Delicious Filipino food feast featuring chicken adobo, pancit canton, crispy and grilled pork belly as well as halo halo 치킨 아도보, 판싯 칸톤, 크리스피 & 숯불 …
Testing, testing
What is going on everybody?
Welcome back to another video
Thank you so much for joining me once again today to feast on some…
Filipino food!
Very much anticipated, I am also very much looking forward to it
Let me just go over what's on the menu real quick
Chicken Adobo
Pancit Canton
Grilled pork belly and crispy pork belly
Also this is garlic rice, it smells…. just insane
By the way many of you recommended me to try the halo halo
So I did remember that
It's just hanging out in the freezer right now because…
I don't want it to melt like it did before
With my other ice creame mukbangs…
Mango juice
I've been told the chicken adobo is the unofficial, national dish of the Philippines
Of course, we're going to go with this first
Oh that's really good!
Is that soy sauce?
So far so good!
That was way better than I expected, wow!
Oh my goodness! One more
One more
Still excellent
Grilled pork belly
Wow that is smoky and flavorful.. oh my goodness
Okay so far, everything has tasted better than I expected
Look at that crispy pork skin
What is this?
Taste like pickle…. taste like pickled pepper
Pickled pepper… carrot
I love the texture of these egg noodles!
That was a bone…
I got to say the pork belly.. as good as the rest of this is…
It's definitely the best!
I'm going to get the halo halo
Let me tell you guys what's inside
Shaved ice infused with cream blend, assorted candied fruits
Sweet beans, custard, purple yam
Topped with artisan ice cream and Filipino rice cakes
Wow that's really good!
Ahhh brain freeze… BrAiN FREEze
Woah look at this one
I love the skin of the pork belly and how chewy it is
Sooooo tender!
I'm going to put the rest in the freezer for now
Back to it!
Last piece of grilled pork…
I really want some of that gravy from Jollibee right now
That's a…. ugh…..
That was way too much rice though!
This is extra crisp.. e–extra crispy!
Colorful jelly
That was just way better than I expected
I can't even lie
Especially the halo halo, and I had really high expecations
Definitely looking forward to trying more authentic Filipino food in the future
Please leave your recommendations in the comments down below
That would be greatly appreciated
And until next time…. see you later!

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