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In this video you will discover the top symptoms
associated with low stomach acid.
Many people have low stomach acid symptoms.
This is estimated at 1 in 4 people have this
issue and they live day to day with a lot
of really uncomfortable symptoms. So people
run off to their doctors, they get some sort
of medication that covers it up. The biggest
problem is they don’t get to the root.
When you don’t get to the root cause you
open the door to a lot more serious health
conditions to present. So we have to make
sure we’re getting to the root cause. And
that’s what I’m going to teach you in
this video.
We’re going to talk about the symptoms associated
with low stomach acid. We’re also going
to talk about why it’s happening. Why is
it happening in the first place? And then
what to do about it. Some of the best methods.
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Now let's go ahead and dive right in to some
of the top low stomach acid symptoms.These
are the major ones. We’ll go from the top
to the ones people don’t normally experience
as much.
So first of all heartburn, burping, bloating,
and gas. This basically all combine together
is referred to as indigestion. It’s estimated
that 1 in 4 have this issue. When you have
this issue low stomach acid is a major issue
for you. The good news is that you could actually
decrease your stomach acid pretty easily and
very safely. And so you know if your someone
who suffers from this. Be aware that this
is something that is not that hard to turn
Here’s some other symptoms associated with
low stomach acid. IBS like symptoms. Basically
you go through bouts of diarrhea. You go through
constipation. You have urgence and needing
to run to the bathroom. It’s a big problem
for people who are just trying to live normal
lives. A lot of people have IBS.
Bad Breath, undigested food in your stool.
If this is you, you’ll know because your
food comes out looking a lot like it did when
you eat it. Now the other things is difficult
bowel movements. Next is a sense of fullness
during and after meals. You’re also going
to have difficulty digesting your food. And
this is just this whole thing, when it comes
to digestion your stomach acid is so important
because it can even cause nutritional deficiencies.
So when you’re stomach acid is low it doesn’t
trigger certain process to take place. For
instance, the release of enzymes to help you
digest your food properly. So you’re getting
the nutrient deficiency. Hard to digest your
food.Food sitting in your stomach like a complete
rock are very uncomfortable. So some of these
top symptoms are things that we really need
to watch out for. Now let's talk about why
is it happening. Now there's a lot of reasons
it can happen depending on you as an individual
its going to be different for every single
person. Now age is the first one. How old?
So typically, as you age your stomach acid
will become lower. Typically after the age
of 50, it starts to decline a little bit.
So we just have to be aware of this.
No the next major issue is going to be chronic
stress. Now when we look at stress, as a whole
lot of people are under stress and there under
chronic stress causing low stomach acid. That
can also lead to problems like ulcers and
take things a little further. But just know
if you’re someone under a lot of stress
and you're having these symptoms well then
this is probably something you’ll want to
look into.
Medication is another big issue. So many people
who are on medications specifically proton
pump inhibitors (PPI) that are going to cause
issues here.
Surgeries like gastric bypass s which a lot
of people have undergone can cause low stomach
acid and a lot of complications and a lot
of symptoms here. Vitamin deficiency, now
this is interesting because kind of comes
down to what was first. Was it the low stomach
acid or was it the vitamins deficiency. And
really who knows. It's hard to tell and really
when we look at vitamin deficiencies associated
with low stomach acid you’ll have problems
with B-vitamins typically and also zinc. So
you have to be aware of that. And also let
me tell you that if you want to learn more
about gut health in general, be sure to check
out a playlist I did. I’ll link it in the
corner and in the description below because
if you have low stomach acid you maybe having
some other symptoms you really need to watch
out for. Next here is infections. The worse
infection that you could get that’s going
to cause your symptom acid to become lower
is H-pylori. And typically if one person in
the house gets it everybody gets it. It could
be brought in from your pets. Who knows how
you got it in particular, but either way if
you have an H-pylori infection it will lower
your stomach acid. It will also even cause
ulcers in many cases do we have to make sure
we we’re working to reverse that.
Now when it comes to actually increasing your
stomach acid there’s some nutrients you
can actually use that are so effective and
they’re very research proven as well. And
so you can look to things like glutamic acid,
pepcid. Also Betaine HCL. Those all work very
well, I use it in my clinic and people see
great results with it. Now if you actually
want to use the one I use clinically I’ll
put it in the description link below. It’s
professional grade. It also has clinical relevant
dosing in it. It works well with lots of great
reviews on it. So I’ll put that in the description.
But using these different natural nutrients
really is the way to go about solving this
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