food because she hates us
How is everyone doing so far rosie bash her into oblivion I don't understand what
Well, I guess we should go home and rest for a while now
Excuse me miss but I have some troubling news from my restaurant
Oh my god, your waitress gave us food poisoning
I'm afraid I found out from the security cameras that your daughter rosie snuck into the kitchen and poison all the pizza and wings
She did what? Yes and she blamed the waitress for it and bashed her into the earth's core
we also heard she kicked a girl named dora into a homeless man's butthole and he died how
This yes, she seems like a very very bad little girl
She is so grounded grounded grounded grounded for 999
99999 centuries and will get a bed full of spiders tonight as a punishment
The world
Hey mom, what are you watching?
mind if I join you
I am fairly bored today. Good day. Kaylu
I am just watching dora the explorer
I am sorry if it brings back painful memories, it's fine. I broke up with her and I am okay with that
She stunk so so so so so bad
Move it dorks. I am watching tv here now rosie. That is so rude of you
We were watching dora. The explorer too bad. I am gonna watch an adult film instead
Oh, no, you don't we are not watching something filthy
You are such a bad bad bad bad bad girl
Let us watch tv in peace you troublemaker
Fine have your stupid baby show. I am gonna go out
Can you believe the attitude on that kid? Who does she thinks she
That was somewhat rude of you to do
Be more polite, please. I too feel as if that was a tiny bit uncalled for
At least she left
I'm sure she won't do anything else bad today
I have a pretty hilarious idea today. I will go to where boris works and I will get him fired
so badly ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Well, well, well look what I got here. It's a little pig squeak
Rosie, I am so angry at you for making kaylu break up with me. My head still stinks so bad
Get out of my way. Mutracho. You don't want to see what I am capable of shut up you baby
Oh, wow, little kid. You just messed up real bad
Oh my god, no rosie
Okay, here is the building where boris is at work time to continue being the absolute worst behaved child in existence
Thank you for calling poop tech incorporated, my name is boris, how can I help you?
I don't know. What did it taste. Like don't forget about the big meeting in a minute. Boris. I'll be right there. Jimmy
Ouch, okay. Now I hide unconscious boris in here while I go get my super secret robot boris
First it's time to test the vocal function
I am boris. I love to sniff my own butthole
Perfect. Nobody will notice a thing. It's showtime roboborus
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hey boris, are you on your way to the important business meeting? I am boris. I love to sniff my own butthole
Welcome everybody. Today's meeting is about how we can turn efficiency around this quarter
I'm sure you all have ideas on our bottom line as well
I put up some fantastic numbers this year. I think you will agree
Yes, it was impressive
Boris, what do you think of your performance?
I am boris. I love to sniff my own butthole
Ewa boris. We don't talk that way in this office. I love to sniff butts, too, but I keep that private
This meeting sucks. Come on, man. Stop being so rude
I hate all of you. I will destroy this officer
Time for me to make my escape
Wow my head hurts what happened
Boris anderson get into my office immediately. You're in big big big big big big trouble what the poop is going on here
Oh my god boris you are in such big trouble
Mike told me about how you were rude at the board meeting
What on earth are you talking about? You talked about sniffing your butthole, then you knocked out and zapped your fellow workers
Also, you set fire to the building
No, no. No, I was knocked out. Also, I don't know what happened
You also kept sherry 3000 feet out the window your fire fired fired fired fired fired
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Thank goodness is gone
Hi mom bye mom
Hello, yes, this is doris
Oh my fluppin gosh, I will be right over there
I came as fast as I could
It smells like fart in here
Don't worry about that doris. We have some troubling news. I just fired boris for destroying the meeting room
Oh, no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no
Don't worry. He is no longer fired take a look at this security footage I ran across
Rosie built a fake boris to ruin his meeting and get him fired
That is so like her to do
Boy, your daughter seems like a huge piece of trash
I'm the worst. I am the worst. I am the worst. I got you this time young lady you are in for it now
Oh, I see you finally figured out. My little scheme. Boris was so fired
Guess what doris I got my job
Boris, are you all right?
Rosie you are in so so so so so so so so so so so much trouble uh-oh. I don't like where this is going
Not only did you try to get me fired, but you have been the absolute worst to everyone lately. That's right
Rosie, you have beaten us all up several times
You are a horrible sister
Rosie, you have ruined so many lives
Also, I just had to poop out all of your furniture and my butt hurts
your actions are
Inexcusable we shall not tolerate your misbehavior any longer rosie
You are hereby banished to another dimension for all eternity
Josie for your crimes urgency or creation
You are sentenced to eternity in limbo. Goodbye forever youth monster
You can't lock me away forever. I am the worst on earth and I will return
Hello anyone there
Oh, no, it finally happened I was so bad that I was banished forever
What the poop am I gonna do now, if only I wasn't so mean
Is this how my story ends how sad
The yes things happening like white has been defeated
now when I conquered their planet close and I bring my left sword volatile my spin hope
Oh my god, what the heck is going on here it looks like an invasion from an evil alien genre
Oh my god, run run run run run run run for my master's plan I shall
Oh dear lord, we need to somehow get rosie back so we can get some wax paper
Careful I just farted over here can I borrow three cents so I can get some wax paper?
It has been many hours since the evil commander speaks attacked us
All over half of the entire population have been transformed into stinky bombs
They smell like farts and we hate them, but we can do nothing to stop it
Those who have not yet become fizzy street hearts hide out and hope other mutual cops
Well, I am happy we didn't turn into homeless people yet, but the news says we will very soon
Yes, and I feel bad for kailu
He transformed immediately
All he does is beg me for money. It's irritating I suppose it's better than being dead
Hey mom, and dad you think maybe I can borrow 17 cents. Oh my god
Will you leave me alone already? I understand i'll ask again in a little while. Oh, brother
This is awful. I can't believe rosie was the only thing keeping that alien from taking over us
Nowhere to go nothing to do nobody to be mean to
Boy, I wish I could take back all the terrible things. I did I would do anything to make it right again
Whoa, wait a minute. What is that?
I am your guardian angel I am here for
Did you hear what I was saying
Do you truly regret misbehaving so badly? Do you really wish to change it all back?
Of course not I would do even worse things if I could I am the worst child in existence
Oh my god that tasted like diarrhea and gold french fries beer i'm your own you little fart stain shout out butt liquor
Oh, whatever maybe somebody out there will find a way to bring me back but for now I gotta fart again
Well doris I checked the neighboring houses
It's no use they are all hobos. I have an idea maybe if I call 9-1-1 somebody can help us
Hello, this is doris. Anderson. We need immediate assistance at her house doris
Can I have some money i'm running dangerously low on wax paper
Darn it there at the police station, too. That's it. Come on. We're gonna do this ourselves. Where are we going?
To the ancient temple. We may find our answers there
Hurry up
And don't let them touch you they smell
Oh, hello, you look like you have money
Could you people spare seven cents? I could totally go for some wax paper
I just can't believe how easy this was with rosie. Got the body that possibly stopped me
And now it just under three more hours every last
Do you know where we are going boris I think so the temple is in the deepest part of the forest
Let's hope nothing spooky is waiting for us in here
Oh god, it's a monster
I'll set it on fire
Great shot. Now. Let's just stomp on it until it stops moving
Okay, we did it that terrible beast can't hurt us anymore
In here lies the secrets to bringing rosie back to us be careful I bet there's a lot of spoopy stuff in there
Oh, no
It really is super spooky down here
I am very frightened, but we are nearly there
Oh well
This must be the place
I'll check out that ancient looking book on the altar. I will see if there is anything else useful in here
Let's see
Here according to this. We only need a couple of things to bring someone back from purgatory
I found some old bottles of dr. Pepper back here
What do we need to find?
The book says we first need to go outside and bring back some wax paper
We were too late. Oh, hello. You look like you have money. Um, no, I
Don't goodbye
What on earth do I do now?
I may change into a stinky hobo at any moment
I can still do this
Okay, it says I need to bring someone back here and make a sacrifice on the floor
Then I must take a big huge poop all over that sacrifice and say the magic words
Boris you stay here. I am gonna go grab a filthy homeless guy to sacrifice
Who cares if I sacrifice one of those? Could you people spare seven cents?
I could totally go for some
You'll do fine. Let's go
Oh hello
All right now step one
I gotta sacrifice this gross bum
But how do I go about that?
Maybe like this
That should do it now on to step two taking a gigantic poop on the sacrifice
And now I gotta say 300 magic words
gruff nips
Oh my god, somebody is using the ancient magic to bring rosy back from the other side
Jumbo bumbo fit my bip the jangles skipper stickers
Oh, yes, what will happen
I was protecting you all from here. Rosie. Welcome back struck that ever
Oh, no
You are the alien commander
I just finished saying the last magic wars
Rosie will soon come back and fight for us
She fights for the body, but first off I will destroy you before she ends back
Then I will radicate this world
I hope you shall avenge me
Wait a second. What the heck is that?
What the poopsicles i'm back i'm back, baby
Doris what is going on here?
Oh god. Nope. She fought a bunch. My head is so hard. I'll kill you you alien butthole?
Boris you brave little hobo even though you failed. Miserably you tried to save me
But I never walked it was a little wax paper
This is the end of the line for me and boris
You must go after him
Only you can fart in his mouth and jam things up his butt hole
But I need both of you. I need people to be mean to and break their bones. My time is up rosie. Please avenge us
I am the most powerful being on earth. Hey alien scumbag
I am gonna fart right up your nose and find a way to bring everyone back you'd best be ready for me
Somebody get me out of here they are so annoying. Oh, wow, it's miss martin. Maybe she can tell me what's happened
What the butthole is going on in this town miss martin, oh my god rosie, is that really you you look like
You've grown up so suddenly
Who else but rosie would do this?
Yep, it's you all right
So what is that hold on one more
Okay, rosie what happened to you, I don't have time to explain but I do have super powers now what happened
Well, as soon as you were banished between dimensions an evil alien named spiggs popped into the sky
He took over almost instantly and look at the mess he has made
Hummus bums everywhere exactly spiggs shot the town with the laser that turned almost all of us into hobos
They never stop begging for loose change. It sucks
All I know is that she pigs killed both boris and doris and I assume caillou is just another hobo person
What would you do now? I am gonna fly up there and absolutely obliterate him
What was that
Yeah, that was pretty fun, but now here I come to pigs ready or not
This must be where that alien butt liquor is hiding oakish pigs get ready to eat poopie
Well, it looks like the had come at last I must face my worst fear
Regents rosie. I did not twitch to have to fight you, but I had no choice prepare to lose yourself
Oh, I won't lose anything to such a pathetic alien
Are you kidding me? Oh you're in for it now?
What's going on I don't feel nearly as powerful as I should
Stupid my spaceship is training all your super powers. You are dudes discare
Coming here was your biggest mistake you came into my death trap perfectly
I can't beat him in this weekend state. I have to find a way to fight him outside the ship
Gotta hide for now
Well, well, well this is where shpix keeps his supply of beans
Oh, i've got a hilarious idea on how to get him off this ship
Oh man, I can feel the power of the beans filling my colon with fart energies now I hide until he comes by
Wait a minute, where are all my friends?
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, that's right stupid. I farted you up like a balloon
Oh brother are you in for it now? Oh god. Nope. She didn't find a bunch my hand is so
You invaded my planet you killed boris and doris you transform my people into hobos
You are the worst creature in the universe. And guess what?
It's punishment day
Want some more
Oh my god
Now you will know what true suffering is
Say goodbye to your butthole
Oh god, no, my straight cold hurts
so fast
Maybe you should have bought a smaller spaceship, huh? Oh, yeah, baby
I am the baddest girl alive. I beat the commander now time to get back to earth
Careful I just pushed people spare
Holy crap, I forgot to change everyone back before I destroyed the spaceship
Oh, no, what am I gonna do? It was all for nothing. I destroyed the invader, but I didn't save anybody
I feel like I am lost in limbo. Again. This is the end
Rosie I have returned to you in your hour of hopelessness
Even though you farted in my mouth, which made me barf, and you kicked me
Please help me. I didn't want it to end this way
What can I possibly do there is only one way to make things right again
You must cast aside your demigod powers in front of all of the hobos at once
Give up my powers. How do I do that? And how do I do it for everyone at the same time?
That is up to you to decide
Now go and meet your destiny yuck your breath reeks
Okay, this is my last chance and I think I know just how to gather all the bums in one place
This is finally it it's show time
This goes out to all you filthy bombs i perate
Some people call me a trouble maker I always hear that im just a problem child
Wax paper

Oh my god, rosie we are so proud of you
Giving up all your powers and restoring the balance of good is very noble of you
Rosie, you are ungrounded ungrounded ungrounded ungrounded
What a good girl today
Thanks everyone I had fun being bad. But I am glad to see everyone is alive again. Oh hi caillou
Hey, has anybody seen arthur? I can't find him since we all changed back
Probably somewhere stupid who cares about him
Don't worry I learned all about resuscitating people. All I gotta do is blow air into his lungs
Ain't hi a stinker rosie get back here. You are grounded grounded grounded grounded

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