‘Captain Jack(son)’ is BACK – but this time, in space. Can he safely navigate the cold void and safely deliver the crew of the Excess? It’s not looking good.
hello good afternoon welcome
back to Play Station access my
name is Dave although obviously
today I must insist it's a
matter of respect captain
Captain Jackson please Captain
Jackson of of I don't know
actually I'm not sure sure
I'm not sure who were working to
someone said Big Dave right away
and I got
a I haven't done I haven't I
haven't set up big day and I'm
just going to hope
whoo it's Works hello everybody
how is everybody doing
today welcome to Play Station
access thank you for joining me
it's so good to see so many
people here in the chat or ready
I've seen all of a bath I've
seen Lucy so be
I've seen Troy I'm seeing Alex
who says hi Captain good Start
thank you very much Marion is
here Sarah without the
aah JH H sorry sir Jason Corbin
yes captain the USS axis access
my goodness me I just can't
speak today
I'm so sorry Nicky Saudi says
USS access which is actually a
pretty good show I don't know
why I didn't go with that hello
she's Anakin good to see you big
Dave says
Casey Wonder 99 High they've not
General Jackson says Brian
Divine well not yet not yet so
I should explain hello there's a
lots of hellos hello hello
Domino's here yeah Captain going
to go down with this ship says
Domino thanks Domino that's the
sort of love and support have
come to expect from you
but you're mistaken because it's
not that kind of ship it's a
spaceship and in space there is
no down the everywhere is every
direction is every Direction
sat right I don't know if
there's no down anyway not until
we get near a planet then if
they're then I suppose I could
very much be going down with the
ship hello hello hello we're
playing space crew this
afternoon I'm going to play for
about an hour and a half and and
hopefully it will be a lot of
fun I don't know if anybody
caught the Bomber Crew
stream which maybe was I don't
know two years ago now space
crew is made by the same people
it's I guess it's not a sequel
because I don't think there's
any Cannon involved but it's
made by the same people when
it's very much the same
idea although with some really
good updates I think Rob
is here hello Rob or should I
say in fact
Roberts good you're here um
should I say security officer
Pearson so we are look I should
go too small minimal
Dave let me remember how to do
that that's right there we are
I'm a professional animal
day this is my space crew you
will see all of accesses are
present let's let's take a
closer look here's captain David
Jackson I haven't unlocked any
glasses yet so
you'll have to just imagine my
glasses and at that moment
you'll see if I show you you I
you me without a helmet you'll
see oh it's the spit is the
absolute spit of David Jackson
Captain Jackson he's just not
wearing his glasses don't need
glasses in space we've got
a Communications officer Millman
welcome aboard – good to have
you with us we've got engineer
caddock I've
struggled with Rosie's hair the
most I've got I'm not going to
lie Rosie I don't think I've
done you justice I don't think
she's watching right now so
that's good good hello to yam
Peter in Finland I love just it
you have ever watched a stream
you'll know I love just calling
out where people are in the
world whether it's true or not
I'm believing heater is in
Finland and it's really really
good to hear from you hope
things are going well over there
we got as far as this is quite a
good likeness if you've you know
down I'm quite pleased with it
he's got the same hair as me in
space crew at least
and some dance or it took me
ages there because I know that
I've made Nathan I've made him
Gunnery chief Dan he couldn't be
Gunnery Chief as well
I didn't want him just to be
gonna so he's Dancin Dan or I
guess Ensign wheeler and
Nathan died item is of course
Gunnery Chief time when I got
its little sad face which I
think is pretty pretty spot-on
who I just saw someone saying oh
Alex's the wait what is space
group we're going to get into
we're going to get into that
it's basically a real time not
always real time kind of
strategy management game
basically you take the control
of a crew of people on a
spaceship who have to do
missions and a lot will go wrong
definitely a lot will go wrong
and it is it is permadeath so
when these members of my crew
are killed if Come On Dave
if these members of my crew
killed they won't be coming back
so but as we found out in Bomber
Crew that's a really nice
opportunity to get everybody get
people from the
chat involved I seem to remember
that all of a bath you actually
made it into the Bomber Crew am
I correct I was going to talk
about Rob anyway because I want
to show I haven't made up yet
I thought I could just show off
the the character customization
really quick and also just show
you how
easy it is to make Rob in any
game Rob knows this let's see
how paled I think Rob's got it
it's not the palest let's sort
out facial hair
color he's got quite a dark
beard that's me I don't know how
dark will go
I think that yeah that dark
let's see I don't think he's not
little goatee guy he's a big old
he's a big he's a bigger beard
man that's it and then I think
hair color let's get that right
same as the beard I think and
we've got a we've got to choose
the right bald here I think is
this one for me that is Rob that
is a great likeness and
so you know I hope you will
agree Robert Pearson made there
you go very easy very easy to do
that so we are let
me just make sure that I have
equipped everybody with the
helmet I don't know why ash
isn't wearing a helmet
that's good okay she is good
right so here's the crew we are
crew of
I can show you the excess I
don't know why I didn't go with
the USS access I feel like a bit
of a fool what's that noise oh
it's the ship that was really
what I thought it was a noise
behind me look it is October
okay I get particularly worried
around October it's the sound of
the hanger I can hear I forgot
that I'm playing a game and it
has sounds so this is our ship
you can see you'll see in the
game that are crew will be
inside it and will be I can't
I did that
we'll be like
can systems and stuff you can
come here basically every time
you complete a mission you earn
money and research point I don't
know what you do with research
Point yet and you can spend the
money on upgrading your ship you
unlock systems and things you
mup you can upgrade them so for
you know like for example better
armor and you can choose oh my
god I've got no armor here so
how much is armor actually there
was something I wanted to get it
was a better Shield generator
let's improve the children
generator that's a thousand
credits it's getting expensive
how much is the armor because
I'd really like some without oh
it's okay 750 750 should we go
mid upper or mid-lower I think
mid-lower because in my
experience they tend to attack
from below
okay good feel good right we're
really low on money now I am
checking the the chat everybody
what's going on Dave is getting
ready for Spooks as Rosie Calico
rosie come on now don't do this
to me don't do this to me can I
just have like can I just have
one October without any
fear you you know what it's like
just one
just one I feel like I should be
the center of kind of like a
drive you know like
old Dave once this October is to
not be scared but unfortunately
his friends are determined to
make him horrified right we're
going to crack on let's get into
the game you get that you'll get
the picture once we get into it
so I have played this game for
about 45 minutes and think I've
done like the first three
missions or something they're
very at that point they were
tutorial e so we're going to see
what we get into now okay let's
start we're going to start with
a low risk risk
I think let's go low risk to
begin with I should say that
Rosie says you were the one who
got spooked by
a spaceship yes I was Rosie I
know in a hangar it was
particularly concerning so we're
going to take we're gonna start
with a low risk I did make a
community post earlier go and
check it out there's a poll
about who you think will die
first and weirdly I promise
you this was just a complete
well I guess it was you know
subconscious decision I didn't
put my name down down I've
decided that Captain Jackson
will not be getting killed today
we'll see so we're going to
investigate some phasmid
activity investigate reports of
phasmid activity near the Kuiper
belt Alpha clear out
any hostile forces in the area
okay let's do it and we can get
into the game and see what it
looks like
I'm going to have a a
swig of carbonated water Rob
says colleagues Dave colleagues
you're right of course Rob
although I would I did choose my
words carefully because I think
of you all as my best friends so
unlike some people naming no
okay so here we go this is sort
of this is this is space crew
this is our ship can I zoom out
yes I can so I can zoom out
we're in the hangar at the
you can see everybody at their
I'm going to achieved item at
the tail gun there tents and Dan
nearest to us us
Jackson Millman and Pearson all
all in the on the bridge and
caddock in the engineering
station let's take off so I have
to select Captain Jackson hit
launch will get a little
get a little little cutscene so
as I said
this is very much a kind of
strategy management game it's
done in real time although you
can if you
can see at the top left you can
slow time and accelerate time
I've gotten that I've like stuck
myself in front of some
important HUD elements here it's
basically the
Shield's the map of the Shields
and the reactor health we'll
just have to you know we're
not going to need that the
Shields and the reactor going to
be fine so if I zoom out it
don't you oops that's the wrong
button if you if I zoom out you
don't have to stay in inside the
ship we can come out we can look
around I don't have anybody
played Bomber Crew or saw our
stream last time I really really
enjoyed it I'm this this game
mm it's like I just really like
how they've they've taken it to
the next level I think it really
looks gorgeous actually maybe
gorgeous is a
bit strong but I just think
they've really like up to the
quality of everything and being
in space I mean I'm very
eat any time we're in space I
very easily get excited about
that so right we need
to go to the Kuiper belt so in
order to do that each of the
crew members has control of the
different system so I have to
like choose as a a crew member
can see what they can do to
Captain Jackson basically kind
of kind of Pilots the ship I
suppose engineer caddock
Engineers really important in
this game I think is is routing
the power so you can see we've
got four
like am I in the way for know
for like Points of Power that we
can spread throughout the ship
so at the moment there's one
point in everything
my thoughts are that we don't
need gravity gravity gravity is
only useful when
in you're moving around so I
like to turn off gravity you can
see now that like the gravity
thing is flashing like I've got
no power and then put it into
something else will go for
Indians for that will speed up a
bit and the way that you
navigate in
space crew is you tag stuff you
hold L2 and then you can look
around so if I look around at
our jumpgate it'll get tagged
Captain Jackson will
automatically head over there
and we can speed up to get to
get over there a little bit
faster and I can have a look
at the at the chat Eric bizarre
no said I loved Bomber Crew a
ton good
choice Eric bizarreness I I
really did too although I did
find it stressful I am not great
with permadeath because
especially if you name them
if you name your characters your
crew after people you actually
know it can get
you can get pretty hard so
anyway we're going to
jump to the next area I am
decided which which I quite like
the outside the ship and just
being able
to look around but when I you
don't need to do that to access
other ships systems and stuff
you can stay outside so let's do
that we will
charge are charged our
hyperdrive and we'll get off to
the next
the next system system Troy
green says blow something up
Gunner I intend to write so
we've got
asteroids okay we've got
instantly we've got bad we've
got bad guys I hit I need to
tag them so that the gun has no
where to fire oh God Cuban
Garrett that's not a named Enemy
of this is the first named enemy
that I've come across we
instantly need to
I need to do some of the
Shield's here I think I might
even just turn off the
engines and oh my goodness
go straight to I'm going to slow
time cuz I can talk to you a
little bit about if I say time
so so I've not come across a
named person before and it's a
bit of a concern your engineer
can use the Boost skill to
temporarily increase the amount
of power provided by the wreck
they can so I'm going to use
that boosts care bill which is
something Rosie has earned and
then I'm going to stick some
extra power into Shields and
weapons then I'm going to go
down to tail gonna die item and
focus fire and Wheeler you can
focus fire fire and actually
Melman you can't you're not
doing any good back there so I
can move milman
into we exactly natural Millman
I'm not going to do that Ash but
because we've got know because
we've got all my God my ship is
taking an absolute
hang of hammering here I've got
it I've got to adjust I got to
adjust something Slow Time
let's let's go less with the
weapons more with the engines
actually let's lower the engines
the splits put the engines up
we're getting
absolutely destroyed us going to
make sure everyone is tagged if
we can get rid of heat from
Garrett on feel a lot better
about this I'm going to make
Jackson go defensive
which means that I should Orient
the ship too
keep the most shielded parts of
it towards the the
enemies but also we have got
we've got asteroids everywhere I
mean someone tell me the odds of
surviving a
an asteroid field he didn't
survive it also because because
Ash officer Millman is my
my did I not manage to defeat
human Garrett oh my God we're
getting absolutely smashed here
okay think it's I think it's I
think it's over
what's happened you'll cut your
engines have no power okay Rosie
go go we needs we need you to
get on this right so so I'm
going to slow climb again I'm
going to pause
just take a breath for a minute
it's very intense this game is
very intense okay I've slowed
time we've got no engine
power I'm going to send Rosie
out into space to repair the
engines which
will so I can do that by
selecting Rosie she needs to get
on a space suit obviously then
I'll send her out there
meanwhile I'm going to get
officer Pearson into the front
Gunnery see because I'm going to
I'm slow time because
just in case we get attacked the
only thing is without
Ash in in without
Ash in the communications chair
I have no scanner bottom right
you can see
I've got no scanner oh wait a
minute I didn't need to I didn't
need it
Rosie didn't need to go outside
at all it's just a power thing
rosie come back in come back in
I've gone absolutely mad come
back in oh Magnus says it's not
intense David's in spaceships
which I respect unlike my own
ability to Captain this bucket
of bolts
we're going to get hit by an
asteroid everyone oh my God god
both asteroids we head back to
that we had to take the Kuiper
belt Rosie we need to what
happened was I now know that
Rosie's boost ran out so the
engines run out of power
so everybody just calm down can
everybody just calm down for a
minute please that's what I'm
that's what we need
I'm going back into the ship
we're just going to check
systems how is everything doing
everything is undamaged so we're
all fine here everything's fine
how are you right so we're going
on to the next we're going on to
the next area we haven't even
reached our decks destination
even though the Kuiper belt is
an asteroid belt that was
that was very tough Maurice
Maurizio Mauricio says easy
he said that's what I asked what
I was told okay clear enemy so
we've got enemies coming Ash
isn't in the communications
chair so I have no way of
knowing where they're coming
from so I'm going to have to
pick up my visual scanning I
need to tag them what is the
energy the energy situation that
seems right to me
me I can use another boost okay
here we go we're getting shot
there they are I see them
I can give us another boost need
to be
why wouldn't I get a boost and
then a Boost energy and apply it
to weapons
actually go to Shield going to
make sure that we're piloting
defensively and I'm going to
make sure we gotta Focus fire up
the item Focus fire the tail
going to get something
to get a lot of action in this
game although now we've gone
over to ashes side I think right
more enemies to tag this is no
good wheeler Focus fire focusing
fire just means that your
Gunners are hundred percent
accurate for the amount of tire
I think that they put it
happened what else have we got
I can't so because taken Ash out
of her chair I can't use any of
her special
ability and I've taken her about
his chair as well so I can't use
any of this special ability how
we do and we don't we're doing
okay she'll shoot
restored a little bit the Jeff
the gravity generator requires
repair not going to worry about
that for a second
we haven't cleared all the
enemies yet I've not been using
the gravity generator generator
I just think it's a bit of a
waste of power I thought I saw
them as I see them here we go oh
we got some big boys we got some
big boys everybody everybody
Rose he's going to run out of
booze she's run out of food I'm
going to keep that where it is
although to be honest
I might get Pearson back into
his chair
we got a trophy for everyone
we've got a trophy if I get him
back into his chair he can
restore Shield
it's late so I might do that
Shield he can replenish it let's
do it do it replace Shields
replenish Shields does he do
with it it's done it okay and
and then he might as
well get back into the hot seat
meanwhile outside
it continues to go badly we
fight the fight we fight the
good fight
there's still not all the
all the enemies is it we've done
it it
of it that says me there no nice
access stream will calm me down
me now which is exactly how I
feel you know they say no
we we do in space no one can
hear you scream but the thing is
I'm not actually in space I'm
I'm I'm here and you can hear me
scream I'm going to get
everybody back to their stations
who's taken the most damage Rob
has right Robert tell you what
why don't you you go and get
yourself cleaned up Rosie you
might as well go and
fix the gravity generator
because it looks like it's going
to catch on fire
and we will head back to base
which is through this
this jump gate and I will take a
at the chat huh my goodness me I
tell you what this is really
really tense
it's a lot it's a lot I
this game difficult at the best
of times honestly when you're
trying to stream as well Jason
Corbin says
human got away though yeah he
did I don't I don't know how I'm
pretty disappointed
about that that
Paul says can you play the
single player not entirely sure
what you mean for I am playing
it single player do you mean
with one member of a crew I
think you know if your crew died
one part one member of the crew
probably could pilot this it
would just be extremely
difficult okay let's let's hurry
along a little bit the oxygen
the oxygen generator is
disabled why okay Rosie get on
it immediately
because we need oxygen
to live this is what this game
is like it's is not not just you
know it's really not that simple
there's loads of like things
that will just go wrong when
your ship will conk out and you
when you're in the middle of
battle and you managing
destroyed oxygen system or
whatever smashed my absolute
nightmare so
enemies are incoming you can see
the bottom right on the scanner
so I'm going to get out of here
I'm not afraid to say it I'm
gonna get out of here tell me
what says Sigourney Jackson
which is absolute nonsense you
know Sigourney is way
way braver than me we need to
get Rosie back into engineering
station immediately because
we've got we've got bad guys
I need to scan them okay they're
over here and I'm going to
get I'm gonna get Ash back into
that pot seat I think
Ash where are you get get into
the gun
Rosie what's going on that looks
okay that looks like a your
engineer can use to boost skill
I mean
I guess we should just use it
anytime we can use it we should
use it shields and went back
outside we are heading towards
the jump gate
gate the big problem is hello
well first of all the are all
the bad guys but second of all
just look at these things like
asteroids they just absolutely
determined to smash me up up
well quite a lot
of enemies here okay going to
focus fire again and hopefully
that will just take care of you
them we have lost and we have
lost a look at that asteroid
nothing I can do about it just a
cheeky little ball of rock that
have decided
it's not my day today oh and
another one cool
that is really not what I need
when I've got a bunch of bad
guys after me please
asteroids we talked about this
is actually going okay I think
it's last one what hey we're
actually we can charge so you
are you can charge here's the
thing though oh my God there's
more if I charge I will lose all
power to have an accountant to
do it let's just get out of here
why are we by we messing around
oh it's going to take ages why
is it going to take that long
cancel hyperjump we got it we
got a deal with the so when you
charge your hyperdrive you all
the power you have goes to the
the engine so you lose power to
your Shield you lose power to
your gravity generator who's in
here is injured
Captain Jackson he's not injured
I'm not buying it I'm
not buying it there's no way
Captain Jackson is in trouble
here no way
okay we started take them out
there come on so they're really
good Shields
are taken quite a beating
captain Jackson
pensive for go SEC okay right we
made it happen so I think now
we're going to charge it up
quickly when there are enemies
around around charging takes
takes takes longer but time for
another breath how's everybody
Max says more like a rude belt
which is
very good Aster rude is
absolutely top drawer punished
you have one
Captain Jackson's respect today
congratulations congratulations
I'm taking a look at the chat
room is here
what and rob you absolutely
effective during that last
mission you restored power to
the shields up in the nick of
time thank you very much so
in unlike something like a an
ex-con for example
as far as I'm aware health is
Perpetual is not Perpetual
Health is not carried over so
you know Captain Jackson was in
a bit of a bad way at the end of
that mission he's going to be
back at back at base I can't
believe we didn't get the
phasmid champion bounty
but the excess has returned
successful of earned
15 hundred credits and some
research points which I don't
know what they're for you but
pretty exciting let's see that
anybody level up it's looking
like we're pretty close to level
here yes yes yes things have
arrived me and Robert leveled up
I have got evasive piloting
don't all that means I mean I've
got a good guess and robbers got
stealth mode whoo well that
sound of stealth mode so evasive
piloting performs
evasive maneuvers to reduce the
chance of getting hit I mean it
sounds good doesn't
sound as good as defense policy
which are currently got and Rob
officer Pearson has got has
earned renders this ship
invisible to enemy Fighters
weapons officer will
fire could be good I want to how
long it lasts
I like the sound of it what if
we unlocked we're unlocked an
engineering tool this Advanced
engineering tool greatly
improves the efficiency of
repairing ships systems so I
don't know what you saw
really quickly that I sent Rosie
out into the void of space and
she had two partners spaceship
shuttle spacesuit so there are
lockers around your ship like
Bomber Crew if you play
Bomber Crew where you can stall
like equipment so this is a new
thing we can store that is is
very cool
all that is very very cool so
I've unlocked some
crew gear what did I unlock
maybe it's just to announce that
we've got
new new
new skills cause I don't think I
unlocked any new gear oh okay so
right how much is and how much
is repair equipment because I
I play this a bit too much like
a role play and I always sent
Rosie the
engineer just to fix stuff which
is may be silly I'm trying to
think I gotta think here I'm
going to buy Rosie one it's
pretty cheap
Rose he's definitely getting one
because it's role-playing and
she's the engineer so Rosie
you're definitely getting
yourself an engineering
tool that's happened
how many credits would go left
1810 okay now who else would who
else would be good for fixing
stuff stuff maybe Ash Ash I feel
I feel like the communications
is the least useful when I'm
getting it when it's all going
wrong I probably
you know Rob can do is
stealthing now always or his
shield thing I need to fly the
ship is going to be Ash Ash you
are going to also get yourself
an engineering tool so they are
everybody remember that when
things go wrong wrong when
things go wrong
these are we've got a this is
who we turn to officer Millman
officer caddock right that's
good is there anything we can
do to our ship to make it a bit
better we've we've got
I didn't but I could probably
get another bit of whole a bit
of armor by the way you can
adjust your
own Livery and you can draw your
own own like decals
look I made that could you guess
could you guess that I made the
the triangle Circle Cross
and square I know didn't come
with the game I made that myself
there's a little editor I can
show you
why not I will show you where
you can you can draw
in your own stuff stuff
like just like this this there
you go it's it's it's the start
of James Bond
doing balloon
didn't into the details let's
not do that let's cancel that
nobody wants that will stick
with will stick with my anyway
what could what can so this is
the equipment I was talking
about here are the lockers look
so you can have rifles you can
have fire extinguishers space
suits and
and made pacts I have previously
had to use the
rifles Let me and I thought
about where to put them in the
here's something else that's
exciting Escape pods we've got
one Escape pod
so I turned that this is a this
is a game with permadeath
I think this is how you can get
out of permadeath is you can
stick someone
in an escape pod although I
don't think it's guaranteed that
they'll they'll survive
so I'm not worry about that
because we're trying to kill our
crew no we're not course we're
not I've got all the standard
engines weapons I've set up how
I want them so I'm not gonna
look at that we've got the
better Shield generator we can't
go any better with anything else
so that only thing we could
upgrade is the armor and I think
we should I mean why would we
not have extra
armor it's 1,500 quid quid God
God all right okay I'm going to
check there's nothing we can do
in training I don't think there
is anything we can do in
training but just in case
I'm going to check I think that
you can learn a secondary skill
so Captain Jackson for example
could retrain could train a
secondary skill and become like
an engineer as well but oh
look at that then next thing or
not the next thing but one of
the things I can learn is an
inspirational speech that is
that's absolutely me down to a
tee alright I'm going to
stop messing around now
we're going to look at what
we've got what time is it 4:30
you're going to make me do a
medium risk aren't you going to
make me do a medium but medium
risk Draco says hello Dave
LifeStream yes hello that's me
welcome to the Stream don't
skimp on
Armor Dave settled in the storm
don't worry I haven't let's see
let's go for I don't want to ask
or a transport that sounds
really really stressful let's go
with clear enemy forces
forces clear enemy forces sounds
straightforward doesn't it we've
detected what could be a cluster
Invaders near your anus stop it
stop it it
the sector must be cleared out
this is no laughing matter are
they beat me to it
maybe me to it what we going to
get 2,500 2250 I guess
you kind of look at what the
rewards you're going to get out
it looks like all the medium
ones okay yeah well I'm
definitely doing that one let's
do it let's do it let's do
it Joseph PS4 guy is laughing at
Dave's inspirational speech and
I don't know why if
I unlock an inspirational speech
during this stream I
will give an inspirational
when giving an inspirational
speech how about that I'm not
going to lock it it everything's
looking shipshape and Bristol
fashion so I guess we should
just go
home it's not like I'm trying to
it's not like I'm trying to have
you know
put it off or anything it's fine
Varys says Uranus not your anus
I you saying Uranus Uranus
people who say Uranus honest I
just scared okay they're scared
and they need to accept it right
so just checking it out
so piloting mode defensive is
not the same as evasive piloting
so I think we can lose defensive
piloting and evasive piloting
at the same time that's what I'm
getting from them being in these
two different boxes so that's
good to know and where is
stealth mode
there we are stealth mode engage
oh no
I've just seen this I've not
seen this before atmospheric
purge controls controls
this reminds me of another game
I've played called FTL which
some people may be
aware of so you can get boarded
in this game which is why you
have the rifles on board and it
looks like you can
Purge the atmosphere in certain
sections of the ship I don't
want that to happen
not not today not today please
okay right Captain Jackson
where are we headed navigate to
urine has the fastest
fastest route all the safest
route come on
come on we're not playing that
kind of game
D3 Mystics says so this is this
this game another kind of
XCOM deal well I mean there are
similarities XCOM is of course
there are
a lot of similarities X comments
of course turn-based this is
kind of real time whether you
can slow
time you can also accelerate
time like this and and it's more
management e because you have
people people who are good at
thing but everyone can do
everything I mean like someone
else can come and sit in the
engineers chair
so it's not quite as
straightforward as that right
let's go
vicious broccoli says I've seen
too many space movies to know
this doesn't end well right I've
slowed things down
because enemies are in our
incoming and I'm streaming and
I'm stressed so we're just going
to take our time we're going to
lower the gravity because we
don't need it right now we're
going to increase power to
Shields and and
we're going to accelerate time
and we're going to find them and
tag them
right there they are what would
you call that three o'clock
wheeler Focus fire
Jackson defensive piloting
navigate that's good work tell
you what is it too soon for oh
God there's more we've got more
we've got more incoming I
need officer Mills and to the
front seat please get in the
front seat
that's what we cool down
how off system to do do we need
to boost anything I don't think
so should we get
off the dime to Eastman are very
accurate actually this has been
that was quite the impressive oh
guard it was going quite well
until it wasn't
how we doing how we doing oh I
got so this is okay wait
no this is no good this is not
good because that is how they
bought they bought from behind
we were almost boarded their
it's fine it's fine all is fine
we'll carry on to
your turn which way to urine
the come station is on man so I
don't get roof route information
it was going to be towards being
this hasn't it just start doing
that and I'll get i'll get
officer – back into her comms
chair we're still learning we're
all learning
that is the right way I knew it
was okay that's gone pretty well
that's gone pretty well I didn't
have to use too many special
abilities or anything what's
everybody saying don't get cocky
kid says bring back floppy
floppy dogs
I'm worried that I don't know
what floppy
dogs are on I'll keep saying it
could be anything
I didn't have a sip what an
idiot Lucy so be says you clean
that up quick Dave I did
actually we're quite a well
oiled crew
at this point to be fair let's I
bother fast-forwarding there
okay so this is Venus this is
not even our destination because
I think destination is you'll
remember your anus anus enemies
in coming again you go to love
it you go to love it
I need to get a bead on them for
let's crack on towards that
anyway Jackson get ready to go
come on enemies where are you
where are you
you I wonder I tell you what
let's give it I'm going to give
it a go we've got time I'm going
to go to stealth mode stealth
mode engage what
well cancel stealth mode then
because they've they've found us
I don't know how but they found
me me
Roderick Morty gone defense it
again and prep some engine
situations we've got more coming
in the other direction let's see
if we can get the item to focus
fire I'm assuming down he can
focus fire
yes Dan and I think that this
seems to be quite a lot of them
now so I'm going to get Rosie to
boost boost power we're going to
put that into in weapons and
shields Shields they're getting
too close they're getting too
close I I don't like it I don't
want to I don't want to be
boarded I need to get Ash into
the front seat again Ash pop in
the front seat with you because
that guy just sat right there
just shooting at us I know the
conversations arm and that's
fine that's absolutely fine
okay that's gone that's gone
that's gone we've got these guys
back here
they are already been tagged as
everyone else looks okay look at
that is that tiny Earth we're
getting attacked
I have a tag them yet oh God
there's loads of them
how's everybody doing Rosie's
take a bit of a beating
okay that's fine that's fine I'm
guessing guard yeah
just replenish Shields Rob
please if you don't mind thanks
love I might now that Rob has
done that I'm going to pop them
in the other the other seat
might as well looks like
one of our engines taking a bit
of a beating here here
that is a good skill that Shield
restore thing I think this is
all going all right
it's a little bit it's a little
bit tense how we doing
on the focus bike guessing
Rosie's booted is well yeah
that's not happening that could
divert engine power
so we're not going to do it I'm
gonna do it look at all this XP
lovely XP you've gotta love it
it you could definitely do
some grinding in this game I
think because the enemies like
to just keep on coming
I think we've got this like
anyone else
I've got two kinds of weapon on
this ship one is like good for
Hull and one is good
for Shields but I'm not sure how
best to sort of distribute that
the way
I've done it is yes yes the way
I've done it is wait a minute we
don't know what do we want to go
to the series the series
asteroid belt that's quite a
long way
it's front and back is like for
shield and side to side is for
hard but I don't know if that's
a good idea Ash pop back in the
old comms chair for me would you
thanks very much right right
oh Oh I haven't blinked in ages
I just got a just excuse me for
a minute or so just shut my eyes
it's perfectly Normal it's
a captain thing we get you get
taught that if you
if you've done captaincy
training like me who want to go
on about it okay
how are we doing everything
looks to be all look at
this so I'm in the way but that
I can't I don't know get out the
way Dave the reactor the out
reactors health
behind my chair is just about to
it's just about to go bad so I'm
going to
preempt that and get Rosie in on
fixing it of course Rosie has
special fixing tool which we
kids are out with so
this shouldn't take a minute and
it gives me more time to
look at the chat you're the boss
Dave says bring back floppy dogs
I am I mean officially the
captain the captain is the boss
oh isn't it
I guess guess
I am the captain of the ship
calling okay let's charge us get
out of here enemies and coming
not now not
now please with it I've got it
I've got it get to
Uranus Uranus okay asteroid
warning is
never good even worse than that
cupidon go everyone its Hooper
and Garrett
I'm going to immediately get Ash
back into the front seat Ash
fighter support I forgot that
are asking calling combat
support let's do that
let's do that and then Ash ash
Welcome to the coffee to the
front seat with you
come on come on everybody wears
my fighter support is that them
these are bad guys my
got this loads of them where am
I fighter support there they are
yes yes take out
human Garrett you can't catch me
I'm a little gray matter if
you've got Focus fire I need it
man I need it
I think Dan's got Focus my eyes
well let's just do it let's do
it we don't even our destination
oh no no no no no no no
no no no no he's coming
right action stations Rob oh God
right Slow Time
I need Rosie Rosie Rosie I need
you please
please Rosie Rosie
boost power to weapons and
shields and then can you pick up
a gun please please quickly now
oh God and then Captain Jackson
what the
hell do you think you're doing
get yourself a gun and let's get
this done I've slowed time
it's all getting a bit intense
attack enemies Rosie Jackson
come on they will just
destroy bits of my boys boys
night out of this seat what's
going on yes attack
enemies Nathan what's going on
what's happened why why are you
why are you in a terrible spot
spot Rosie
quickly now or Jackson anybody
shoot that annoying
right Jackson
Let's slow time again God this
is going mad get There Rosie I
need you back
in your seat quick sharp now now
how many bad
guys are we looking at just you
can get this one too
and this one of God is loaded
we've got a defeat heap of
Garrett just wondering whether I
should send tonight to the
Infirmary I think it's going to
be more useful
not to do that right now Rosie
anything you can do well
we're not we don't have a
captain right now so I'm going
to turn the ends off the weapons
did we get human now we got
GameCube and Garrett
why are there more why have them
all okay
everybody Just As you are as as
you were where is Captain
Jackson right now where's the
gun there
right fly defensive for God to
in fact evasive piloting
what's that mean radiation oh
God no no why is there a
radiation Nathan Nathan go to go
and heal yourself Dan you're
going to have to just deal with
the radiation a little bit
what happened okay everybody
just take a moment here
Nathan you heal up Rosie Rosie
you're going out you're going
out to deal with the radiation I
believe in you where
on Earth can you get us space
this is incredibly tense
incredibly tense my God
Crow valcke L'Amour
says calling support from Holly
and Hell Rosie
let's head out here shall we
head out too my god
I've just realized I'm sending
Rosie out into the into the void
of space Ash you
can get back into your comms
chair looks like you're
struggling suffering from from
poisoning as well everybody this
horrible let's get going to wear
out where are we going Uranus
this was the safe route
everybody this was the safe
route Rosie's
going to have that fixed in a
jiffy officer Millman is not
looking great right now Nathan's
here why am I in the radiation
I've I'm on it now I'm on it
Rosie get back inside
and fix that
that reactor please and Ash get
yourself too get yourself to the
infirmary stat I need
Rosie Rosie you might as well
stow it it Rosie
this is all gone and wrong has a
incredibly wrong again slow time
for a
minute and just take another
and look over at you my fine
chap friends and hope that I
some sort of Robert prices
self-destruct self-destruct come
on all the prices
we're not there yet I was
looking for some sort of
you know positivity so it turns
out you can only slow time for
an amount of time I did not
realize that that's
cool Rosie pop in here we need
to restore power to the engines
many thanks and then then we'll
be heading to
Uranus we're going to Uranus yes
we are
we need to get Ash back into the
just leave leave leave the
medical Bay she'll be fine so
medical Bay you can see it's got
a little green circle around it
it doesn't it's not like a
forever thing
it will only only it will only
work for for like an amount you
can only heal so much with it so
many people
Joseph PS4 guy says you are good
you are doing great crab Captain
Jackson thank you very much it
was though you've written jab
Jab sun' which could be some
sort of clever like wait a
minute there's enemies incoming
their enemies and coming there
are enemies in coming not now
wheeler Focus
fire that you're in the you're
in the hot seat
oh God Rosie save us they love
it oh my God we've got an
asteroid coming from behind
that's no good that is no good
boost stuff stuff
good work everyone that was
actually incredibly impressive
Dan is still
severely irradiated I'm gonna
get down into the infirmary
actually let's just do that
before we head over to to our
this is just a minute there's
more enemies in coming but
that's fine because we're just I
tell you what should we just go
I could just go I will go as
soon as they attack whatever
whatever dance situation
No is that time of year they're
not here yet they're not here
Dan back down his back in his
hot seat so we're going to go
out of here
let's engage engage it's really
hard to do a captain
Picard rhyme slowing time I'm
going to
rob he's in the Gunnery seat by
wanted to use him I wanted
stealthily can you get back in
time I mean I'm here to clear
the enemy so it doesn't make any
stay where you are or as you
let's just let's really let's go
back to normal time actually
let's not accelerate though okay
let's tag then let's
get Rosie to do to boost I want
to go weapons weapons
then I want – get in the front
seat please
get shooting if there's anybody
know I hear fighting fighting
get here quick oh my God that's
a lot it's almost
too many of them let's focus
fire Focus fire Nathan
can Jackson evasive piloting
and defensive piloting both of
those things please please
I wonder
if all that was lovely God that
was good God we're good I wonder
if it's worth
just tagging like one and a bit
you know and like focusing on
that one but I
don't think that's I don't think
that's the case this is going
all right it's going right write
the only thing is I've got no
Scanner with Ashley fun he's not
actually shooting anybody so
although now she will be let rip
Ash fire fight you may
find welcome made sure that as
the hang on I'm looking for
boarding craft
I think that's a boarding craft
of God there's so many of them
there's so many there's so so
many we get caught it
I they're coming they're coming
right Slow Time Rosie Rosie
Rosie I need you Rosie I need
you engines down Shields up no I
need you Rosie Rosie Rosie I
need you
to pick up your gun pick up the
it's like my mouth I kind of me
Captain David
oh my got the front of the ship
is in a very bad way Rob
Rob I need you to get back
because I need you to restore
Shield I need you to restore
to my friend immediately Captain
David no point in sitting in
that chair let's get
the gun let's get shooting we
need to lead from the front of
this we need to leave from the
throw by need Shields
immediately I need the shields
then Jackson attack enemy Rosie
can't do it by yourself oh she
actually cancel doing amazing
well but come on although I'm
close to death I don't want to
die here Captain Jackson can't
die he wasn't on the pole right
Jackson you need to get
you need to get a health kit
immediately we are in such bad
shape Rosie I need you back in
many of them are there so many
there any dog knockoffs not
tagged a whole bunch my medical
Bay is running out there's more
coming Rosie oh God Ash has died
no Communications officer
Millman is dead
the first one to die oh God Rob
is close to death can you he
can't I'll guard right Rosie get
back on the gun
get the gun quick get the gun
quick Dave you need to heal self
bravely he'll self this Nate's
doing alright where's Rosie
Rosie Rosie Rosie
attacking a meat please Rosie
please quickly of God what they
thought they took out the shield
generator The Shield generators
taken out ashes my other Rob is
no David is dead what's
no oh my God okay Rosie the true
best of us and and
you can you can still do this
Dan get out of there we need you
to get a weapon and start
shooting actually go and go and
sort out the shield generator
Rose he's going to shoot the
aliens no problem
nathe what on Earth are you
doing get yourself a gun go and
get yourself a gun Rosie's okay
roses okay
oh why are you getting a gun you
don't need a gun
why is that what are those
numbers what those numbers one
of your crew is encompassing
incapacitated and they're not
actually dead dead oh God they
not actually dead oh no Rosie
can you help
Captain Captain Jackson doesn't
look like you should be able to
a mighty come I gone he's gone
they weren't dead
they weren't dead all right just
just stop for a minute we are in
such a bad way right I'm not
losing these I'm not losing this
I'm not losing this right I just
need to to have a chat to stop
for me let's just stop
I tell you what
this is a lot isn't it God that
went oh my God this isn't it a
lot like should never have taken
mission on I should never take
we should have stayed with low
risk low risk that's the way
that's the way you do things in
life you you go low risk low
risk low risk low risk and then
you die happy at the end not
Midway through a medium risk
oh God let's recap
officer officer officer Millman
was first of all although it
turns out she
wasn't actually dead and I could
have saved her then I believe it
was officer Pearson
and finally Captain Jackson
bravely bravely died whilst
trying to heal himself please
note in the ship's log that that
there are about three enemies
there were three crew members
remaining we have I'm going to
say captain caddock because
frankly Rosie's
conduct during all these
missions has been exemplary and
I'd like that to be reflected in
in a field promotion
congratulations Captain Katic
we've got cool and Dan wheeler
and we've got
radiation radiation boy
Gunnery chief Nathan died him
we've got three enemies outside
we're going to need
to destroy them I need somebody
to fix the Shield's immediately
Nathan you can shoot them and
and Dan you can
adjust the energy reserves while
Captain kaddatz doing the good
work I think
we've got a plan ladies and
gentlemen were going back to it
let's do this right now what did
I just say right Captain
caddock get out of there I think
that's irradiated okay okay the
shields are
I need you to get back into the
inner energy situation nathe
what on Earth are you doing
please go and start shooting
some people and wheels I need
you to do the same thing
our hole is getting absolutely
fried returning to normal speed
lion inside cherlene eighth you
can focus fire at this point
focusing fire surely down
wheeler you can focus fire at
this point focusing fire
Rosie we all greatly respect you
please boost the energy let's
get into the weapons let's get
this job done let's get this job
done for the crew of the excess
who have fallen that's
not all the enemies that's not
all the enemies are you see you
serious that's all the enemies
right right
good good look at
the state of the excess look at
it my beautiful Livery my
beautiful decal
this music was unplanned but
very effective
it's not completely mournful I
think we need to get out of here
what am I doing because enemies
will come back we need to return
to base I've got no
idea which way to go because I
mean Earth's is that earth that
could be that could be Venus oh
God right I need someone to go
and man the fact I don't have I
can't have a gunner I need
somebody but isn't it irradiated
up there
Daniel going to go and sit in
the captain's chair
nathe you're going to go and sit
in the comms chair
and hopefully is Dan getting
injured in there he's just he's
just irradiated constantly I
think they've just everyone's
had a good old dose of radiation
captain caddock I command you to
have a health pack immediately
this is a Joe Hurley says what a
piece of junk hey she might not
look like much but she's got it
where it counts right
good work Rosie back into
engineering please thank you
Dan wheeler put that in the
wrong place
Dan wheeler I'd like for you to
we've got enemies in coming for
which is the safest safest go go
and then die Tim I need you back
at I need you to get in the
front seat I think
front seat caddock
yeah we've got no engines people
what are we doing back here come
we're not going anywhere at this
rate so it's the
series the series out series
asteroid belt
asteroid belt am I right that
was someone else is great joke
I'm just going to try and take
some credit for it so I don't
know if they where the enemies
are coming from they came from
behind they could be anywhere
pick up your visual visual
scanning the reactor boost is
ready to use I don't actually
know what the reactor boosted oh
it's that was the overdrive
overdrive I'll hang on hang on
oh no no no no no I mean
we are in a very bad way here so
I'm tempted to just know we're
not going to use
those as boost that would be
foolish captain caddock I think
you're going to have to lead
from the front here
that was good what a Dan Dan
just doing all the hard work by
himself actually actually that
Nate what an a look at these
doing all the hard work by
himself fantastic down why are
you sitting in the chair
I mean we're not going to tell
you what you might as well do
something Dan
how are we doing out there it's
actually gone very own that was
we doing better with three
people than we did
with honestly right charge let's
get Nathan back in back in the
comms chair
oh my goodness me it's tell you
what I tell you what engage yeah
it's really hard
to do Picard in pressure can
anyone do a good impression
engage well that was quite good
actually warning asteroids we
don't need asteroids now I might
go fastest route now let's go
fastest route it's a bit closer
what can we do
I'm going to have to put nathe
back into the into the hot seat
I think
Dan just keep going just keep
going I can use the Boost maybe
now is the time for the Boost
I'll wait till the enemies
appear on the scanner that I'm
going to boost
then I'm going to send Nathan to
the into the hot seat so what
does overdrive do
overdrive the actor making more
units of power available for a
short time the reactor will
leak create radiation no let's
not do that okay boost weapons
Nathan quickly hot seat seat for
you go wheeler you need to sit
there whilst we make this the
thing go okay yes I've got
scan the enemies which is
actually what if we were to get
forwarded now it would be bad it
would be a bad the rear Shields
are just getting absolutely
pasted and I can't yeah go on
there go on they go on
I don't think Dan can do any any
good back there
we're close to the
gate actually oh no great shot
great shot okay Dan gets
charging out of here please
what's this increased enemy
activity that's great that's
great it's got to be earthiness
ation let's go we can maybe get
there before anyone attacks
if we crack on a little bit
Rosie increase engines to
power to engines come on
everybody we can almost do this
we can almost do this
well nice get back in your in
your comms chair go on
come on Captain haddock come on
Cassie ghatak how far away
oh they're here they're here
there here there here there here
I'll go too a nice get back in
the chair what were we thinking
what were we thinking get back
in there
there's no point in charging
will be destroyed Rosie I take
back everything I said divert
power to weapons immediately
Dan do you just do your best up
there do your
stop there I don't want to
charge weapons because it will
be it will be a bad is that at
all no no no no quickly quickly
Slow Time Captain caddick
captain caddick I require your
assistance get yourself a gun
captain caddock and we're going
into battle my friend let's do
it attack enemies Rosie you know
how to do this you know what to
do we have lost Shields we've
lost three issues we've
analyzed their attack man sir
a week come on Rosie Rosie Rosie
we know I need you to be really
accurate now let's go let's go
let's go come on swim swim swim
through space swim through space
follow the bad guys Dan Dan Dan
you're in danger oh my God we've
been boarded again we've been
boarded again again oh Rosie
please Rosie Rosie
Rosie work on the accuracy come
on come on that's right now turn
and fly turn and fire turn and
fight right down you've got to
get out you you got a deacons
gotta get out of there you're
gonna get where is the gun I've
just popped it down and I have
no it's I stowed It that's quite
good go down go go go go come on
Rosie because they're going to
blow up all kinds of stuff now
come on down come on Rosie there
at the reactor there at the
reactor the directors damaged
Rosa the reactors
oh please please oh God oh no oh
God no I've lost the chat I've
lost you chat are you still
there don't know I don't know if
it's did we were even still
streaming help I've got to pause
and we still streaming I've lost
I've lost I've lost you all have
lost you all I'm gonna try and
get you back I promise is it
still happening
but we still streaming streaming
it looks like it's still going
okay back back to the action
it does mean I've lost the chat
okay right let me think about
this Rosie quickly now
you need to repair that Dan
quickly now you need to be the
captain I need to go
outside I think we've done it oh
we haven't done it come on now
Come On ice fire will you may
fire at will will who's Will
ha ha ha ha it's that going
that's will and I want him dead
we do need that that guy to go
I'm going to put Nathan
Focus fire without without
they're behind us I need Rosie
back in the back in engineering
where's that enemy
well where's that enemy looks
like they've gone
looks like they've gone so we're
going to just let's charge this
let's get out of here oh wow wow
oh God God
whereby back yeah
it was that easy and I think I
can get I think I can restore
chat let me see
come on I need to speak to
everybody about the disaster
Hive chat your back
oh hello hello hello hello
this is sad isn't it it
I wonder if we going to get some
sort of mournful acknowledgement
of the my Fallen comrades my
Fallen colleagues course Brave
Captain Jackson and officers
Millman and Pearson
congratulations if you voted in
the poll and you said I did I've
that and you said that Ash would
be the first tonight you were
absolutely correct Ash was the
first to fall all the first of
us to fall upon
this barricade barricade
so I don't know hopefully that's
not a nice thing for you you
guessed it would be who would
who would die first I
did not think that Captain Dave
would die at all so
right that's it let's enjoy this
let's enjoy this everybody
everybody I can't believe human
Garrett is
escaped again look at that the
excess return enemy forces clear
that it's like success isn't it
so successful mission David
Jackson was sadly killed
and robbed Pearson was less
sadly killed meanwhile
Captain caddock I can't believe
you didn't level up that was
well deserved level up there
very disappointing PlayStation
accesses at least the good ones
ones survived
well that narrows it down
doesn't it Dan
I reckon I reckon that's a Dan
comment that is radiation suit
would have been good
radiation suits who would have
been very good suit I think we
just bit up bit off more than we
could chew
too soon I'm very sad about it
so what have we learned what
have we learnt
listen to this sad but true
music the radiation suit provide
some protection from radiation
it seems like Gunners are
particularly susceptible to
radiation powered boots these
powered boots provide some
additional Mobility to the where
I wanted you get gravity boots
because I never have gravity on
heavy gloves also Cannon Mark 2
lower emissions engine a low
performance a low Performance
Engine designed for safety it
allows moderate evasiveness and
is not well
armored when damaged radiation
emissions are very low but it
must get damaged more don't know
about that
that a
plasma and plasma cannon and
also cannon that sounds good and
your weapon pod that combines a
plasma cannon and also Cannon
plasma cannon requires back to
Power so it does both that
sounds good
okay okay right Tomas Tomas he
says three deaths it's a success
this is the exciting bit though
everybody I mean we're quite
close to the end of the stream
but I now now
will be taking recruit I need
some I need some
recruits so I haven't done this
before but I will require some
names from the
from the chat I mean it would be
nice wouldn't it
too to get get
all of a bath back since he
first made an appearance in the
Bomber Crew
on I think I will do that I'm
also looking for two more people
is it I think people in the chat
need to
nominate other people I think
that's what we need let's see so
who's going to be our comms
officer a level there level 3
comms officer
I mean I'm gonna have to go on
what shall I go on a 22 year old
comms officer who likes card
games and light as a previous
occupation software sounds
painting less useful and some
school qualifications not sure
about that Lisa story
Toby Morales is like starts
going to have to be market and
by Marquez you are recruited as
comms officer welcome aboard
will decide who you are
play Holi and L people are
saying I mean ha Lionel seems a
guest that I guess that makes
but I wanted someone from the
chat Stephen Falken bury his
nicely said Lucy which I am
guessing to be Lucy so be
because Lucy so B is a regular
our streams and that could be
that could be a nice shout
Rodney Jenkins says Kevin
hoochie Joe Hurley says grob
should we go I dunno but then
you know I'm not sure MJ Kappa
hoochie that's Rodney again
Rodney that's twice Ripley solo
and Picard says haha is a great
shout I'm gonna go with Lucy so
be I'm going to go with Oliver
bath I'm going with Domina
that's what you get Domina
Domino you you guys can make it
in it makes the most sense to me
we what else we need Captain so
who could we have Captain
weightlifting from São Paulo hi
there Magdalena Robinson
Robinson favorite color is
like your hair Magdalena and
treadmill running that's that's
useful Henry Wagner I'm going to
say I like
your attention to detail with
the the
uniform there Henry Henry
favorite food is Burgers good
shout preview previous
occupation architecture
treadmill running
weight lifting I'm going to go
with with treadmill running I
think welcome aboard Magdalena
Magdalena and then finally we
need the security officer for
security officers will it be
David Franco who likes Sushi and
this from Hamburg it's like
blind date come on down Frank
Moyet of
43-year old software engineer
whose favorite food is burritos
why burritos rather than I guess
burritos Sushi and green for
tune tea and go or able Duran
Duran Rio de
narrow burgers I'm thinking
Franco is a solid name even
though I'm about to change
it welcome aboard David Franco
it's time to change their names
I'm not going to change
appearances though because I
have no idea you know how Domino
Oliver bath and Lucy so be
looking real life this these
could be the spit although I
suppose I should probably change
someone's gender gender
because because that is
I can do and that makes sense I
Okay so who's going to
be captain Captain Oliver bath I
think it makes sense I think he
survived the Bomber Crew
situation so so I'm going to
all of a bath at a gentleman and
and can commit him to
the history books it is done
then Communications officer
I mean this should really be I
think they should be Domino
hazard our our longest serving
serving our longest serving
mod that seems Communications e
to me Domino last name 2097 not
not too easy easy I'm
Domino I'm going to make you a
gentleman as well and then
security officer
David Franco of course becomes
security officer
Lucy so be
and so I can't speak and type it
seems a Mite how do I spell so
be think it's like that I've
seen it I've seen it a few times
pretty sure it's on that welcome
aboard everybody is very near
the end of this stream so
I'm going to crack on a little
bit let's let's what do we
unlock oh radiation suits
oh the thing is our new recruits
need stuff they need to stuff
and things or else they're going
to die okay bath bath
why are you irradiated already
why is that radiation
radiation oh because to equip
all that stuff it's going to
cost me a hundred and twenty
five quid Oliver I'll do it I'll
do it you're worth it you're all
worth it it officer 2097
good to see you okay that's good
I'm not going to give anybody
gear I don't think I'm going to
look at it that's the wrong
button here we go all these
gloves as well really how much
is radiation gear so it makes us
a little bit
faster than currently and it's
not it's not happening not
happening gloves
oh that's their super look out
look how tough they are 15 but
it makes us another five
slower I'm not gonna worry about
it and spacecraft let's do a
let's do some I think weapons is
what was exciting me here we've
got the plasma cannon Mark to we
might as well make these these
autocannon and plasma cannon
combos combos I think and all
that expensive that's the wrong
this this one be interesting I'd
like to know that this is going
to this is the right move I
don't know it is they're not so
accurate I've I'm noticing so
there's that they are more
accurate than just the
autocannons though they know yes
okay all right we've got
a thousand credits left I don't
think there's anything I don't
want those new engines so
right let's see how quickly we
can all get killed we're going
to do a high
mission we're going to do a
high-risk Mission and we'll see
how badly it goes I don't have
half the skills that I used to
have I don't think maybe I do
we'll see
let's recover a commis probe
because I like I want to use the
tractor beam so we're going we
can take two jumps or three
three jumps let's see what we
get good luck everybody
may be time for a new poll straw
poll who's gonna die first on
this Mission because I'm pretty
sure I mean because it's
the end of the stream I'm going
to hurry a little bit and I'm
pretty sure someone is going to
it's just a question of who
Captain bath I mean I don't know
why Rosie's been demoted from
Captain I'm a bit annoyed about
that she says she's the secret
Captain maybe she can be Admiral
Dominic says can't wait to be
horribly made it straight away
that's the spirit Domino I'll
try and make it so right so we
have to go this way anyway
there's no quick route from here
here let's see how we get on
how is everybody doing in the
chat please do start sending in
your guesses about who's
going to die first more than
likely somebody that's for sure
and straight away we've got
enemies incoming so let's go
fast this fruit which is the
asteroid belt gamma
and let me see so all of a bath
can fly defensively
Domino can call in fire support
and Lucy
can replenish Shields that's
good to know Rosie
I would like you to disable
gravity and apply that gravity
to the Shield's please
um are we not moving out we are
moving up me I've just slow down
and undo time slowing right
we've got enemies coming in hot
this is a high-risk Mission I'm
not keen on taking any chances
fire Nathan
we're not firing very much are
we it's so slow it's so slow and
ineffective I thought we had a
hundred percent accuracy
here today what's going on
I haven't upgraded thanks bunny
upgraded to sign one what's
going on in here uh yeah
your engineer can boot stuff I
know that but I want to do that
I mean we've got no Shields
I'm going to happen actually
Lucy McClane Shield and then
Domino get in the hot seat
oh my God the reactor is getting
absolutely smashed Rosie quickly
quickly you've
got to you we've lost if we've
got lost a bit of power this is
unbelievable I know that this is
a high-risk Mission but
but it's like insane Nathan is
almost dead what's happened
what is this radiation again I
suppose it's because the because
we lost Shields my God god
Danny you able to fire Focus
fire because it's
just I don't feel able to do
much here things right out let's
pretend it's not happening
just pretend it's not happening
thank you do need some
you need some help I can't
really afford late to go
anywhere because he's he's one
of the gunners
when you got to
two stations man to Gunnery
station spot on come on
now come on
people we can do this we can do
I'm really sort of out of out
ideas I feel very very tense all
there's more there's new people
on there there's news there's
new enemies and coming
this is great this is fantastic
Rose he's getting quite
irradiated Rosie why can't I see
because you'll because you're
fixing the he's fixing the
reactor have guards that's the
problem that's the problem
that's causing a lot of
radiation sickness everybody
just keep doing what you're
doing this is why
I'm like you know we never
unlock that that we never unlock
that speech you know the rousing
speech or whatever oh Rosie's in
quite a bad way Rosie and Nathan
quite bad way
fixing the reactor but how long
can it last Lucy when can you
replenish Shields now perfect
yes please if you could that's a
very good skill to have I should
be using that more get that
fixed fixed get that fixed
I've seen Stephen says the Dave
just ain't no Shepherd I don't
know what an app that's in
reference to but of course you
know even Shepherd
lazy oh God Rose he's in a bad
way that's felt I felt a
big bang then we seem to have
lost Shields again Nathan is in
trouble okay
quick quick quick quick quick
Dan Dan go to Nathan take him
take him of God there's no
health kits go and
get a health kit we've got 38
seconds Rosie you're going to
have to restore gravity
at this point the worry about
the reactor and a minute
right Rosie wait no Rosie hang
slow time right Rosie let's turn
off the engines let's apply
Dan is going to heroically save
nathe revive crewmember yes
please this is going to work
this is going to work so good
about it then
Rosie get back and fix the
reactor I think dominoes done it
you know Domino you've done
it like
our to oh my God Nathan is way
better he's way better again I
can't believe I let the others
die that's so sad and Rosie's
fixing the reactor is it all
swimmingly although we've only
got one health kit left
this could be a problem I'm
gonna have a Rosy use the
one by her her I think I was
just going to breathe yet
I love this game it makes me
feel so alive you know just so
alive he'll
self Rosie Hue yourself you
earned it and hopefully there's
no more radiation and hopefully
the power is back this is great
everything's great it's great
turn off the gravity I mean all
of a bath not doing great
but I'm sure he's fine I'm sure
he'll be fine fine after the
Gaba asteroid belt right it's
increased enemy Activity
one of my favorites Domino I
need you to scan the root
because I've got no idea where
we're going
please if you could to objective
that's the way I'll guard
and you can Garrett and call it
fire support while still there
yeah let's do it
we must defeat Garrett please
please and now on Domino I do
need you to get back in
the hot soup seat get back
Rosie immediately boost power to
weapons and shields
all of a bath please fly
defensively for God's sake I
forgot a you know what in the
last encounter I feel like they
just forgot everything I've only
tagged he forgot
because I want to destroy him
and carrot that may be foolish
Lucy so be when we replenish
seals please Shields
now now now god I'll know no no
no slow time Rosie
you know what to do take no
the reactors damaged again
attack enemies Rosie
almost two feet if you've been
Garrett surely come on
Rosie you've got this you've got
this Nathan's getting a beating
again oh no
Rosie fire the gun fire the gun
fire the gun don't know no no
all of our simple Oliver laughs
Oliver bath quick Lucy
Lucy help Oliver behalf oh no
not the gun that get not the gun
that the med kit Rosie's
got the gun storage roses got
that sorted what is on fire is
that something on fire
what's on fire what is that
Rosie Rosie Rosie
the is going on what's this
what's that what is that
right oh God okay
slow time drop your weapon Rosie
get the fire extinguisher Rosie
and Lucy so
be revived crew mate Rosie I
the slow down time think God
it's so far so good extinguish
fire go back to normal time okay
meanwhile occupant Garrett's got
a wire
absolute worse
but if you look inside again
come on Rosie just a it through
the fire to the fire lovely
stuff Rosie
just drop that just drop it and
then immediately oh God run back
to the reactor please thank you
that was a big boom what's going
on Lucy
where are you get don't just
stand there honestly can you
Shields shields at this point it
was no no yes you can tile God
come on everybody just pull it
together maybe I should try and
do a rousing speech
which plan is Shields replenish
shield come on Rosie you've
got this repairing the reactor
that's good that's good we're
going to order it again you know
this point I'm very tempted to
just like let it let it end let
it end like I just
want to welcome death Nathan get
the gun
Nathan get the gun what a
fantastic movie that is
gravity's his enemy attack enemy
Rosie Rosie
oh God what's up the shield
generators down come on now
you've got
this you've got this Old Guard
that's that's that's gonna catch
on fire what a name Rosie repair
Nathan Nathan
so that that and then
why is Nathan did
oh Rosie fix the shield
generator room Nathan's did know
Rose he's dead okay everybody
pull everybody be cool everybody
because we're out man we're out
of meat packs I'm out of
Med packs
there's nothing I can do there's
nothing I can do Dan get the
fire extinguisher put out the
Oliver bars don't just sit there
do something Lucy's
Sophie be
replenish it all of the phone
got to do something man you got
to do something getting a gun
getting a gun and start firing
oh I can't believe we just
watching Nathan Rosie died out
there they're
dying R2 they're dying Dan
you've got to put out the fire
extinguish the fire oh it's
horrible just
a countdown to death I don't
have a med kit
there are no Mick it's right
there aren't actually any now
I've used them all other useful
for I've used them all maybe it
is time to self-destruct should
we see
the self-destruct mechanic Dan
honestly what do you what's
wrong with you once you've done
your bit you've got to get back
to work work
oh my God we've done it we're
not dead we'll be dead in the
next bit look at those bodies
bodies there's a lot of
radiation in their loads of
radiation I just don't think I
just don't think look I just
don't oh no oh God everybody's
already at right Lucy's going to
Lucy's got
which I can't give up I can't
give up Lucy so be get on a
space suit you're going outside
outside all of a bath your I'm
sorry I'm truly truly sorry
I'm sorry
a domino and Lucy have inherited
the excess
and they're going to try and
they're going to try and
Salvage this mission never give
up never surrender Domino go and
fix the
radiator the radiator
the radiator there's a chance
that they're going to decide to
to self-destruct with that the
next enemy encounter I'm
just saying it's it there's a
chance meanwhile Lucy you're
doing you doing some great work
out there I feel
like you might be to irradiated
to live live
it's not going on everyone
Domino is now alone
on the excess piece to
irradiated to do a need to do
any good
back there
come on out go and sit in the
captain's chair actually no it's
the Indigo and city engineers
it's with a heavy heart
that I do this is with a heavy
heart heart but it has to be
done and the brink of death
Domino the last of his kind
hit the self-destruct button
but it was too late he died
before he could do it though oh
no is the
ultimate insult I really wanted
to stop this attractive it's
gonna be so cool oh God no
no no I can't believe it it
I tried everybody I mean it says
destroyed did it work oh
this k-pot pot oh no the chats
gonna catch up the chance gonna
catch up
if this hasn't made you this
stream hasn't made you think God
really want to play Space crew I
don't know what will space crew
one of the most intense game
game experiences you can have
it's incredibly incredibly hard
it's a real test of
everything it's a real test of
mettle I don't mean the mettle
of your ship it's a real test of
of management skills is a real
of just everything is so so
incredibly hard and so
incredibly fun
I would never ever ever have
done a high-risk Mission there
in my
own game it was the end of the
Stream I can't believe how much
more difficult it was it's
insane to me how much more
difficult it was but but there
you go so write that into the
books officer Millman was sadly
Ki a first
after recruiting officers 2097
and so and Captain bath the
remainder of the kill it crew
that's a bit of foreshadowing
there were
including Admiral caddock were
sadly killed killed mostly by
the Asian and failed to destroy
the ship which is now probably
been commandeered by the enemy
in this being scrapped for parts
we're hey it's another
successful stream on Playstation
access thank you so much for
me today me and obviously the
rest of the crew but primarily
Captain Jackson God Rest his
name I've had a lot of fun
believe it or not
playing space crew it's a
fantastic game it's really
really good fun it is great
to make people you know in in it
and see see how well well you
can you can look after them
which in my case is not very
well I don't know how you ever
get someone
passed level 6 because everybody
just dies everybody dies so
please do have a go yourself
we've got a little bit early
it's releasing soon but not
quite yet I should have done my
research but you know if you've
watched enough of these dreams
you'll know that I didn't I just
have been playing it and having
fun thank you for joining us
today we've got a full week a
full week of access
ahead as we're going to be
streaming again on Thursday I'm
trying to think whatever what
are the treats are coming up
this week their stuff their
stuff planned there are videos
happening so please keep
checking back on the channel get
in touch right comments reach
out to us on Twitter let us know
how you're doing what you're up
to what you'd like to see on the
channel we will do our best to
respond as always
or we'll just sort of nominator
like a lovely comments sponge
and we'll just you know soak up
all the lovely comments and
and forget to respond so
speaking of forgetting I'm going
to try and remember how to end
the stream effectively I'm going
to wave lovely goodbye and I'll
see you later in the week thank
you for
joining me thank you to my
lovely crew my lovely recruits I
do appreciate it I'm sorry it
went so wrong wrong

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