In dem heutigen Beitrag widmet sich Dr. Wiechert einem sehr verbreiteten Symptom – dem Sodbrennen. Doch oftmals ist hier nicht etwa eine zu starke …
Hello and welcome to our next episode!
Last time I told you "it will burn next week", so today it burns!
Fire in gullet and stomach region – a quite agonizing situation.
Unlike in other situations, there is not a simple way to ease the pain.
It is sharp, burning, piercing, cramping – really bad.
We need to know where it comes from.
So, let's get started!
Heartburn is a sign of an inflamed gullet.
Dr. med. Dirk Wiechert – General practitioner – causal, holistic, natural
Heartburn –
Fire inside the chest
Heartburn does not always have to "burn".
In some cases you might only feel a constant urge to clear your throat,
because of gastric acid coming up, stimulating the vocal folds and leading to hoarseness.
This might only happen at night while you are lying in bed.
One of the tips I got back then during my studies was to put a brick under the bed's head,
so you'll be in an inclined position and the gastric acid has to go uphill, which will reduce it a bit.
Since the bed is inclined as a whole, you avoid the problem of "being bended" and getting back pain.
Moreover, it can help to lie on the left side since the greater curvature of the stomach can take the gastric acid
and they won't come up that easily.
However, we also know that an increased production or reduced decline of histamine,
as well as eating a lot of histamine-containing food
can close the pylorus, which then opens the gullet (gastric acid enters the gullet).
Another issue is the Angle of His which is the acute angle between cardia and gullet, preventing acid from entering the gullet.
If a person is overweight or lying in a bad position, that angle opens up.
That might not be wrong, however, many slim people are suffering from heartburn
whereas many thick people don't.
Thus, we need to relativize that as well.
But the histamine can in fact be relevant.
If the stomach does not open up at the bottom, the gullet relaxes and the gastric acid production increases,
this acid needs to go someplace.
And its only option is to go up – leading to heartburn.
Moreover, (as gastroscopies show) it can cause burns inside the gullet,
metaplasia of the epithelium, early stages of cancer, or scarring.
The gullet can also become shorter and then make the Angle of His more obtuse, which also doesn't improve the situation.
Moreover, the Barrett's esophagus can also be an early stage of esophageal cancer.
These are all things which you should not take too easy,
but you should clarify with a doctor and then adjust your eating behaviour –
less histamine, no spicy food, less alcohol.
Especially high-proof alcohol – if you want to drink, choose something lighter, like beer.
And as usual, the dose makes the poison.
What else contains histamine?
Everything smoked, air-dried, fermented (like pickles), and yeast-related,
solanums, balsamic vinegar, nuts, chocolate – these are the things you should avoid.
You also need to consider that nutritional values usually refer to 100 g.
Parmesan cheese might contain a lot of histamine, but you would only use about 10 g.
Some other food might contain less, but you eat 200 g of it, thus, more histamine than you thought.
These are aspects you need to consider.
I already uploaded a video about histamine on my channel a while ago.
If you would like to deepen your knowledge on the subject, check out the video – it is not more than five minutes.
An inflammation of the gullet can also cause an eosinophilic reaction.
The eosinophils, a certain kind of granulocytes, are accumulating.
These granulocytes can be stained with eosin, which is what they are named after.
Eosinophils correlate with potential allergies.
If you increased the IgE antibodies, there should normally be eosinophils in the differential blood as well.
Same goes for parasites, since it is another major function of these cells to combat them.
Now, if you start to feel it in your gullet and you react negatively to certain food,
it won't get better but worse with time
– since you like to eat the same things again and again because you like it so much.
This leads to pharyngeal troubles, it feels as if the food gets stuck in your throat.
You will chew for hours just to salivate, you need a lot of time, you start to avoid dry food.
I highly recommend you to get that checked by a gastroenterologists, take samples and let a histologist check for eosinophils.
You can get treatment and, most important, you can change your choice of aliments.
It is of course possible to suppress it with anti-inflammatory substances and pretend nothing is wrong.
However, it is crucial to find out what you are allergic to and why,
to then adjust your diet.
You cannot fill diesel oil in a gasoline engine and vice versa.
Thus, if you realize that certain food is not good for you, you should not fill yourself with it
– however tasty it may be.
You simply have to accept that.
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