Hello, this is cooking First of all, this recipe is based on Baek Jong-won’s Indian style curry onion. I modified it slightly. material Onions, tomatoes, eggs and liver …
Today's dish, Indian style curry onion stir-fry
Ingredients, onion, tomato, egg, liver garlic,
First create the source
1 and 1/2 tablespoon curry powder
1 tablespoon red pepper powder
Salt whily
Pepper Tok Tok
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Finished seasoning
Now let's chop the ingredients
Onion Chops Chops Chops
Tomato chop chop chop
If you cut it like this
Tomato flower complete
And eggs
Tok tok
Stir it
Turn on the light
Oil frosted
Fry the ground garlic
If you smell garlic, add onion
When you cook it a little, you make a circle
Put the sauce on low heat
When the curry flavor comes up
Add tomatoes
If tomatoes are cooked slightly
Put the eggs
When the eggs are rounded up
Winggardium Leviusus ~
naan, or Tortilla, prepare the bread
Now let's eat
I'll eat with tortilla
It's really delicious
try coco
Coco: Jaipur! Delhi! Taj Mahal!
It's delicious, so take a sip today
If you like curry, you will definitely love it
Tortilla, food that keeps looking for bread
I should drink tea
It's black tea
So I prepared a mug in black
Like the name of the tee, everything is black
Today's video is here
We'll see you later ~
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