Street workout tutorial Advanced Front Lever variations with Zalimhan Kambalov Calisthenics Israel – CIA advanced level Follow us in …
Hello Zalim, as always nice to see you. Thank you too
So – what advanced variations for front lever you want to show us today, and please give some tips.
In this tutorial, I want to talk about a few things, first variation – the Entry from L-Sit to Front
Posture of the arms, legs, abdomen and back all this is very important, so start this variation – Entry from L-SIT
Anyone who already has a good Front lever, I really recommend working on the following things: L-sit on parallel bars, floor and of course on the bar is important to do exactly – like video
the next variation is – front from a pull up
And of course the most important variation, is turn-around in Front lever as seen on video
Tips: for people who want to improve their front lever it is very important to pay attention to your diet, I recommend practicing front lever on an empty stomach
I wish in the most honest, a lot of success for all fans of this Exercise – to do it straight and clear, not like most of athletes I've seen – even my students
This video-tutorial help you, I promise you – if you do everything just right so it will help you a lot

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