Join Harsh and Subah through an exciting journey of finding thief #2: SUGAR! Watch what just 1 teaspoon of sugar does inside your body and how kids are …
I’m so happy
Not only did we catch the dead food
thief, but even sent him to jail
Now we’re completely safe!
If you haven’t yet seen our dead food video,
then do watch it right after this video
Even I had a lot of fun catching the thief
Harsh! What is that noise?
Subah, looks like another thief has come
Another thief?
Woah! Looks like we just received
some clues to catch this thief
1st clue – this thief is usually white in appearance, but also comes in brown these days
2nd clue – this thief makes us its slave
3rd clue – this thief traps us with its sweetness
Who is this thief?
Whoever it is, sounds like a big troublemaker!
I think this thief is definitely bread
It comes in both colours – white and brown.
Wrong answer!
No Subah! Bread isn’t sweet
Got it! This thief is sugar
Right answer!
Sugar. Such a dangerous thief
We should stay completely away from this thief
But Harsh, what's the problem with having it sometimes?
After all, we should do everything in moderation
To understand this “sometimes”,
we spoke to a kid just like you
Let’s see what we found out
Hi Gian!
On an average day, how much sugar do you eat?
Sugar? I just have it sometimes
Okay. Could you tell us what you eat in a day?
The first thing I drink after waking up is a glass of milk
Mom mixes Bournvita in it of course
For breakfast, I eat a bowl of cornflakes
Oh yes! I do mix a little bit of sugar in it
Then while studying, I just have 1 or 2 biscuits
Before going to play football in the
evening, I drink a glass of Glucon D
While watching TV, I have a vegetable sandwich
Along with it, I have some ketchup and some chips
At night, sometimes I have a cold-drink, sometimes an ice cream
So basically, I just have 2-3 spoons of sugar in a day
Now did you understand what
this “sometimes” means?
In the name of this “sometimes”, we’re
eating almost 21 spoons of sugar every day
Forget 21. Let's see what just 1 spoon
of sugar can do inside your body
As soon as it enters your body, it finds its first target –
your teeth
Your teeth are the strongest parts of your body
But this thief attacks it so hard, so
hard, that it ends up creating cavities
As we keep eating more and more sugar, the
cavities keep going deeper and deeper
Eventually, we’re forced to remove our teeth
After destroying our teeth, this
sugar moves to its second target –
your stomach
Do you know what it does to your stomach?
It sets fire to it and causes gas and stomach pain inside
That’s how this tiny sugar thief slowly
starts destroying every organ one by one
It attacks your pancreas and gives you Diabetes
It goes to your brain and steals your intelligence
This sugar even reaches your skin
and creates many holes in it
This leads to pimples and eczema
In the end, it goes and sticks inside your
intestines and makes its home there
And sometimes, it doesn’t leave your body for years
This causes our weight to increase and
we become fat in our childhood itself
And if we don’t stop eating it on time, it can lead
to even more serious diseases like cancer
Imagine. How dangerous just one
spoon of sugar can be for your body!
Not just this, this sugar can even melt your bones
Don’t believe us? Come let’s take a look
We took a tooth and dropped it in a bottle of Coke
Do you know how much sugar
is in one bottle of Coca Cola?
9 teaspoons of sugar
After a few days, when we removed the
tooth, do you know what happened to it?
The tooth that was once super strong had
now softened after remaining in the Cola,
and even started to break easily
Do you know why this happened?
If we don’t stop eating sugar or foods containing sugar,
then very soon our teeth will start to look like this
Now imagine – if this sugar
can do this to your teeth,
then what it must be doing inside your body!
I can’t even imagine!
I always thought that eating it every
now and then isn’t a problem
But today, I understood how dangerous
even a little bit of sugar is for us
Yes! Another name for sugar is SLOW POISON
That means, sugar is a kind of
a poison that kills us slowly
But I didn’t understand one thing.
How does sugar make us its slave?
Good question. Sugar has certain properties that
makes us want to eat it MORE and MORE and MORE
Are you ever satisfied with just one bite of chocolate?
No. It starts with one bite, and within a few
minutes, we finish the whole chocolate
Very soon, we start eating one chocolate every day
Why? Because sugar is addictive
It makes us its slave
We have to remember one thing –
we cannot eat sugar in moderation
So the next time someone says – “Surely
you can eat sugar sometimes right?”
Ask them – “Will you ever eat poison sometimes?"
Today, so many companies are
taking advantage of this sugar addiction
They add sugar to everything, even to those things
that should never be sweet in the first place
like bread, cornflakes, ketchup, noodles and chips
Why? So that we keep eating more, more, and more!
And they can take more money from us
Do you know what these companies did when
they were caught adding so much sugar?
What did they do?
They started using other names
of sugar on the packets,
such as Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose,
Maltose, Molasses, Brown Sugar
Whatever the name is, it’s the same dirty thief
You’re absolutely right!
Okay, what about those products
that are certified “100% sugar free”?
It’s not 100% sugar free, but a 100% way to trap us
If they’re not adding sugar, then they’re adding
other chemicals that are just as poisonous as sugar
We can’t give our health to these companies
Children, we’d like to share
something with you alone now
This poisonous truth of sugar may
not even be known to your parents
So it’s your responsibility now
to save your family from this thief
As soon as this video ends, you must
drive away this thief from your house
How? By putting it where it
belongs – straight in the toilet
Whew! Looks like we got rid of this thief for good
Now what do we do to celebrate
when we want to eat something sweet?
Don’t worry! Just like how every movie has a hero
and a villain, our kitchen also has some heroes
Nature has gifted us with some sweeteners that are sweet like sugar, but never steal anything from us
These sweeteners are jaggery and dates
From now on, whatever you would add sugar
to, replace with jaggery or dates
But what about our biscuits,
chocolates and ice-creams?
These come ready-made
It’s so hard to live without them
We can make tastier versions of all of them ourselves
Instead of these poisonous chocolates,
have a chocolate smoothie bowl
Instead of these sugary ice-creams, have
an ice-cream made with coconut and dates
Instead of having cornflakes for breakfast,
have a platter full of your favourite fruit
Instead of these dangerous cold
drinks, have fresh home-made juice
We’ve shared a special gift for you
in the description box below –
Free Food Book for Kids
In this book, we’ve shared lots of tasty recipes that you can make without sugar, using only dates and jaggery,
such as ice-creams, smoothies,
chocolate cakes and ladoos
Do you want to know a secret?
Desserts made with jaggery and dates are actually
much tastier than desserts made with dirty sugar
Don’t believe it? Let’s hear from some of my friends
Hi guys! My name is Divam Rakhecha. I am 5 years old
Hi, I am Senorita Sahu
Hi, my name is Kabir and I turned 12 this week
I quit sugar to become more powerful
Now I don’t consume sugar at all
And this was a huge change in my life
Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought, and
here I am completing one year without sugar
If you want to be happy and energetic
like me, then you should quit sugar
I hope you enjoy quitting sugar and I hope it’s fun
I think sugar’s just really bad for you,
so just stop! Just stop, literally!
Jaggery and dates are right!
But sugar is wrong! Sugar is wrong!
Sugar is wrong!
Sugar is poison!
I have quit sugar, have you?
We have already quit sugar. Have you?
Come children! Let's be the generation
who brings a change in this world
Come children! Let's be the generation who removes lies from this world
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