Join IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, in the kitchen this morning to see what’s cooking for breakfast! Spoiler alert: It’s not Eggs & Oats this time. Watch to see the foods …
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– Muscle and Strength, what's
up, it's Sadik Hadzovic
and I'm gonna show you
what this bodybuilder
eats for breakfast.
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So today's a little unique
because I'm sure you guys are way tired
of seeing oatmeal and egg whites.
It seems like that's a staple
in every body builder's diet.
But today I'm switching it up
Imma give you guys some variety,
so check this out.
So we got on the menu today,
we got egg whites, steak
and red potato.
What I'm doing right
now is a baseline diet.
I'm trying to assess where my body is.
So I'm giving myself a moderate
amount of carbs, protein
and fats throughout the entire day,
just to see which way my body goes,
am I getting fuller?
Am I getting stronger?
Weaker? Or flatter?
So we're gonna really use this diet
to assess where we're at.
I'm gonna get five ounces of potatoes
and I think we have just enough.
Yep, five ounces on the dot.
Four ounces of red meat.
What I have here is top sirloin sliced up,
already pre cooked.
Last thing I wanna do in the
morning is fire up the grill.
The last thing I wanna
do when I wake up is,
you're already so tired,
you're already gotta cook your meal,
I don't wanna go outside fire the grill,
broil my raw potatoes,
had this already go in
the beginning of the week.
All right, four ounces of red meat.
We're gonna chop this up.
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I used to eat eggs and
oatmeal like everybody else
in the bodybuilding world
but since I trained so early,
I noticed that my energy on eggs
and oatmeal wasn't so great.
So when I get to the gym
I would fatigue quick,
really wouldn't have the
same oomph in my workout.
So that's why I really like red meat.
Red meat, you get a lot of fats,
it's loaded with keratin
and the red potatoes just
hit my system way faster,
than oatmeal does.
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Alright, so since I have this pre made,
we're gonna heat this up,
while we get the eggs cooking up.
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I am separating the
egg white and the yolk.
So what we're after here is
we're gonna do four egg whites
and one whole egg.
Obviously the whole egg contains the yolk,
the yolk contains the fat,
that's what we want.
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My stomach is making all
types of noises right now.
I'm starving.
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So, I started bodybuilding when I was 18
and at first I had my mom make my food
for the first two weeks
and I felt so horrible.
Having my mom cook my meals,
I'm 18 years old for Christ's sake .
So, I just learned quick on how to cook,
eating some very dry ass chicken,
over cooked eggs, over cooked steak.
And so eventually I figured
out what I was doing.
I still don't know what I'm doing
but luckily bodybuilders
we don't eat for tastes,
we eat for performance.
It would be ideal if you
had the best of both worlds
but not everyone has that skill.
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Alright guys, well let me
finish this meal in peace
but listen, I wanna
thank you for watching.
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Peace out.
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