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The other Factor was our persistence and graduation rates, and these are in some ways
Lagging indicators they they are
Generally for six years now, but they do tell [the] story if you get under the numbers to understand
What is behind that story the story they told us is that?
students were coming to us and fewer than twenty percent were actually graduating in four years and
Fewer than at the time
Numbers a little better than this year fewer than forty five percent, we're graduating in six years now
We can come up with all kinds of ethical reasons. Why that might be [the] case?
but clearly we are in the business of
Educating students and ensuring that they graduate with the degrees they need to be successful
long term
in their work environment
But also in there or never fit their lives
frankly as members of a democracy and then when we're only taking them here
But not enabling them to move forward with the credential that will open doors for them and one that needs
Something that has the kind of prayer that we all embrace behind it then we were falling short of our goals
Especially we haven't spent some time to really look [at] what we're doing it whether there are factors that we could address
There are so factors that go beyond our walls and that we can
that but there are others that we can and so we
Invited a group of faculty and staff of the leadership of Nicola Peter, and I can't thank them enough. They were incredibly
important in getting this
Initiative watching we can just take a moment because they're not pretending today to thank you very much for the work. They do
They convene steering committee they set the agenda
They develop the working groups and they brought more of you in to participate [in] it
And we actually have close to 100 members of our campus community who participated?
Clearly the initiative around student success resonates with a great number
And it clearly resonates today because this is an incredible crowd this shows that there is a genuine interest in
oven in
Making the right kind of change at our camp isn't learning
What does this task forces has?
Come up with through all of its efforts over this last year. It has been a Year's
Work, it was based on significant data, and I want to make my home enemy and refer party for that
They were real skull births on this task Force who provided
Analysis of [that] day time in comparison of that data to all over various working groups and to the steering committee as a whole
So the recommendations that you will hear today
Or recommendations that are evidence-based that are founded on data
Which will which I'm sure that
Grasonville proper little bit about course of their presentation
But it's also in comparison to best practices national rate that we
You know are not the only institution that has to be concerned about
Ensuring our students succeed. There's lots of literature on it in the anatomy today. It has become a
particular interest of President Obama and his administration
He is talking
and I can't remember the last time we've had a president's or
Explicit about this you can disagree or agree with some of the [detail], but he has totally put the completion agenda
That is student success at colleges and universities across the country very high on the national Agenda
So our efforts in this regard to our efforts in this regard could not have come in a more timely
Moment and finally I should say that there was some discussion at the time about where this would fit into our strategic planning process
And I will only say this that
It was clear to us then and it remains there to us now that any your teacher plan that our
Planning committee comes up with [that] doesn't somehow have student centeredness at its heart. It's
Probably not the right strategic plan for this institution
and so I know that the
student success ask for chairs have already presented this to the steering committee of the strategic planning process and
many of these recommendations will be integrated into
Final recommendations from the strategic plan Robert looking at you and having you know actually not be on the Accra officially
I I'm just presuming that's the case because as I said if you go back to our values of Vision statement, we are a
Student-centered institution, we must be a student-centered institution
And that means that anything we can do to support student success
We need to do there is an urgency actually to do it now the last thing
I want to say about just the leadership of this task Force is it is a very important job
Connection between
academic affairs and student affairs and both with our original
co-chairs and Peter and cool
And in our current co-chairs in Stephen preach dean of arts and sciences and face each time reading vice president for student affairs
We have continued to ensure that partnership. I just came this morning from A
Work meeting for the thing come back a member of that board now
and there are we talked a little bit about that nexus between soup affairs and academic affairs and how
student success really does involve [oh] what we do in the classroom, and how we
Really deliver an academic promise and now we support students outside of the classroom?
Which is so much of what student life as you d'affaires?
He's interested in and so it really is that partnership, and I think any anything. We do going forward will involve
The strengthening that partnership between academic and student affairs and equally is one of the real strengths of our
institution is that we do have terrific leadership in both the student affairs in the academic affairs side at A
Credible Commitment by our academic leadership and our faculty to student success
Within and outside the classroom, and I believe also credible support from our professional staff
On the student affairs side and across the university frankly in finance and administration in enrollment management you name it
that also says we want to be an institution that is supportive of
Everyone and certainly ensures that our students and succeed and so I will leave you in one point
I have to recognize the day of board meetings to do a promise for dating desk, so I'm going to have complete
I'm telling you that not that you need to know [my] come into knowing necessarily
But because I don't want it to be misread that the president made a few comments and left
on what was really important dates because we all [know] that the inner promise also is a part of our access a
Mission and is a commitment to our our region of the success of our potential students and our current students
We are with you caught the largest
Rick when we say with registrants or
Right word for it, but we never assured here the largest number of promise students only only
Match but not so this is an important dimension for us, but literally do with this
recommendations are
Significant they are profound. They are transformative some of them cough
You know it will involve financial investment or resource investment of some kind over time others of them simply me
Rethinking, what we do?
they simply be looking hard and not being afraid to make change and
I know that much of the debate that we will have probably after this presentation
And we'll start with some of you even at [your] hearing it
It certainly has already occurred at the work groups and in the steering committee it will continue on after the presentation is made
Because we really do want to ensure that every one of you and books morning here in this room today
Have a chance to provide input reaction to
That you're going to hear in order to do this right we have to ensure that we have the broadest discussion on campus
I think we've done that with representation on the steering committee and the work groups
But it's one thing to talk about the ideas and even to respond to the data
It's another thing to actually make the change and I ask all of you as you think about how [we] are going to really
Implement these recommendations first I pledge to you that we will make it a priority to
implement these recommendations these are rather the nations that came from a
Incredible cross-section of the University and it is our obligation, and I assured both Peter and Nicole
but also stephen and tracy when they took over the reins of the task force that
You had my commitment that we would do everything we can from a leadership perspective
To support the recommendations
Because again, we're here for the good of our students
And we can I'm really not interested in asking people to invest this kind of time and energy and thought
And not deliver on a solution the solutions and the implementation will not happen overnight
But some of it can happen fairly quickly
some of it is already happening as we speak but
No, and again. I said this in my state of the university address shot at one
I said that we all talked about the importance of change, but we also believe that happens to everyone else
The truth is it will be involved in all of us these are recommendations
That embrace everything we do
And some more obviously than others and I asked you [not] check out your first reaction be wait a minute
We don't want to do that. We can't do it. It will never work
Remember many folks have thought about this and put that reaction to sign you may come back to it its own, right?
That's your right privilege
But I ask you that these initially is clear to side and look honestly at them and say you know what?
Maybe we really can't do this differently and better and this is not going to undermine our
Commitment and values as an institution. It's not gonna undermine our rigor. It's not that undermine our
You know our?
Autonomy and authority and all that but this is really a way to come together as a community
For the purpose of what we're here to do
So I will stomp up run on down to stay for a couple of minutes
And then I'll write down the wall street and let me turn it over now to
Tracy and gave it to
offer you the presentation
And we are thrilled to be here with you that we are so appreciative that so many of you will come out on this
kind of cool and blustery
Monday afternoon, I'm just going to get started really quickly
I've traced the time we as we haven't been vice president for student fair you know Diva
deep Stephen three-star Dean of Arts and sciences
We want to tie you to the beginning quickly because it went to get to the feet of the matter and have enough time for
some confirmation
Afterwards so going to try not to rush too much, but keep moving so better quality of outline well
Sort of the structure of how we move into this process and to up is important
we had nine subcommittees that work to be required and
we really want to acknowledge those people because
They are the work that we have a fortune to represent our to present to you today
So I'd like to start by asking all the chairs it up an hour nine
Subcommittees and Mp or Nicole please stand and be recognized
If you serve on one of the committee's with one of these chairs please stand with them you wanna
work with nothing insignificant by any of the members of our campus community
And you can see the names of some of them as I continue to speak
So we're really grateful what we are going to present to you today is really our scene
And I took every step we need a report and Stephen
And I took those reports and sort of to serve six major themes and then our identity theft you have six major recommendations
They are on
Recommendations within each of those there's all kinds of detail that will be in the report that you can read
Yoga will see that the report itself is about
27 page of the Summary Report and then each subcommittee has a lengthy report with additional data and
Documentation to support it and all that will be made available to you
but today
We're going to really focus at a higher level of all those six major themes that we will have
Sort of little service than a framework for our first
Columns university of Business graduating students, we involve ourselves a lot of arts as well as you though
They are teaching the auditory. It's filled with wonderful creative art but if we did not
Graduate student it was up
We must graduate students otherwise, we'll be out of business. So when we say
Our graph or the business graduate students is simply mean and we are going to judged
Harshly sometimes by these two very very important Criteria as
Persistence the time for graduation you argue [with] those criteria. You made my those criteria. Those are federally
recognized Criteria
They are readily recognized and they are used by every agency that actually takes into account
The quality of institutions. There's no way around we cannot avoid so therefore
persistence and kind of graduation where the metrics that we used and the
Basis we use we started looking for what should we improve. What is the charge president persistence and
so the very simplest arts
We have glitter on homes to graduate students?
type the program and
degree every part of task Force Lean on that every subcommittee
Thought about that as they worked for is looking at
reputations you're going to see
So there are we out?
So the most recent data reside for your graduation rate of seventy percent a six-year graduation rate Forty-nine percent
There's good news and bad news bad news first of all it's very club
That's the Vatican's my national standards is very fun with a lot [of] work. The good news is it's better than it was
We used to be closer to fourteen point something and we I so we come up a little bit in just last couple of years
that doesn't mean you've got [a] lot of work to do because
We're on a higher education
for you ares rates bed for forty point six
We are considerably behind this particular
method as graduation
TWenty-Five percent a nationwide are all boring a public institutions
33 Points days and fifty six percent
We have votes addicted so the task force that was convened by the president was timing
We know it only ones we have to keep every student that we can't
afford to point out this metric is
Is actually our taken from the students?
We begin here as first year freshman who begin their their career here
And then graduate even for five or six years later it is the only metric this actually plausible
You can't take transfer students. You cannot take graduates busy work out. This is describing the undergrad experience
This is the venture that is used nationwide is what we must use
to Advance a culture of students internships
We know that student success in Southern highest priority we see that in our mission and in our literature
And I believe that we believe that is not that we are just saying now that this is becoming important
But there are lots of ways in which we can improve open house students
Understand experience and perceive whether we believe students are our first priority
And so to start with it is to look at the culture so look at how each and every one of us
contribute in our unique way
That's when we encounter a student that he or she knows that we think that that is what is most?
Important about the work that we are doing on campus
And so I would like [to] talk about you specific areas where we would like to
Put energy in emphasis and the first is in a sense of belonging. Do you didn't feel like they matter?
We know that many if not the majority of our students don't choose southern [as] their first choice to go to college
And that's okay because it doesn't really matter as much
What they think when they come in is it matters once they get you into our concern?
Needs to be about whether we become their first choice for a place to pursue their higher education
And we made their first choice until they realize that
Educational goal and get there and get their degree we from our data
We do that responding [appropriately] [to] the question. I expect that I will graduate from seller is a strong predictor of attention
so we need more of our students to expect that they will graduate from Southern very early in their experience and
Continue to believe that as they persist
Students need to believe that we offer them something they can't get somewhere else
So we make a counter girl a girl or a bump in the road
That they don't want to go somewhere else have a different experience
They want to resolve that problem here because they are connected and engaged in a way that they can't imagine themselves as anything
but an hour
And so that's part of our creating a sense of belonging and that students really
They want to they want to be here old is armed
We also know that some of our students feel marginalized and we are working through our president's commission on
Climate and inclusion to think about our different population of students that we create a more inclusive community
but that is another area when it comes to belonging is that for each and every part of ourselves that make us feel unique and
special and
Important that that we are creating a place where all students feel welcome and comfortable our second area is
Student-centered service, and it really want to highlight the work that's already starting here
If you've been a part of the sdSu at work that you working together initiative, raise your hand, please
Lots of our community is we got this initiative
I'd like to read to you their values they've identified six values interval to providing
superlative customer service to enhance student a spear
responsibility accuracy effectiveness Empowerment integrity and professionalism
great values for all of us to have as we provide service to our
And so we want to elevate the work broad of the work that the sdSU menu
Working together team has begun you really make that a humorous initiative around, how we think about?
Students service how we deliver services to our students to be sure that that in?
[top] [notch] and again it feels units centered to them
our air is about employee orientation training and development every aspect of
employment needs to embrace the notion of student Center pneus our
advertisements for
Positions that in [clev] all positions need to include something about how important students are in the work that we do our job
Descriptions are interview processes
evaluation processes our reward systems
In many ways that we value of our employees
We bring them into the culture we get we on board them we orient them
And then we continue to train in develop needs to put some aspects of understanding the university of the place those focus
First and foremost on students into that process that will help us build and even stronger sense of students entrance
University ombudsman it is recommended in one of our reports that we hired a person who really is the
place of on campus that I say higher don't have to be at it a new position that needs to be a new component of
Work where a person or multiple persons are really
Identified as the go-to place when a student has a problem in to navigate some aspect to the university eats to resolve as a letter
again really up to
To direct and center our students in a place with problem solving that we just don't have right now so as an important position
And then finally thinking about our hours of operation we start classes at about seven o'clock in the morning
We finish classes at ten o'clock at night we offer classes on the weekends
We can't possibly have every service and then always open all of those times
But we need to better understand when we should be open what we should be providing who should be providing it so the recommendation is
Looking at our hours of operation
There will be if we are reaching our students when most are most likely to be on campus
And when they need us the most so all of these things together office, advanced and culture of students entrance
the seven major recommendations
Creating success then there you can google student success metrics, and you will find dozens is not up
100 thank you to trauma return, but there are lots and lots of kisses
The [trend] if you will right now. They don't all look like so we will highlight the
Proposals you have a student success center
I want to talk about
Five major areas or feeds that might fit into this period A broader notion of [a] student success center
then you'll find many college kids so thinking hickories a greater sense of
Inclusion of inclusion for our students it would provide a physical
ideally provide a physical and virtual space where students can come and and particularly get some
Experience. It will fall under shared leadership which we academic and student affairs as you'll see many of the areas that we talked about already
fallen process, so five primary areas of focus the first disputed transition support
we're really focusing on three primary areas of transition the first year so transitioning into the
University, it's our hallmark is what we do well. We have been recognized for it
We see a continued to do that by the students continue to jeans if you look at the unique characteristics of our student body
We need to continue to read them in with all the support mechanisms that they need to be successful
But we need to build on that into the second year
We write not don't have a lot of emphasis on the second year although its work in progress
We know the concepts of a sophomore slump that I think in many pieces?
Colleges and universities of the crowd around the country the ordinances you could own the first year the heart of the second year is because
It feels like this big drop off until our students get connected. Well, that's it their majors
And so really taking a look at that time of transition in the second year between being a new student and really being in
Upper level classes and be engaged on their majors the 30th is in transition support around Transfer [students]
The University is doing some great new work to support Transfer students
But to be key to even in the short time I've been here I have heard multiple times
External to the [University] they are not known for being transferred friendly. We need to become known for being transparent
Laura our students will come into the community college because that's at the more accessible place for them and
We had we need to have stronger and stronger partnerships with our community college neighbors
the Transfer students the Data show that transfer students are more likely to graduate than native as
PsU students we even though we don't attract their feet in the sea way
They are so important about thirty percent of our way students right now
And I imagine that continuing to grow as we have more and more opportunity to bring them in
So that under student success that are we want more support a change for you the nest
around learning support
We need to invest more strongly in how we provide learning support to our students
students respond to a great guest services that they're not aware of what we provide all your needs are not being met is we just
Frankly heavily invested as much as we need to invest and how to support
Their learning and so that we are we are encouraging we also believe the synergy provided the student success center
Would allow for learning support to happen in a more integral wake of the sum of this elder work
But we also need to grow it enhance. What we currently provide
And really look at the best practices around the country to be able to identify new opportunities
Digitally support the fallen in the student success center it up
It is a very of street for us right now, but I think can provide even stronger footwork to our students with
Their identified with disabilities if they are better connected to advising on transition and learning more fly than our
folk oh, yeah, sorry yeah, there is
absolutely dinner
This area is really but around up some things. We're currently doing is some things that we need [to] be doing better
Let's give you a few suggestions
Truly that helps students who are failing to reach their potential or who need help after they they get up some kind of roadblock?
This might be underprepared students students are in our student at satisfactory academic progress
Early morning interventions and academic probation support withdrew all services or other kinds of services that help in an intervention way
So that I think that that's important create a top of it horniman about academic and career quietly but also is a natural synergy
Under [student] [success] [center] have all of this work together
We hope one day together
Repurpose space to allow all of these areas to be in co located in a physical presence
But we're encouraging that starting place will be a virtual problem and then even stronger working
relationships across these units and functional areas
We have some great relationships now that we want to continue to go back
So these are our area's to recommend under a comprehensive student success
instant success centers just said we
would have the academic advising
We know from the data
And it doesn't [take] much to do a quick google of how advising affect student success
You will find that it is not the magic bullet. Is that the only thing that is extremely successful
We know that if you change your advising change nothing else that you can make a margin in your student success
But we also know that converse the converse is not true
In other words if you do not think about advising you will adversely affect student success
So while it's not a magic bullet it must be rolled in as part of what we're doing in to increase student success
There are there are so many interesting
For decades with included getting all sorts of interesting data on this subject good
When the student success report is finally rolled out this week and websites available makes of those resources available to pee
so under this
Transfer we actively monitor hoping and
recommending that the
Advising vision purpose and policies are revisited in such that we are sure we're all on same page
Then who is the advisor that we all agree these are the things we're going to do within the body sessions
And those hopefully will come from the best practices used Nationwide
But also, we know that one part certainly on our campus right now
We have a lot of glee advising it might be considered spotting or uneven it certainly doesn't have systematic approach to it
So you know the compressed professor advisors? Which are always always?
lean too heavily at the University
Especially ours and between good faculty advisor square able to put together an advising system that is stronger and more you invite?
We needed violence Russians better support for the second year students
As [Tracey] was just mentioning that our [first-year] students tend to be protected
This is normal the first year experience who protect our first-year students before I make sure we get the second semester first semester
The second Year students are often left a little behind
The important piece [of] Data is that if you make it to specify when these students they will present?
so we need to pay more attention to our first and
Second streets are thinking about in terms of being first and second year students as opposed to being first year students and then the rest
Of their educational career if we make it to specify if we get them to come back to be a Jr
they may graduate for you, then make that 25 years they may graduate six years, but they will graduate and it will become part of
positive influence on our students success
Means was that's a train for this person sight of your advisors
Whatever structure we choose and the report is going to roll out final
Working rule out later this week. We'll have some suggestions, but whatever we choose
We have to make certain that we offer to kind of training to ensure
That the faculty and staff workers versus and Kirsten's are doing the best work they can fuck for that
specific group of students first sentence and very different desserts in [anyways] the second third and fourth year students
And we need to make certain that we're addressing those concerns will work out
We also know that you need to offer some incentive if you're going to come next work in the first and second year experience
it's going to take time so I take effort it's going to take energy and
So [it] sentence will need to be over to some degree help our
Faculty is now being able to move forward and do we need to do is for 45 years
Revenues are more
We know that college of universities throughout the country have undergone some curricular tree if Dean Paul
Investor the best intentions in mind Faculty and administrators have both
Considered that seat time is the most essential piece of learning that the more classes the more time we spend
Working with our students and often the larger the curriculum becomes the better the educational experience now
You better be one way or the other whether that's true enough, but we know that we grow and grow and grow
The point we're at least 12 of our programs on campus at least 12
so many
classes that by the time students actually graduate they have between Em accumulate between 140 and
150 credits a couple even more than another 50 now does it require that?
necessarily but by the time they absolutely graduate they're in 140 or 150 hours, so
Even though we can put very little attention I
Believe the task force recommendation and my personal things well
And I'll take ownership of this that perhaps we had grown Beyond the size which is painful graduating students title
So this has more suggest to look at the liberal education program and ensure [that] we are
working with the right number of requests
You know the 48 50 hours required when I vasanthi
Recently some besides the 51 because of the nature of the class is over
That's quite an ailment. I'm the three writing classes wishing
They are you is or is not part with education Brigham?
It is universal required and so in that rotational students need to take nine this one hours
But there are some cases that then we come home to [feel] a house
That's nearly half our overall 120 hour requirement or graduate
This is not [necessarily]
Can either the move and Facebook at work we looked at again invest recommendations?
look at it again to ensure that we're teaching the right things we're teaching it in a
Rigorous way and an efficient way, I mean [would] never lower a rigger
Perhaps, it needs to look at to ensure that were not requiring too many
credits on credit hours at USC time for our students
Reston a liberal education program. I was really seeing some 100 years ago in the united soon. It was conceived much [more] than that
Larson silencer
for an old script of epic
It was originally conceived the one-third the credits would take part in the liberal education
program whether the credits would take place in the
major and then you'd have time for how
20-hour Minor and then 8 20 hours for collecting that was the way it was can sit down the world is changed it was conceived
But we should revisit some of those has to ensure that we are not
hopefully our
program side of Shake we know for a fact that
programs some of them are
Accredited and have grown because accreditation
Most of the credit sman required program or our programs that we have the post that we have chosen
To add broken so as we look at this model. How we're going to get students through 120 hours
It's looking shipped to a shorter that would not overly grown with the programs within the major
We're all this definite pedagogical innovation
We didn't
Teach him pretty [much] the same way since
1920 kids a talks now. There's nothing wrong in the box above all whitney in [at] Southern
Working food critic students in small Classrooms, that's one of our powers. I can't imagine ever want to escape
But there's lots of ways behind the classroom and one of the subcommittee's makes ripping suggestions
There's lots of ways in classroom can exist in 21st century
and it's time if we want to look the future we want to be the
University that will be competitive and 50 years please start out with a hot waste industry. We give a cup
Map his last ball has undergone on the heels of that operation happens last all that
You're Gonna spit the rigorous study is
created Report will become part of the task force people they are recommending a kind of
Innovation in
How the Mathletes on especially the lower levels what we call that emporium?
We want included in this particular report because it is an innovation
It's a streamlined way in order to help students in the education
they need its complement competency-based and southeast and
We might even learn something from that
But we're recommending that the full implementation of this particular part of the programmer to help our students credit we also know that
Matt and scores are
extremely important predictor of student success, so without students moving through the
Math areas quickly and efficiently we are never going to get to higher success rate and then the right program
significance a
recommendation was made by the
Subcommittee's to look at the writing program and simply improved we know for a fact that
Writing just like that is a strong predictor of student student success
It's also a hallmark of all good colleges and universities
We graduate students or xo right we also know from the data that perhaps
We are [not] doing as well as we should this area
They would decentralized writing program that has served us in some ways very well over the years, but perhaps now
It's time to revisit that the program and make some significant changes phases
to get our students fighting better and their potency and
As policy adjustments so does it low hanging fruit we have the policy judgments imposed by the ministration sometimes developed
By faculty and staff and over time has many put up some roadblocks that we can lower by simply changing
Policy and so we hope that that is something we can do relatively quickly in some areas where policy shifts could actually open
Pathways for students to graduate time
All right, we need to revive Progressive university branding marketing
We know that students go to universities often because they expect something special unique
It has been I will say absence at this university because they have been wrong if you're long enough to know the different ways
We marketed over the years
But I know that we haven't been have a good market in the way in which as been
Continuous and ongoing and constantly points out the things that we do so very better
If we start if we begin this branding process, there's an expectation of students
hey, it's just we attracted to go to place thing that where they are expecting a certain kind of experience and
Then when we deliver all that certain kind of experience they tell their friends and pretty soon. We have or attract more students
all students when it's their first choice and they go to
First choice they tend to succeed or off so what we want to do is create these expectations and be able today
Our students know
But they're going to get prior to coming it comes here primarily because of what we are not just
One of the constitute them where something
specifically can cause you
Such as a narrow definition a programmer or button school
But a broader definition what it is that we offer, and what is the experience that you can't get elsewhere?
Easily we're attention about a fourth, and we make certain that as students come here for the moment
They come on campus they begin to get that mysterious moving that experience it carries
An israeli around financing an affordability perhaps the most intuitive recommendations because we know that
Student indebtedness is a national conversation, and we have a week
We have students with a lot of financial need and we need to think about how we meet that be where there are creative
Opportunities to think differently about that so the recommendations here are fairly
Intuitive, I think one around financial literacy. How do we help students be more?
informed and knowledgeable and intentional and how they think about financing their college degree and even then as they prepare for
Life after college they understand the connections and are really more financially responsible as they [prepare] [to] be
To be graduates and to take the next phase of their right we really want to take a look at
How the Award financial aid rarely opportunities that was a recommendation be that was financially [in] leveraging
Instituto tool to a word university funding I think it is so
Important to think about how people we help how much we can employ our students on campus
We know nationally that students that work on campus are more likely to persist
Not only because it's a financial resource
But it's also a place of connection at the university somebody that is best to them is asking and how they're doing
Academically and is giving them tools to prepare for the Workforce
We also know nationally and at the university that students that were lost campus particularly
More than 15 hours a week are far less likely to persist in graduate work is very objects
To our students, and so we need to think about all kinds of different ways we can increase our student on campus
Then the last area under this is around as other costs to students whether that's textbooks or meal plans or they are on campus experience
Need to think about it even our fees that go along with our tuition
We need to think about how much it costs to our student in
Total to be Southern
And look at me if you can reduce those costs or supplement those costs in any sheet with way shape or form
So kind of it. There's more detail that I'm
aware of the time
And I don't think that's one requires us not just lanesha know that they were pretty aware of what our
Well-being helping you to continue to work to help our students key?
To be supported and successful in terms of financing their education so as we wrap up and open the floor to questions or response
Reactions conversation we up there is an overarching
Recommendation that we I feel encouraged the president to designate a permanent body with broad representation a new body not
Group this is an implementation team that will help institutional a student success provide oversight with an implementation of these recommendation
identify future research that will inform our work and recommend Africa recommend new
Actions and activities that will keep student success as our top priority [at] the university
We will be enough posting all of them all of the all that we've talked about all of the reports
We both end up quickly definitely by the end [louise]. We hope before but it will be in a website
It was just two minutes too long to reproduce for this many people
So it will be available we will send email to the campus
So you know what is available and with a link to do you go right to it?
But these are the highway so we read your notes
You're our victim is a reminder our six broad recommendations about the student success task for to the campus community
We are open [to] your response questions reactions
the Last Time I
wonder if give some example of what they task force was thinking about [when]
my clients
One simple one that the better is that right now might be [were] the student was to do a great replacement
Does it take a class again? It's the exact class
You know that it will
Because it simply is the case it wouldn't take the same class campus one pretty place. Yeah, and a lot of others that are just
Keep the student than having to do on [the] paperwork it. Just makes greases the skids
Isn't work so that very navigate university. I guess this is a
All of us who spend a great deal track university regard?
We know what a university culture gonna be asian cultures. We could get that 18-year
What's come here? And they have never been at a university before and so all the things it seems so clear to us
all Sorts of things whether it's a
great replacement policy
Greater people you named there are so many things are just seemingly
Second Nature to us that students don't know
So they have to learn
every and they have to dig in addition to our studies and all the work they do off campus on they have to learn the
policies and so to make those policies easy to understand and
Make them work easily within the gravy since we already do even 1000 policy
I think they could be the way we think of ourselves a service we do
the leadership
the bath body recommendation, so
Just wanted to say to folks that have you know a typical
Any of us think about any academic issues one go out and research, so I think we wanted
different places
go to
To read a lot about his background to research so we can start coming up with some ideas now
Let me reference was of the apt MCC a complete college America
and that's been a part of
last couple Years particularly the Obama
administration has worked with National governors
And it seems to be something that both republican and Democrat governors get on board and figure
So as is definitely some places
For brick information and the other which is my personal favorite is the acronym
Association of American Colleges and universities
And they really focus on that they don't exactly dismiss CCA
But they say he need to make sure that debt and make changes we have have quality about them
So they talk a lot about the different qualities that we want to make sure that we have in our
Academic programs so both of those websites have lot research very evidence-based very Data-driven
And I think that more [than] we [are] all educated about those the better the higher quality
thanks, polly there will be data some of the reports that my clothes are also that are posted an iSolytic aac use one of my
Favorite organization, so for all why not academic colleagues out there
I'm highly recommend that you take a look at their website to the death. It's just a really impressive
Organization at those of the institution of the whole so thank you for those
my real education
Yes, the question was the question was in the uk there is liberal education programs not the norm and that is it is
Far work of the car Badly driven and
Most students graduated three years because there is no such thing as a liberal education program I
Want to say that in direct answer to that liberal education program is the heartbeat many person?
because it had rather than that to a variety of
areas including
things like math and sciences and English
And philosophy and riot in many many more designs point is is that without this?
That this university could be shaped very different than we [are] a university
partly because
we have a liberal education program that allows every state language and
Requires every student to take these these keys so skill base and some exploratory areas in order to come find
what they actually want to do in there and as we let that all of that wonderful knowledge in for
What it is they finally get them to realize I can tell you right now. I'm understanding right?
Lot of people out there where they are
We give the entire report electronically
Quality on the web so as a Pdf so you can download it absolutely absolutely
the entire report of the fire
Department every one of the task force of subcommittees will also be published online as well as other resources that
We use in order to help of archiving
yeah, I do want to thank the committee for a lot of work interview to do a lot of the later to reach and a
lot of Time Hiya I
think that
Contextualise Involve is important the notion that we're in the business of
graduate students, I think if a little bit incomplete
I think I'm safe in the business of medicaid and graduate students. That's a hard one
It's really easy graduate students and lots of schools out there sure I made a difficulty is fine
You know where we all around with it was a pleasure staff appreciative is hitting students learning and I would say that in some cases
IvanoV every fucking students realize that they're not medium school
And I think we all know that students who come back to school from each other and hang out as much total kinetic
Dead ready to burn and they're quick to graduation. I didn't even include in the metric of
Success if we help somebody realize they're not many problems because when they do come back in the right
There is a a lot of money and kind of all the ultimate work a lot of time
So I so I had to pop the notion that written. It's a graduate student
I think this is that helping students realize what they eat and initiate and that maybe you need come back later
And it may be named
Academy do certain things before you're ready to go, so I would just courage when the report goes out to potential eyes
anything is good news and not
graduating because I think that
Role of the school's out of there
They really hard about graduating students
and I think they give us some of the badges up again because
We're wondering why students are coming here wells the decent gratitude from some schools. It's not actually easy very computer
Here you will be very well educated
graduate I like my kids what we do well versus what we need to do better because
The group was charged initially to look at really the barriers to you
progress to get that graduation
Maybe that that's really where the differences is because it's what we're not doing is what we do know that we have students that are
Not prepared or not ready or do not committed him to be college students here, or somewhere else probably?
but it's just not the right time in their lives and
That's why I think we need to pay attention to community college students better because o's are often students that being different
Decisions [it] chosen a different pathway and also are more intentional and ready when they get here
But we also have a lot of students who [click] graduate that we're not helping get to that point
So I get is above the end
We need to think of other education, but we also need to remove barriers
So if they're ready to graduate
We're not the reason that they're not a name is one of the question that that forty percent grade for four-Year
Public University
Graduate if you do come [out] of it [will] [remember] [me] much louder. [I] don't know
[I] mean, [I] became kind of course skinny because everything [about] [the] [parish] to go other poor
We're all pretty mad because of lack of resources wrong. Thank you
Yet, we're more often in the bottom one or two you that we are the top ones you did look nice and look at that
those graduation rates, then we still don't compare at the top of
Shortcut its your right. Oh. Yeah, everything you say you come out. Which is kind of unfair to resources that yet
I need to be a better competitor
Is that what you want to compare yourself? It's that we want to compare esophagus
What is that [desert] good?
I do would you in
National Surveys up there as well and your way below that so I think we need to sort of say good would love to me
You want to be the best of the four or do we want to be good you know they get the question going?
You know what lately I don't [have] a keen eyesight. So I bet it takes the money that it most people want to do it
And you said there was and external data supporting the link
credible requirement lightning progress you be a little bit more specific about the
Whatever comes we'll have a couple of drafts
This week comes out of that
Cycle I want to quote something
Inappropriately, but I can tell you that hardly, but I could suggest early the internal data because it takes
140 150 hours that's what their actions are actually taking order to graduate in some of the [programs]
so that's the internal data that shows that instead of a hundred twenty-four tWenty-five for 140 150 which means
necessarily they're going to take longer and
You'll see that tim you'll see will show every major and what I took if you keenan is a first-year student
And one who took your geekiness a transfer student. Maybe there's a whole table
That's wrong w and we're not just for 12, but we'll give every academic from your covers
Over internal data you're looking at just a cool
Looking at actual credits taken by the students because that's what really matter
What do they actually?
Take in order to get through [not] what they could take in a perfect world if they never shipped with a major
If they never did anything other than simply exactly ways it was planned in
someone's money, what it began
But what did it take for [the] actual students our university to through and and do you also have that same force?
the program's themselves are
As well, I don't know that was included in the subject a report that that is information, and we should they fail
Yes, it was all available
I think that's important, and I think you know my parents and crafts and what what is the external?
The complete college agenda that holly was talking about how a lot of data. It says that this is a national problem
and that we
in fact that's a really interesting data on that about how much is costing us nationally when a
Little all students across the country are long
This is not just our problem
But but it is a problem that every university is beginning progressively recognizes creative brief as it be infused
the students Pocketbook and nothing else but but [especially] are trying to try to talk about they find in terms of taxing Cookies click the
cost to taxpayers
Any courage to look out for the report to the work that father recognized is there's a really interesting national Data there
pilots required, but I need to present the or
When they come to college that when we have high percentage of students need to take remedial work
It's really not program
sure, they're absolutely is an issue about recognition, and how that plays a factor doesn't necessarily need a
[250Ml] on a dog credits on average TtT a complete a degree
as a compliant as no doubt is a
Complexed equation to look at students progress and what it means for them to be able to reach those goals without a doubt
Yes, sir
physical Data out of high school because it seems to me that they
since three years
Report but but it's critical that we look at the question of is there data about
He was asking [about] his performance of high school. I don't know
Features writer diab where our students come from and how they perform?
But I don't know that [we] [have] them compared to any kind of performance measures of those pixels to know
To know where those students where students perform better in the state of Connecticut in email
provider perspective when I talk to graduates
That are gone
Universe or over our time other comments or questions I?
Would just say complicated Jerry statistic. We got to remember that Connecticut is the lowest
It's the highest grade of students. Go out of state 18 year olds if you have estate good college
So I think the high schools can be doing a great job. It doesn't mean we're getting those schools. We have the highest
In the nation for I afraid of 18 year old go away
Population future [no] I did the high school to make you a very good job
assistance right we get those students there are definitely lots of important realities that we need to understand and and
Factored into you guys up and really it isn't complexed whether our feelings are
As they come in and how they progress their mother they graduate is really complex
And I think this report begins to give us lots of important places to look is to think about things that we can do I
Would like to reiterate that every one of my other
Responsibilities or not our walkies you at this university what your role?
Is that there is a place in which you can help students know that?
Care about that we want them to be successful in every ends of [that] term success and so I excited
I hope that there will be lots of energy lots of conversations
We are just incorporating the last of the feedback from the committee chair
and it will have that posted by the end of the week with all the other information that
Informs it there will be all of the people who cheer and participated in committees
Have an ask that you remember this is any other see before and see you I can answer some question
But it is a question with dinner before we would encourage you to go to that committee chair
Those committee chairs are committee members because that's who will have more big expertise about how they are recommendations
That inform the summary report and so it gets
I love and need this all of the sea [technical] [book] so cliche
But it takes the village and we're the Villages and we love our students
And we need them to know that and we want them to understand that this is where they should pursue their their higher education
Up in and all the PVd exceptions when they're not quite ready and and we want to be a part of that
So please let us know how
We'll figure out kind of what the sustaining market is the implementation team?
This is a long-term going to be talking about this for a long time
So we're just beginning, but that's a guess work to do some great stuff to begin that we can improve our students

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