Steve Backshall risks being strangled by a Boa Constrictor snake as he demonstrates their lethal killing technique – on himself! Incredible clip from Deadly 60 …
So, this is what the boa does best.
Let's see if I can show you a little
bit more about how this snake hunts.
So, now you can see
quite a lot of the snake's bulk
is going to straight around my neck.
Around here is where my windpipe is,
where air comes in and out of my lungs
and also where the arteries are
that carry blood to my brain.
Now, as I breathe out…
the snake is very subtly…
increasing the pressure around my throat,
as you can see.
That's making it more and more difficult
for me to breathe.
And every time I breathe out,
it just tightens a little bit more
until eventually I can't get
any air in or out of my lungs
and already, at this stage…
if I wasn't…
just to ease the pressure… I would be
finding breathing very difficult indeed.
This is what constricting means.
If you see me
starting to go blue or purple in the face,
then I might need a little bit of help.
Constricting basically means to strangle,
to suffocate the life out of prey,
and that's how this magnificent animal…
manages to kill
the mammals it's feeding on.
Oh, its tail is going round the back
of my neck now.
It's just finding places and ways
of getting purchase
to use its really strong muscles…
in choking me.
Now, only got quite a short time
that I can show you this
before I'm going to have to release myself
The amazing thing that happens next…
is that the boa constrictor will
actually start to swallow its prey whole.
And, to do that,
it can open this mouth incredibly wide.
You all right, Steve?
Yeah, yeah, it's amazing how strong it is.

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