The Student Recreation Center (SRC) of the University Student Union (USU) is putting the power in your hands with On-Demand Fitness for you! Kettlebells are …
Hi guys.
My name is Connie.
I'm a group exercise instructor at the SRC,
and today we're going to be doing an on-demand
Kettlebell workout, 30 minutes, you and me.
Let's get started with a warm up.
So you're all you're going to do is get on
your mat.
Stand nice and tall.
You're going to turn your top of the hands
towards each other, internally rotate those
shoulders reach nice and high up to the ceiling.
Go and take a deep breath in.
Exhale, tuck the chin and roll down one vertebrae
at a time.
Getting into the deepest squat that you're
able to do, reaching through your hands, stretching
out the back and exhale.
Tuck the tailbone and under dig your heels
into the floor as your roll up.
And as you come up, flip the palms up pinky
face up to the ceiling and you get a nice
stretch through the front of the body.
Tuck your hands together, tuck the chin, roll
Rotate those thighbones open as you reach
through the legs.
Stretch out that upper back and roll yourself
up, tucking the tailbone under keeping a neutral
pelvis and looking up to the ceiling.
Pinkies up, palms up, just stretch out the
front of the chest.
Two more times.
Inhale, roll down.
Inhale, feel that back puff up.
Exhale, dig the heels down, roll yourself
up and pinkies up, palms up.
And one last time, hands up and roll down.
Again, firmly rooting those feet into the
Reach through, and roll up and pinkies up,
palms up.
I lied one more, but we're going to stay at
the bottom of your squat.
So roll down, again, staying at the bottom
of your squat.
You can adjust your feet if you need to.
And again, we want to get as deep as you can.
If you're not physically able to do that,
that's okay.
It might be up here and that's totally fine.
Whatever that you're able to do.
So in this position, I want you to actively
push out of your heels.
And then we're going to do a nice side reach.
So opening up our lats, getting a nice side
Again, we’re going to look up to the ceiling,
following your hands.
So it's not really a twist.
It's more of a lateral stretch.
So think up and over like a rainbow and you
have the option of also pushing that knee
out as well.
If you tend to cave your knees in.
And remember pushing out of those heels, stay
active in the squat.
You can get a little inner thigh stretch while
it's working here.
And one more to each side, up.
Well, let's go ahead and straighten your legs,
shimmy them back together.
And stand on up to do a loaded beast step.
So, you're going to walk your hands down to
the floor, into a plank position.
From here, I want you to walk your knees right
Actually I lied.
Just kidding.
Keep your feet back into a plank position
and you're going to send your hips back.
So your hips come back, but your knees stay
off the floor.
So in a hovering position, you should feel
a stretch in those lats.
From here you’re just going to step forward
into a deep lunge.
And making sure that you're pushing out of
the heels to stretch out the glutes, and you're
going to place your hand back down and step
back into that loaded beast position.
Other side.
Front step, nice big stretch.
And step it back.
Here and pulling that other hand back towards
your face, activating your back muscles and
If you feel good, you can go a little quicker
Since it's early morning for me here today,
I'm going to let it sink in and get the next
little stretch.
You're going to keep that back active, nice
or leg, nice and active and straight.
You’re activating and stretching the quads
Almost there.
One more.
Back, step again and finishing in a plank
We're going to hold this position here, pull
your heels back, push the heels back, flex
the quad, squeeze the glutes.
Get a nice straight neck, so try not to look
at your belly button.
Good core strain those hands into the floor.
If you have hyper extensive elbows, give me
a tiny bend.
Good and breathe.
Inhale and exhale, pull that belly button
to your spine.
Feel your core work a little harder.
Are you still pushing those heels back or
are you still activating the quads squeezing
those glutes?
You got 10 more seconds here.
Doing that body check continuously in your
Good five more seconds.
Three, two, and one.
Drop your knees one at a time.
And let's get into some side plank, hip bridges.
So this one you're going to be in a modified
side point position.
So elbow is going to be in line with your
shoulder socket.
Knees are going to be slightly forward and
your hips are stacked on top of each other.
From here, you're going to push your hips
forward, boom, as you come up and push your
hips back as you come down.
Okay, making sure that your obliques stay
active the whole time.
Ready, set, and let's go.
Coming up.
Hips come back as you go down.
Push up and it's more of a hover then completely
collapsing to the floor.
That way we get our flute meats active.
And squeeze up.
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten.
You got two more!
Eleven, hips back and push forward.
Last one up and hold it again.
You're pushing your hips forward, tucking
the hips, nice, strong core as you push out
of your forearm.
Three, two, one and relax.
Switching sides.
So again, elbow underneath your shoulder socket,
knees are in front of your body, hips are
stacked on top of each other.
Deep breath in, push into that shoulder, nice
and strong.
Head up, back as you go down, Up and down.
So remember to push your hips back as you
come down, then you have room to push your
hips forward as you bridge up.
Inhale, down.
Exhale, up.
Remember it's a little hover versus completely
collapsing to the floor cause then you lose
all the work, right?
You lose all the connections to your muscles.
So hover and tap.
Good, we got five more.
Five, four, three.
Nice and strong for that shoulder joint.
Two and one, hold it up.
This side it's tough for me.
Good, you should be feeling nice and warm
in the side, booty here, pushing out of that
floor. Five seconds.
Four, three, two, one, and back and down.
Good and relax.
Let's go and get started with our circuit.
We have a clean to squat to start.
So go ahead and grab your kettlebell and we're
going to have it in between our feet to start.
So it's in between your foot arches.
So from here, we're going to hinge down, grab
our kettlebell.
You're going to hike it up and slide your
hands down the horns of the kettlebell.
So activate your biceps, elbows tight to the
And then we'd go down to the squad, stand
deadlifts, clean it, squat and stand.
Let's get it going.
So grab your kettlebell in between the arches
of your feet.
Nice flat back in your hinge position.
Let's go and hike it up.
Good and squat.
Then two, and squat.
And you can go into a deeper squat if you
want to, if you're able, okay.
Keeping in good form, meaning your back is
in neutral and your pelvis is not arching
forward or tilting forward.
Check your knees, making sure that your knees
aren't caving forward.
Breathing, good.
You guys got it.
Inhale down, exhale, slide those hands down
the kettlebell.
Two more.
And last one, up and down.
Safely putting your kettlebell to the floor.
We have some core work next, you got plank
horn taps.
So you're going to have the kettlebell out
in front of you.
I got to catch my breath y’all.
All right.
You want it at arms distance.
So go ahead and measure out how long you need
for your palm to push down on the kettlebell horn.
From that position, you're going to get into
a forearm plank.
So elbows down, push your feet out into that
plank position.
And we're going to tap that horn.
Ready, set, let's go.
Push down, back to your plank, push.
Pulling that belly button into your spine.
Exhale as you push down.
No, we're not just tapping here.
I want you to push hard, good.
Rest down, nice and hard.
See how that feels on your lats, on your obliques
versus just doing a little tap.
But work a little harder today with me.
Deep breaths, use that exhale to pull your
belly button in.
Good, three more.
Three, two, and one.
Plank position.
Bring your knees down.
Come on up, shake it out.
And guess what y’all, we’ve got Kettlebell
So setting yourself up for swings, try to
make sure you're at arms length.
Okay, you're going to hitch it back about
45 degrees.
From here, you're going to break the handles
on that kettlebell horn.
So break that kettlebell handles so your lats
and arms stay active.
Good, you're going to hike it back, swing —
no higher than the shoulders.
When you come out of it, you hike it back
to the floor, let it go and come up.
Safely coming in and out of your kettlebell
swings, super important, yes?
All right, so let's go for 15 kettlebell swings.
So set yourself up.
Arms length, pitch it back 45 degrees, break
the handle on that kettlebell.
And let's get it swinging.
Squeeze, those glutes all in the hips.
I choose to keep my elbows bent, but if you
want to keep your arms straight, you totally can.
So long as you keep your lats active.
So kind of think about having a clipboard
underneath your armpits as you swing.
I kind of lost count, but that's okay.
If you were at ten, we’ve got five more, five,
four, three, two, one, and safely come out
of that swing.
Deep breath.
We're going to do rows next.
So alternating rows in a hinged position.
So in a hinge position here, you're going
to row twice and switch hands, row twice.
So from the front, you row twice.
Juggle it to the other side, and row twice.
Deep breath in, grab your kettlebell, let’s
get a rowin’.
Hinge forward into that hinge position and let's
get it going pull.
Two, and switch.
You're keeping your neck nice and long.
Think about your back muscles doing the work.
Otherwise, sometimes we go too much into the
biceps than the rows.
Breathing as you go, you're almost there.
You got two more sets.
Last set, two, and last two on the other side.
And safely drop your kettlebell.
Shake it out.
You have that one more time.
Going back to the top of your clean squats.
If you need some water, grab some right now.
I’m going to need some, so virtual cheers,
Alright and let's get started.
Deep breath in.
Set that kettlebell up between the arches
of your feet.
Again hinge down, karate chop at the hips.
Then, let's pick up that kettlebell.
Let's go.
Clean it, then squats.
And for those of you that are squatting with
their toes pointing forward, see what it feels
like pointing out a little bit.
Most people feel more comfortable in their
knees, with their toes slightly turned out.
Just the way our anatomy is.
Inhale, clean it.
Again, biceps are active.
Your elbows are tight to the body.
And by that, I mean just engaged, not clenching
for dear life.
Clean it and squat, you got two more.
And last one.
And stand.
Safely lose the kettlebell to the side, or
not the side on your mat.
We have those kettlebell horn taps in that
plank position.
So making sure it's in the center of your
Again, at arms length.
So hands, or elbows, forearms underneath the
shoulders, bring the leg back.
Ready, set, and let's go.
Tap, push down.
Switch sides.
Tap, push down.
Catching your breath here.
Good squeeze your inner thighs.
Even though your legs are parts helps you
stabilize that pelvis, you don't rock side
to side, so much.
Pulling that belly button to spine as you
push down on that kettlebell.
Push down.
Ten more taps.
Eight, seven, six, five, push out of that
Three, two, one and one.
Back to your plank, drop the knees down.
Roll your self up, catch your breath.
We have kettlebell swings next, 15 kettlebell
Deep breath, get ready.
And as we swing guys, remember walking out
those glutes, boom.
We're not overarching, we're squeezing our
abs nice and tight.
So you end up in a straight line out of your
Deep breath.
Exhale it out.
You guys are all warriors.
All right.
And let's get started on our kettlebell swings.
Arms length, hitch it back 45 degrees.
Now break the handle.
You know, clipboards underneath those armpits,
Hike it back, 15 swings, let’s go.
Three, four.
Power in those hips.
Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Five more.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Safely come out of that swing.
Woo, excellent job guys.
Kettlebell hair, don't care.
Hair always gets crazy.
After kettlebell swings, we have our alternating
rows, two rows on either side.
The dog says, what's up.
Alright, so let's get ready in our hinged
If you're starting with the kettlebell on
the floor, same deal, safely get into it,
and start in your hinge position.
Let's get at it.
Row twice and switch, two and switch.
Remember keeping a nice hinged position, meaning
flat back.
Crouched chest.
Someone's got a rocket strapped to your back.
Think about your back muscles pulling versus
your biceps.
Digging into your heels.
You can feel this in your hammys and glutes
as well.
Staying in this hinge position.
Good abs pulled in.
Two more sets.
One more set.
And done.
Kettlebell down, shake it out for a second.
And we have our finishing little flow here.
We're going to do a single rock clean to a
single rock squat.
You’re going to keep alternating, Okay?
So as you catch your breath, let me show you
what you're going to be doing.
So you're going to have a kettlebell on the
floor, again in between your arches of your
From here, you're going to clean it up.
Squat, come back down and then switch sides.
Clean it.
Come up and come right back down.
Using the power of those hips to get that
kettlebell up in that rock position.
It's not just your arms muscling it up, so
let's get ready.
Deep breath.
We got one full minute here.
Going in four seconds, three, two, let’s
Clean it, both feet have the same amount of
So even though you have the weight on one
side of your body, you want it to feel like
you have it in both in your feet.
Yeah, again, nice tall spine in that racked position,
making a little shell for your kettlebell,
the crook of your elbow.
Down and up.
Again breathing as you go, challenge yourself
with the pace.
Yeah, you go as fast as you think it's necessary
while keeping good form.
Ten seconds, Almost there, breathe through
You got it.
Five seconds.
Here we go.
Ooh my glutes are on fire.
Three, two.
And time!
Shake it out.
And we have that one more time.
So deep breath, grab some water if you need
You guys are doing amazing, and let's kill
it on this last set.
You know what you're doing now, so really
put in your all.
Feel it in those muscles.
Ready, set, and let's go.
Clean it.
Drive through those heels, making sure that
you’re controlling that kettlebell as you
come back down and you’re not letting it
just fall.
Squat, again, power up those hips as you bring
that kettlebell up.
Snap the hips and that kettlebell is just
coming along for the ride.
We are just about halfway through.
Even pressure through both feet, think about
keeping both sides of your torso nice and
long, meaning, try to avoid crunching to the
side you have the weight, yeah?
Five seconds, three, two, and woo time.
Shake it out, deep breath in.
Last thing we have here now is rows, kettlebells,
or kettle bell swings for your last minute.
So we're going to do two rows per side.
And then put the kettlebell down, set yourself
up for your kettlebell swings.
You’re going to do five kettlebell swings.
Okay so, in my hinge position I'm rowing twice,
switching rowing twice.
Have my kettlebell down; pitch it back to
arms length, kettlebell swings.
Five times, three, four, five.
Parked it down again, safe it in and out of
those swings.
Bring it back, you row twice.
So let's get ready going in five seconds.
Deep breath.
Set it up for your rows.
Three, two, one, let's go row it twice.
Switch arms.
Good, place it down, bring it forward.
Arms length, break the handle.
Swing five times.
One, two, three, four, five.
Safely come out of the swing.
Drag your kettlebell back, row it twice.
Park it on the floor, arms length, hike it.
Two, three, four, five.
Park it safely, drag it back, row it.
Two. one, two.
Park it, forward swings.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Safely come out, drag it back.
This is probably your last one.
One, two.
One, two.
Park it.
Drag it forward.
Five, four, three, two, one.
And safely come out.
Magic, done.
Deep breath in, exhale, hands come down.
Deep breath in, exhale, hands come down.
Starting or ending, like we started, eight
Top of the hands together.
Inhale, exhale, roll down.
Sink into it, really reach your hands through.
Roll yourself up, pinkies up, palms up, top
of the hands together, roll it down.
Deep breath in.
Roll yourself up.
Deep breath in, rolling down.
Now you're going to stay down.
Right here.
Pushing your knees open with your elbows and
doing that side stretch again.
So up and over like a rainbow and come back
It's not a twist, it's just a lateral stretch.
So think about kind of tracing your hand along
the wall.
Inhale, exhale, come back to center.
Have a seat, and we have figure four.
So put that foot over the knee or over the
top of the thigh.
Proud chest here, I don't want any slumping
so push out of those arms, push that knee
And the more you need just creep closer to
that foot, keeping up proud chest straight
back, and think about relaxing those glute
muscles versus kind of clinging onto something.
Letting every exhale kind of loosen the muscles
Good and switch sides.
Foot across, bring it in, again proud chest,
Do whatever in length you can do keeping a
proud chest.
Remember you can always creep forward a little
later once you've loosened up a bit.
Pushing that knee outwards.
Pushing out of the floor, really tall spine
Remember when you need a little more stretch,
you can always shimmy your body closer while
maintaining that tall position.
Good coming on to all four.
Let's finish it with some cat cows, hands
underneath the shoulders, knees underneath
the hips and feet apart.
Good deep breath in, exhale belly button to
spine, tuck the tail on under curl up like
a cat, feel your back muscles stretch out
and coming through neutral inhale, exhale,
pull your knee or hands towards your knees.
Sending your chest full through to the other
side of the room.
Good inhale, exhale, belly button to spine,
curl into your cat position, pushing away
from the floor.
And neutral position.
Pull your chest through those arms.
Good, one last time.
And to neutral, send your hands a little
more forward, go into a nice big child's pose
and keep your knees apart if that feels better.
Really stretch against the floor.
Reach super long, you can sway side to side
and get the angles here and roll yourself up.
And give yourself a round of applause.
Excellent job guys.
Make sure you guys check out the group
class schedules for the virtual classes online.
And I hope to see you at one of my kettlebell
classes online.
So you guys soon.

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