Welcome ladies and gentleman to the favorite evening show- the being human show.
I am your friend and host- Mr. Robin Batliwala.
Superheroes: We all know about superheroes, especially from the Americans.
And we have all kinds of them
Cool Ones
Scary Ones
No Non-sense Ones
They usually get one beautiful chick or stock one
Or have some some chick shit in life.
But I have some question to the woman from the west
How can you like a man running around in undies, or having a scary face or having a creepy hoody.
Alas beauties, your taste disappoints me.
Okay, now and then, We people are now creating our own superheroes
like Shaktiman
And now even flying jatt.
Even some people claiming that Hanuman is a superhero.
Thank god, That is why india's crime rate is so low.
We have superheroes in every nook and corner of our cities.
Its also relief that our imagination does not switch to other deties
Think of the day, when you see Lord Shiva on screen, standing on an Asura and saying- because I am shiva
Today's episode is about Poltu
Poltu is a normal Bengali guy

goes to college

has a bad digestive system.
Poltu is also free from all kind of "Ism" words.
and even feminism.
He is succumbed by all six sins
and also by Moha, Madha and ahankar.
Dude look at my new phone?
Dude look at my new phone?
Dude look at my new phone?
Look at my I-Phone
Poltu is always bored.
But one day God became merciful on Poltu.
He bestowed him a superpower
Hello! Welcome to almighty power service enterprise. How may I help you?
Yes, I got a letter contanining a no. and a password?
May I know your password?
Yes Sir . Let me check.
Sir, Is your name Poltu Samaddar?
Yes Sir, I mean Ma'am
Age 23, student?
Sir, you have been bestowed with superpower as decided in the last superpower distribution meeting.
What is that?
Sir, we are the superpower division directly functioning under the God.
Every year, we decide to give superpower to a human being and this year you have been chosen.
Sir, let me notify you about your superpower.
Your superpower serial number is 3141592.
You have the power of trying anything, anything you desire from the air.

Anything Sir, as long as you desire it truly from your heart.
So long you have to only desire.
May I help you with anything Sir?
Yes, I mean no, Thankyou
Actually I wanted to know something. Why of all people, I have been chosen?
Because you are the most helpless person in the world.
Powerful people do not need help like superpower. They can help themselves.
Now Poltu had everything- Car, House, Money.
But one day, Poltu lost his powers.
He could not get anything from air.
He slashes his hands,many times, in many ways ,in many places.
Hello! Welcome to almighty power service enterprise. How may I help you?
My superpower is not working. Please help me
Can I have your superpower serial number please?
Yes, it is 3141592
Let me check Sir. Could you please hold for a while?
Yes sir, we have checked your problem.
As mentioned before, you need to have desires to use your superpower.
It seems that you have lost all your desires.
So what do I do? How do I get my desires back?
Sorry Sir,we just deal with powers Sir, not with any one's desires. Wish you a very good day.
You only have to desire
No I have no desires. I have everything.
What do I need more?
If you don't have something, you create one.
Look at the history. When people got bored, they started killing people.
They created an entertainment. When killing each other one by one was not enough, they started war.
When killing each other one by one was not enough, they started war.
Poltu think, you just have to create a desire, you have to.
I got it.This bed is too small for me
I need a big bed. A big, big bed.
I need a big mattress, which covers the whole world. I want to sleep over the whole world.

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