A 12 minute yoga/ mobility practice. Created in partnership with Shared Services Canada. Special guest starring Ares and Onyx.
Welcome everyone. For today's practice
you may need a block or a cushion.
We'll start laying down on our backs,
taking up as much space as you'd like.
Begin to connect with
the breath, relaxing the body.
You may want to place your hand on your low belly, maybe one on your chest just to
check in with the breath. Or, you can
leave them laying down by your side.
We'll start today's practice with
several rounds of a three-part breath,
inhaling deeply through the nose, begin
to fill the low belly all the way up to
the collarbones. When you get to the top,
and then exhaling through the mouth.
We'll do that two more times inhaling,
deeply filling up all the way, holding at
the top…
and exhaling through the mouth. One more
deep belly breath, maybe your deepest
breath today. When you get to the top
maybe taking an extra sip of air in…
Inhale the arms up over the head, take a full
body stretch, and then start to bring
your arms and your legs over towards the
left side of your mat, maybe hooking your
right ankle over your left, maybe
grabbing on to your right wrist
Find a little more
expansion on the inhalation.
If hooking the ankle, or grabbing on to the wrist is
too intense for you, feel free to just keep
your limbs beside each other.
Slowly come back to centre, we'll
set up on the other side.
We generally have a looser and tighter side, feel free to modify as you need to.
Slowly come back to centre, on your
next exhalation, lower the arms down by
your side, and bring the knees in, placing
the feet down on the ground, maybe even
off of the mat – begin to windshield wiper
the leg side to side. Feel free to go as
slow as you'd like, and if you find a
sweet spot you can hang out there.
Windshield wiper-ring the legs is a great way to neutralize the low back.
It's a great exercise for a little bit
of internal and external rotation
through the hips as well.
Bringing the knees back up to centre,
bring them in towards your chest and
give yourself a little hug, maybe you're
rocking side to side on your sacrum, if
that feels good for you.
Bring yourself up to a seated position.
We're going to come to a kneeling position,
so tucking our feet back behind us, and if
this is a too intense for you,
feel free to use a cushion or a block to
elevate yourself,
giving yourself a little bit more support.
Once you found your seat, finding a long
spine tuck the chin in towards the chest.
Begin to bring it over towards
your right shoulder and then all the way
up and back – once we get to the other
shoulder reversing the movement all the
way back to the right shoulder and then
down again. We'll do that on the other
side, bringing the chin towards the left
shoulder up and around and reversing the
movement, feeling the full range of our
cervical spine
and then coming back to neutral
extend the arms out long in front of you
point your fingers towards the ceiling
and spread them out hinging from the
wrists point the fingers down and then
up again, down, making sure the fingers
are still spread, and then come back to a
level position, rotating the palms out in
one way, and then all the way around the
other way – really feeling this movement
all the way up to the shoulders.
Keep going like that, slowly begin to drop the
hands back down. We'll do some shoulder
rotations. Imagining that you're creating
a little box with your shoulders, so
going forward, then back, down, and then
forward again. Once you get your full
range you can start to make this a
little bit more fluid, more circular and
switching directions, try to isolate
this movement just to the shoulders.
Giving yourself a hug, tuck the chin in.
We'll begin to draw a
box using our elbows, first bring
them to the left corner, up, and then
over to the right and then d own again
and back to centre,
reversing the movement. We'll bring the
elbows down towards the right, up about
half, way over to the left, and then down
and back to centre, releasing the
shoulders, and bringing the hands down by
your side.
The next movement is to work the
internal and external rotation of the
shoulder, so starting with a straight
left arm, bring the outside
of the hand to the outside of the right
leg. On your next inhalation, will draw
the bicep up towards the ear rotating
the palm out and then back keeping the
arms straight, inhale the arm up again,
and rotating the palm in, bicep by the
ear, exhale the arm down to your right
leg. We'll go through that several times,
inhale up, rotating out and back. We're
only working within our range, so
there should be no pain. Try to
isolate this movement to the shoulder
keeping the spine and torso as steady as
you can. We'll switch sides
straightening the right arm, and bringing
the bicep up by the ear, rotating the
palm out and back, inhaling the arm up,
rotating the palm in, and exhaling it
down towards the outside of our left leg.
Inhale it up, rotating out and back
inhaling up again, bringing the palm in,
bicep by the ear, and exhaling it down by
the left leg. One more time, inhaling it
up and back,
and then down again by the left
leg. Dropping that movement, extend
your arms out long, fingers pointing up
towards the ceiling, and then begin to
curl your fingers and your thumb in
towards your hand, and rotate the
palm so that they're facing you. Then,
finger by finger we'll start to test our
range, pointing them up one at a time.
Sorry about the middle finger, we'll
do that again pointing them each one at
a time up and then shaking it out
placing the hands down and make your way
now into an easy seated position legs
are crossed if you need a cushion or a
block underneath for a little support
feel free to add it I'm placing the
right hand down the grammer and inhale
the left arm up and over for a side Bend
I don't do that on the other side
placing the left hand down right arm up
Inhaling both arms up, we'll do a little
twist here, bringing the right hand to
the left knee, and the left hand behind
us, looking over our shoulder.
Spine is long.
Inhale to come back up to Center
bringing the left hand to the right knee
right hand behind maybe looking over our
shoulder again. Inhale back up to
centre, and then relaxing the hands down.
Placing the hands down behind us,
fingers pointing towards us, bring the
feet out wide in front
windshield-wiper one side and then the
other, just once, to neutralize the spine.
We'll come to meet in a neutral
tabletop position.
Make sure that your wrists are stacked
underneath your shoulders, your knees
underneath your hips.
We'll go through several rounds of cat
and cow, dropping the belly, inhaling
up for cow, and exhaling under for cat,
tucking the tailbone and chin, inhaling
up for cow, exhaling, curling under for
cat, inhaling up, come back to a neutral
spine. Place your right hand behind your
head pushing into your head a little bit
and lifting the elbow up, inhaling to
open up to the side, and then exhaling,
curling under, elbow to elbow,
inhaling out again, exhaling in.
This movement targets the upper back,
so try to keep the low back stable while
you do it. Inhale open and then we'll switch sides,
bringing the left hand to the back
of the head, and pushing a little bit
into the head, lifting the elbow up and
then opening up to the side, exhaling in
elbow to elbow, inhaling up and open,
exhaling and elbow to elbow,
inhaling up and out, and exhaling in
Then bring the hand back down to
the ground, exhaling back to child's pose.
You can take this with your knees
wide, if you'd like to target your hips a little more,
or, if you'd like to target your lower back, you can bring your legs together for this.
Breathing here, feel free to stay in this position as long
as you'd like, breathing into any tight
spaces you may feel.
Thank you so much for joining me
for practice today.

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