The Biggest Tyrannosaurus Rex Toy ever made from Mattel! This Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom toy is over 3 ft long and roars! Look what James found at the …
Guys let's look for something
If you want to know what's this
please click the like button
down below
To know what is it
Look what I've found
Its a Dinosaur Toys
It's 60 pieces
I will put my foot under the
Look at my hand
Oh my goodness, look what I've
A big giant dinosaur!
It's a giant dinosaur T-Rex
James what happened?
I found a dinosaur
Its a Super Colossal Roaring
Dinosaur(Tyrannosaurus Rex)
Battle Damage!
Can I take this home?
Hi guys! I'm James, Funny Kids
Guys, I just came from the beach
And look what I've found
Big dinosaur and small dinosaur
Guys, there are 60 pieces inside
I'm gonna open this up!
Guys! I've found triceratops!
Guys! I know some of them
Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus,
This is battle damage T-rex
See, it has blood on its face
in its body
And also in its legs!
Let's go ahead and unbox this!
Do you want to see what it looks
like guys?
Please smash that like button!
T-rex can open his mouth for a
booming roar!
It can swallow up to 20 mini
I'm gonna get the feet!
This T-rex dinosaur comes
with legs and tail to attach!
And see it has big feet!
Let's go ahead and attach it!
I'm gonna attached the tail!
It's attached, its very easy!
Let's attach the legs!
It will go in very easy..
Now its attached guys!
Let's make it roar again!
One more time!
Guys this is how I play with
the giant T-rex!
You just hold the tail!
And it will chomp all the small
dinosaur! Over there!
Wow I can go inside this thing!
I'm gonna feed him with 5 more
Guys, let's count!

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