Steamed Pork Belly with Preserved Greens | 咸烧白做法Ingredients食材: 五花肉Pork Belly(500g) 梅菜Preserved Greens(150g) 姜Ginger(10g) 葱Scallion(2-3) …
H! Guys! Welcome to my channel!
So what we are going to make today is
a famous Szechuanese/Chongqingese dish
mostly seen in local village now.
it's called steamed pork belly with preserved greens.
It is one of the most famous countryside dishes – 8 steamed dishes
in Szechuan cuisine.
It is a bit time consuming to make, however,
It tastes amazing!
It has this unctuous texture from tender pork belly,
and a medley of sweet, savory and sour from the preserved greens.
I definitely hope you will enjoy this recipe.
Let's get started!
For pork belly,
t's best to use a nicely cut square piece,
so you can get nicely sliced pork belly.
Simply add scallion, ginger, cooking wine
and Szechuan peppercorn in the water with pork belly,
Bring the water to boil and continue to cook for 20 minutes or so.
Meanwhile, we can work on other ingredients.
Dice some garlic and ginger.
Slice scallion and cut dried chili into small segments.
Then we will need to wash the preserved greens thoroughly.
You can find preserved greens in package at Asian market.
You might want to wash the greens a few times
to get rid of excessive salt and dirt stored in the package.
You can directly wash the greens underneath the faucet in the sink.
After greens have been washed a few times,
place them on a chopping board,
simply slice it into small pieces for later.
Let's check on the pork belly.
Simply poke the pork belly with a chopstick,
if it goes all the way through,it's then fully cooked!
We simply remove the pork belly.
Now we are going to color the pork belly with dark soy sauce
in a container.
Simply apply dark soy sauce all over the pork belly.
You can also use a corn holder to poke the skin, so dark soy sauce can penetrate.
Then we will need to apply small amount of salt to the pork belly,
this is to decrease oil burn when it's being fried in hot oil.
We are going to deep fry the pork belly.
Pour an adequate amount of oil in a pot,
place pork belly in the pot when oil gets hot by 80-90% ,
please remember to keep the lid on to avoid oil burn.
A few minutes later,
pork belly starts to get golden and crispy,
simply remove it from the oil.
Simply pace deep fried pork belly in iced water/cold water
and soak for 5 minutes.
This step is to obtain a nice wrinkled pork skin appearance.
Remove pork belly from the water,
start slicing it into small slices with a thickness between 1-2 cm.
Once sliced, we put them in a container.
Marinate the meat with salt, dark soy sauce,cooking wine, soy sauce,
honey and chicken powder.
Mix them well for later.
To prepare the preserved greens, simply place them in a pan,
Stir fry the greens on medium heat,
this is to dehydrate the greens.
Remove them once dried out.
Pour a small amount of oil in the heated pan.
Once it gets hot,
we put diced garlic, ginger and dried chili in the pan to mix on medium heat.
Once the aroma comes out,
then we can add the greens in the pan to mix together.
Before we remove the green,
simply season it with small amount of salt and chicken powder.
Before we can start steaming,
we need to plate first as part of the dish presentation.
Place one piece of pork belly on the front and back end of a bowl first,
then place the rest slices next to each other in the middle one ….
Top pork belly with the cooked greens.
Then it's ready for steaming!
Finally, we place the bowl with stuffed pork belly and greens in a steamer,
steam it for 1.5 – 2 hours.
Two hours later, we simply turn off the steamer.
remove the bowl with gloves as it's extremely hot.
Simply cup a plate on top of the bowl ,
flip the bowl gently while holding onto the plate firmly,
remove the bowl slightly,
garnish with chopped scallion to complete the presentation!
There you have it!
Steamed pork belly with preserved greens with an unctuous texture of melting pork belly!
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