In this video we will help you understand the shocking side effects of using apple cider vinegar or acv. We will also tell you how to use ACV properly. Please …
ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular folk
remedy for good reason.
dunrefined ACV contains a cobweb-like amino
acid-based substance found in unprocessed,
unfiltered vinegar which offers many health
However, ACV can make your stomach lining
flare up like Fourth of July fireworks, deteriorating
it over time.
ACV’s acid content can have a harsh effect
on the mucus membranes of skin in the mouth
and throat.
It can also cause detrimental effects to the
stomach lining.
It can even cause burns of the mouth, throat
and serious heartburn.
The stomach lining degrades over time when
people take ACV every day, and can lead to
the development of bad bacterial infections
like H.pylori, due to the overly acidic environment
which is created.
Those little buggers love an acidic stomach!
The regular use of Apple Cider Vinegar can
also cause low potassium levels, an important
electrolyte that helps nerves communicate
in our bodies.
So how do you take ACV safely, without causing
permanent stomach lining damage?
– Don’t take Apple Cider Vinegar every day.
– Only take ACV watered down significantly,
and when you feel a cold of flu coming on.
– Never take ACV if you suffer from heartburn,
or esophageal discomfort such as in hiatal
– Brush your teeth immediately after drinking
it to avoid decreasing your tooth enamel.
– Concentrate on changing your body’s pH
by eating more alkaline foods, getting exercise
and staying physically fit.
– If you take ACV, make sure to supplement
with potassium-rich foods like winter squash,
white beans, or bananas.
ACV can boost your health, but for certain
conditions, it can make things worse.
Know when to take it, and when to skip it
to stay in top shape.

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