Shortbreads are one of the easiest and delicious shortbread biscuits. We can make this beautiful shortbreads with only a few basic ingredients. Ingredients: …
Scottish shortbreads are one of the
easiest and delicious biscuits that we can
make in our kitchen the simplicity of
these biscuits makes them wonderful they
are buttery milky mildly sweet and
crispy and flaky and they melt into your
mouth and we can make this beautiful
shortbread cookies with only a few basic
ingredients sugar butter flour and salt
this traditional Scottish a shortbread
recipes are so easy to follow and the
secret behind perfect shortbread cookie
is the proportion in which these three
ingredients are combined so we need a
sugar butter and flour in the ratio 1 is
to 2 is to 3 that is if we are taking
hundred grams of sugar we need 200 grams
of butter and 300 grams of love
so let's start with the flour here in
this recipe we are using 1/3 part of the
flour as a corn flour or corn starch
that will gave that Melt in mouth texture
as well as that a pale golden color to
our cookies I'm also adding a pinch of
salt to enhance the flavor and give it a
good whisk to make sure everything is
evenly distributed and keep it inside
now let's start making the cookie dough
let's start by creaming the butter and
the sugar the butter should be cold to
touch but warm enough to spread and we
can use either powdered sugar or fine
granulated sugar like this we can use a
hand mixer or stand mixer to do this or
it is perfectly fine to combine them
together using a wooden spoon
now we got that buttercream and now
let's sift in the flour mix into this
gradually mixing briefly between each
and at this point it may not seem like a
dough it may seem dry and crumbly
now let's transfer this onto a clean
work surface and I'm using my hands to
form the crumbs in to a massive dough
and we don't need to knead or over mix a
dough over mixing or kneading can cause
the gluten formation which can result in
tough cookies so just a squish and re squish, to get a shape it is so much
fun and easy making this dough and
shaping those cookies now we got a
little shape and let's roll it into a
sheet which is about one centimeter in
thickness and if the butter sticks to rolling pin, let that dough sit in
refrigerator for six to ten minutes or
until the butter firms up and continue
here I'm using a parchment paper to lay
over the dough while rolling to prevent
any chance of the dough sticking to the
rolling pin
now we can cut them into any shape that
we want to by hand or by using a cookie
we can use this leftover parts we can
roll it again and cut them into
different shapes or we can take a small
portion of it roll it into a small round
ball and using a fork press lightly to
get this beautiful butter cookie shape
this dough is enough to make 22 to 23
you can use a fork to prick the cookie
dough this allows the steam to escape
and prevent the shortbread from bubbling
as it bakes baking shortbreads at the
right temperature it's important to get
that right crispness and that pale golden
we need to bake them at a lower
temperature for a longer time that is
325 Fahrenheit for 25 to 30 minutes
shortbread cookies will be slightly soft
as they come out of the oven be sure to
let that shortbread cool in the pan for
10 minutes
this gave that delicate cookie a chance
to firm up a bit and then transfer this
onto a cooling rack and let it cool down
completely a few more things to share
with you so that you can go more
creative with your wonderful ideas in
this recipe we have used a 1/3 part of
flour as corn flour you can also make
this a shortbread with 100% all-purpose
flour or plain flour and in some
traditional Scottish shortbread recipe
they use 1/3 part of flour as a rice
flour to get that granulated gritty
crunchy texture or you can add one third
part as a powdered oats which can give a
more coarse texture to your cookies as
well as it will add more fiber content
to our cookies also you can add one
third part of our cookies with a roughly
chopped or cashew nuts or with almond
flour which can give a nice and nutty
flavor to our cookies and also you can
add flavors of your choice a teaspoon of
vanilla extract a teaspoon of ground
cinnamon or finely chopped rosemary
leaves or fresh lavender flowers or some
caraway seeds or coffee powder or
anything that you've loved so enough you
can create your own a favorite a
shortbread cookie recipe and you can
make this easy tasty shortbread cookies
in less than one hour and you can
surprise your family with these little
merry boosters so I hope you will try
this a shortbreads at home and I'm
sure you beloved and I hope you found
this recipe simple and easy and if you
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