Sunday Riff Challenge Drums: …
Thank you so much oh shit the microphone… microphone heh…
To be able to record myself, you need a microphone on you at all times
It is what it is
This is… The Micrphone Part 2: The Revenge.
What's up everyone? And welcome to Sunday with Ola 121
Welcome to Sunday with Ola 21, that's what I wanted to say
I hope you're having a great weekend, all you beautiful people out there
Obviously this past week we have experienced a terrible tragedy
We're gonna talk about that soon
But first of all I just wanna say
Thank you so much for watching, you guys are incredible
I do have a piece of news from this past friday, a guitar that I wanna show
I'm gonna try and keep the mood up still,
even though Eddie's passing and all that
It's still just important to carry on with our lives, so…
I'm gonna try and sell a guitar f*** it
Some say that you know… It's just me pushing myself
and my guitars at all times, maybe that's a problem
You know, it's my show
I just do whatever I want
We're gonna talk about Eddie, but first I wanna show you this
This is the new GC1.6B
We have gloss black
Look at that beauty right there, and golden hardware
Like a very very classical type of look
And this guitar is available now in October
So you can get it from how about that?
Now we're gonna talk about ThaNews
Alright so… this past week Eddie Van Halen passed away
Apparently he's been battling throat cancer for the past year
I think he's had a bunch of health issues
throughout the years as well, but…
This past Tuesday he passed
Which is obviously an incredible tragedy for all of us
Eddie was probably one of the
more innovative guitar players in the past 30 or 40 years
Who was he? He was the first guy
to put a humbucker in a strat and you know, he was really…
He was really pushing it back then
And he made all of these small… you know, inventions,
like the drop d tuner and stuff like that
He was more than just a guitar player,
he was basically… he was one with his guitar
He just modded the shit out of that thing just to fit his style
And you know, his character
And with that he has inspired so many incredible guitar players
You know, Dimebag, my favourite guitar player,
he was heavily influenced
And considered Eddie a hero
He was definitely one of a kind
Even though he was a genius on guitar and you know,
guitar playing and technique and all that
He was also a genius regarding tone I mean… the 5150 man
It's… it's a classic, it's a metal classic
I mean, during the 90s…
When it came to tube amplifiers what would you get for metal?
It was either the Dual Rectifier or the 5150, that was it
He's just been way too important
I've never seen Eddie Van Halen play a live show or anything like that
But I do have some sort of connection with Eddie
And… back a couple of years when I joined The Haunted
Jensen, the other guitar player, was an EVH artist,
so he played EVH amplifiers
And I remember when we recorded
a video of us playing together
I remember that it had to be approved by Eddie Van Halen
Before we could post it
I remember seeing that email from EVH and they were like
'Ok, we're just gonna pass it through Eddie and see what he says'
And I'm like… Eddie?
As in 'Eddie Van Halen'?
So I know Eddie has seen one of my videos
and of me and Jensen playing a The Haunted song
So that's cool at least
Eddie Van Halen… gone way too soon, only 65
F***ing rest in piece, ok?
I'll be shredding some Van Halen today, at least
Alright, I wanna bring something up, just a little side note
Regar- Actually regarding the passing of Eddie Van Halen
I wanna bring something up that f***ing pisses me off
And that is people calling other people out
for not posting anything about his passing
When I heard about Eddie's passing…
Basically everyone on you know, Facebook and Instagram,
posted pictures of Eddie, you know, paying their tributes
It was… it's truly remarkable, it's really warming my heart
to see everyone kind of come together
And just you know, show their appreciation
for the legend that he was
I personally decided not to post something
You know, for the past days,
because I wanted to make a tribute… properly
Like… in Sunday with Ola, like I'm doing right now
So I didn't actually post anything about this
on my social medias, Facebook and Instagram
And that's where I usually post things when I don't post videos
Now, what pisses me off is that several people has called me out
On my posts or even on my videos that I posted this past week
'Hey Ola, where's your post? Where's your tribute regarding Eddie?'
You know… 'Don't you care about him?'
'A legend just f***ing died, why are you not saying anything?'
'Why are you being so disrespectful?'
I received comments like this on my Instagram, on my Facebook
And on a couple of my videos that I posted this past week
Now this is a big f***ing issue
You're not even allowed to mourn or pay respect
to someone in your own way anymore?
It has to be done for the social medias, or it doesn't f***ing matter?
And you know, that just sucked all the energy out of me
To be honest
To the people out there who made these comments… Seriously, f*** off
Let me do my own f***ing mourning, ok?
I'm sorry for dragging this onto you guys,
but this seriously pissed me off
We have a legend here who just f***ing passed
Let's just pay our respects to the guy
And let's not make this about you, ok? Thank you.
I'm sorry for that little downer right there,
but I have a piece of news
And that is that At The Gates
are returning to the studio in November
Now, the good thing about At The Gates
is I'm good friends with them
Because some of the guys in the band is in The Haunted as well
They're going to record their album in Stockholm in November
And I'm actually gonna be there and I'm gonna film it
So that makes me really really excited,
I'm gonna be there and vlog a little bit
That's gonna be cool, huh? At The Gates.
Who's up there?
You won't escape that way
Welcome, you beautiful people
I'm just gonna let my hair out
We're in my office, ok…
Nothing weird with that, other than
I'm holding my camera like this
You know, I'm gonna go into detail a little bit regarding my cameras
Now, for the past years I've been using these, you know the GH5
Extremely happy with them, but you know…
Regarding colour profiles, I've always had them to standard
That's like the noob solution for most people
So, I'm gonna go now… I'm very very happy, here's another one
Here's another one of mine, look at this… with this dildo on
I'm really happy with my GH5 cameras
But I've always been shooting on standard
It's the amateur way of shooting videos
So I thought ok, today I'm finally gonna try and shoot in V-LOG
And it's not 'Vlog', no it's V-LOG
It's basically the way the camera captures
You know, the visuals in an image
Usually for something like this
you can see here, the lighting up there
It's probably gonna be all saturated out and…
And burning out, because it's just so white
some details in the shadows and all that
gets blotted out and you can't really see them
But if you shoot in V-LOG
It's shooting an image with a lot less contrast
So when you film, you know, it's very very grey
And then afterwards you put it on a LUT to that
Which basically just… It gives it a more cinematic feel,
so I'm gonna try it out today
Oh, you need to talk, oh…
I just threw the memory card on the floor
It's ok
That's what pros do
So on this camera right here I'm shooting in V-LOG right now
And as you can see it's very very greyed out man, you know…
My beard looks f***ing awful right now
Is it time to shave? I guess it is.
But as you can see, like it's just very very greyed out
So, as I'm seeing it right now I'm very very grey
It's just very very flat of an image happening right here
And I'm gonna apply a LUT
And maybe we'll see some movie magic, how about that?
So I'm doing that right here
How was that?
Oh, now it's really really dark in here
That was the wrong one, let's try this
Look at this, now this is my room right here
It's very very… pink
Was that good?
Ok, let's try and go into this room right here
Can I go into this room without…
Ah… my ass.
Alright, so check this out
I wonder how this will fare
So, the point with this is that you're just gonna see
more details in the shadows using this thing
The shadow will just be way more cinematic in a way
I… take a look at this
Look at my face there's so much information in my face right now
So yeah, I wonder how this will turn out
And maybe, if I'm brave enough,
I will film the whole Sunday with Ola with this thing
This is just me trying this out
And you know, this is very very nerdy information and…
You know, I guess 99% of you guys, you won't really care
I'm gonna try and use this for Sunday with Ola
Let me know what you guys think, ok?
This is standard right here, this is V-LOG right here
I have no idea how it's gonna look
And these are the results
Is it looking good?
I have no idea
What I noticed when I edited a video this past week is that…
Shooting in this V-LOG format and you know, trying to colour-correct it
Makes my lips look very red
Now, does it matter if I wear lipstick or not? Well…
I guess not
But I'm not wearing lipstick, ok?
So I'm gonna try and colour-correct in this way
for a couple of videos and we'll just see where I kinda end up
Hello, there's a camera over there
Alright metalpenis friends, for every Sunday with Ola…
You know, I have this riff challenge happening
The deal is, you can download the drums
to whatever I'm playing in the beginning of the video
And you can put your own riffs to that
You make a video of that, upload it to Youtube
and maybe you get featured in a Sunday with Ola, that's pretty cool, huh?
So this week obviously it was Van Halen
I didn't write a song, but…
The drums are still in the description of this video,
you can download them, make your own riffs
And maybe I'll get you featured in the next Sunday with Ola, how about that?
We're gonna check out some contributions right now, this is Knotan
What's going on?
Playing a Solar
In his bedroom
With a beanie on
You know, Knotan is a member of mine
And I see right now that he has a f***ing ring on his finger right there
That means he's getting married I guess
That's cool
In my belly tonight
Out of the anus yeah
Very sing-worthy chorus there, I like that
There you go, Knotan everyone
Alright, now we have six string attack
That's cool, I like that
F*** yeah baby
What he has done here…
Fits the drums better than what I did to be honest
F*** yeah man
That was six string attack, holy shit
That was amazing
Oh, look
Nice man, you brought out the V Eddie Van Halen
Yeah, shit
Ooh, I like his Zelda tattoo right there
Ah shit, he has an Eddie Van Halen tattoo as well
The pinstripe right there on the arm
Cabs… shit man
True hero
I mean, how can you not like this guy? Zelda and Eddie Van Halen.
I like that chord, what was that?
F***in yeah
Damn, he has a good 3,000 subscribers holy shit man, that was amazing
Look at all those legends man
That could be you in the next Sunday with Ola
Go support these guys, I'll put the links to these guys
in the description of this video, thank you
It's another day
In the beautiful town of rebro
We're doing the… the second 'sesh'
Of tattooing of my potential sleeve that's happening
Last time it was on the you know, front over side of the upperarm or… hang on
Is this upperarm or underarm?
Under arm, is this underarm? Who the fuck cares.
Anyway, last session was easy
Because it was on the inner side
But this time it's on the inner side
of the upperarm or the forearm or whatever
I think it's gonna hurt a little bit more today
So, one thing about getting tattooed is that you need to… you know…
Keep the sugar levels up
So you don't faint or anything like that, so it's important to buy shit, so…
Bananas, some drinks and chocolate
Really important
We're done
– No
-Ok, bye bye
So right now you're kind of binding them together
Trying to find the shapes
So they melt together
So it doesn't look a popular tattoo
Yeah, exactly
The absolute worst place to tattoo is happening right now
Just small textures
Needles are not supposed to be here, just saying
No, I'm fine
I'm fine, it's ok
Alright, so it was hurting a little bit
But then Nevermore came on
And it was fine
How does that work?
Alright, we're done for today
It's burning like hell
And that's gonna burn more
Yeah, let's go
I'm just gonna let it burn
So it removes all the redness and we can take a picture
But I'm super happy now, look at this
Ok, so it's the day after my tattoo session
This is what I did last time, right?
And now I have this as well
And dude, I'm just so f***ing stoked to be honest
This is turning out so f***ing well
This session sucked ass because
it was the inner part of the arm, on the wrist as well, you know…
You're not supposed to have needles on that wrist man,
that doesn't make any sense, it's…
It's f***ing disgusting
Just seeing how into detail Henry is
It's just astounding, I mean, it's so incredibly detailed
Absolutely cannot wait for him to do more
What's up everyone? Welcome to Ola Tasting Shit.
We're still wearing the same clothes
as in the last two Ola Tasting Shit
But don't worry, we shower
We eat stuff from all over the world
and today we're eating more from Metalraven
My little member
My little youtube member, that doesn't sound right
But anyway, he sent me a fair bit
of Chinese crackers and different stuff, so…
We tried out crackers in last week's episode
And today we're trying out some crisps and chips I guess
Last week it was tasting really good
Simple crackers just out of the box
Really good, right now we're gonna try some snacks I guess
So, this was happening right here
This is Lonely God
Great name
– A little angel
– There's a little angel on there
– Yeah…
– That's the lonely god
Ok, ok, ok I've seen these, these are…
You know, regular screws, we have these
It's ok
I think ours are a little harder
I don't know if you can see this, but like, screw in my screwface
What are you looking for?
Anything that's not Chinese
Alright, great
Now we're opening a bag of Chick Boy
Chi- Chick boy
– Crunch
– California crunch, ok
Crunch up your life
– Onion and garlic
– This actually has texts in different languages
Product of The Philippines
– Ok
– Oh, wow
So this is not Chinese, this is from Philippines
– Oh that's cute
– Oh, look at them
– Small balls
– Like chickpeas
It tastes like chicken?
I'm liking this Chick Boy stuff, it's just corn
That has flavour
I think this is good
There's another Chick Boy, this is Pop Mix, sweet corn flavour
So, it's corn
That corn, sweet corn, oh my god
Sweet corn, yeah
– Oh, it's very sweet
– Oh my god
That was not nice
You know… sweet is just so sweet
It's almost like sour
Oh my god, it tastes like…
Going to Disney World or…
You know when you expected it to be salty and sour?
But it's just sweet as hell
– This was very very sweet
– Not a fan, Chick Boy
Oh, let's wash it down with coffee now, ok
This is a product of Taiwan
Oh sorry, I didn't give you
Back to the sushi store
That was PB
One escaped
Oh, grilled corn sticks
There's a chili on this one, so this is probably gonna be hot
Just like me
– It's very red
– Maybe you try it first
Very spicy or…?
Very spicy, but very good
– Sorry
– You try these
These are amazing
– How am I gonna be able to open this?
– Grilled corn sticks…
Try that
These are so spicy
There's a lot of flavour happening
I think they like flavour in China
Whatever the aiming for…
That's a corn stick
– A corn stick?
– Yes, you know the small little corn stick?
The minimais
Which one do you like the most?
– I like this one the absolute most, holy shit that was good
– Too spicy
They're very spicy, but so good
God damn
– I would not recommend to anyone, not even to my enemies
– They're too sweet
– I didn't know that existed even
– These ones though
– Chick boy, for the crunch
– These were really nice
– I'm gonna keep on eating these
– Ok
While you do that…
Thank you for watching, this was Ola Tasting Shit
And I'll see you next Sunday
No, you're just gonna see me after this cut right here
And that, my beautiful friends, was Sunday with Ola for today
Because… no, for this week, sorry
I'm sorry for that little downer thing that I did there
But you know what?
I think it's very important
Let's just f***ing celebrate the absolute legend Eddie Van Halen
And for all that he has done
Regarding this guitar by the way, obviously I'm gonna make a video
of this guitar, I'm gonna obviously use the 5150
So, stay tuned for that
If you like this video, maybe consider subscribing to my channel
Otherwise guys, have a great Sunday
Thanks for being awesome, bye

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