It's Mark Laurrie, September 10th, suit on.
first day of school, so excited and
pumped up
really and I'm yelling too – no reason,
just excited.
Great day, great job Blue Group, tomorrow
it's the Gold Group's turn.
Great job, wonderful day, appreciate you,
face coverings, face mask, we're spot on,
let's work a little bit more on our
social distancing especially in our
bigger schools.
Expect that, otherwise fabulous buzzing
mask-wearing couldn't be more proud of
the Niagara Fall students.
Tomorrow the gold group – let's top that
and do even better.
I know you will. Good news about laptop
computers for remote learners, we're
moving very quickly to
format those and get them ready. What
does that mean?
It means that early next week you'll
receive a phone call
if you made your request prior to august
and you'll be able to pick up your
laptop computer next week
helping us to get real deep learning
through our remote process. Right now be
patient with us we're still getting to
know each other,
return to work, return to school, your
teachers will reach out to you laptop
(Inaudible)learners and remote learners you're
going to get there very quick and this
is all coming together
with a lot of cooperation. Food services
every day Monday to Friday even if
you're not in school.
If you're a remote learner or an uh
off day color, get your lunch between 11
and 1
at any of the schools. Check-in, get a bag
and go. We're doing that for you, please
great advantage of it. Parents, I'm going
to ask you to be very
very vigilant with your children; we did
send three children home that
had some signs of illness, nothing to
worry about
nothing to worry about, everything is
checking out great
we're putting them through our protocols:
symptoms –
cough, fever, chills, stomach ache,
um, vomiting, diarrhea, anything
keep your child home get to your primary
care physician
we'll make that determination your
doctor will we know some things look
like asthma and that's what we dealt
with today but we'll make sure that we
get on there
help us and we'll help you and your
children. Couldn't be more proud that
we're back at it in Niagara Falls
and we appreciate you. Face coverings,
face mask, social distancing, hand washing,
hand sanitizing – 70 hand sanitizing
at Niagara Falls High School – couldn't be
done better. Positive attitude,
stay with us we're proud of you only the
bus you're assigned to
can't wait for tomorrow thanks.

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