Low blood sugars are the worst! And the blood sugar rollercoaster than can come from overtreating a low blood sugar can be frustrating and disheartening.
I'm Christel from Diabetes Strong and
we can probably all agree that low blood
suck it's the worst feeling and the
quicker we can get that feeling to
disappear the better
the key is to choose a high glycemic
so a pretty pure carb in the sense that
it shouldn't have a lot of fibers and
protein in it
let me walk you through a few examples
so I listed some here and
some this is actually one of my
favorites it's like a
fruit puree or fruit juice
so that will raise blood sugars really
quickly the trick
I think is to choose a kid size
so this one has 14 grams of carbs
and same thing with juice boxes you can
get these tiny juice boxes that only has
15 grams of carbs
other options some people like to use
like coca-cola which is
a straight-up carb my issue with that
is that even the smallest can has 25
grams of carbs that might be too much
for you
and this bad boy has 65
and if you have a really low blood sugar
will you really be measuring up so you
only get
the amount of carbs that you need i
don't know
another option is gummy bears
it's a pretty good carb for treating low
blood sugars
I don't keep gummy bears in my house
because I would go through the bag
also if you have a low blood sugar
you're shaking will you only eat the
amount of carbs that you need
same deal as with the coke you know you
might want to measure out your gummy
bears beforehand
if you want to go that route or buy the
little snack sized ones
and then there's fruit like an apple or
a banana
great carbohydrates again however they
do have a lot of fibers that means that
they won't raise your blood sugars as
quickly as some of these other
candy bars I actually hear a lot of
people who treat with chocolate
and I do not recommend it whatsoever
reason for that is this is really high
in fat
fat fat slows down the absorption of
glucose into the bloodstream
that means that this won't raise your
blood sugars quickly so if you're in
that shaky state
or where you just don't feel well it
might taste good
but it'll take a lot of time to raise
your blood sugars my
favorite is glucose tabs
and I know a lot of people are like
glucose taps
but I think the key is to find glucose tabs
that you actually like so this one
is called chocolate marshmallow
and I really like that that's from the
CVS Pharmacy you can only get it in
though I'll leave a link to some other
glucose tabs
what I like about glucose tabs why this
is my favorite is that the
one tap has 4 to 5 grams of carbohydrates
per taps
it's really easy to measure out
and you know you can get the right
amount for whatever low blood sugar you
because that's the thing yes the
guidelines say that you should eat 15
grams of carbohydrates
wait 15 minutes measure your blood sugar
again and see if you need more
first of all most people don't do that
because when you have the low blood
sugar a lot of us
just we eat we just inhale all
the food around us right but if you do
take a structured approach to it
and I would say after 23 years of
diabetes I have
found finally learned how to do that so
I actually really over treat
a low blood sugar now my trick again is
glucose tabs so first of all how many
glucose tabs you'll need or how many
grams of carbohydrates you'll need
will depend on a lot of things so if I
do have a low blood sugar some of the
things that I'll start to look at so I
do wear a continuous glucose monitor
now right here on my arm I know it's FDA
approved for the stomach I like it on my
arm if my alarms go off and tell me
I have a low blood sugar so low
blood sugar is
generally defined as 70 milligrams per
deciliter but you might feel it higher or you
might not feel at all
but I've set my alarm so it will alert
me when I hit 70 milligrams per deciliter
first thing I look at is well what time
of day is it
what am I doing for example I know that
my hormones will start to raise my
blood sugars early in the morning
so let's say 6 AM and I hear that alarm
I might take one glucose tab for these
it's five grams of carbohydrates some of
the other glucose types have have less
carbohydrates but that's maybe five
grams and that'll be enough for me
because I know my hormones will start
elevating my blood sugars
let's say that I'm out for a hike I'm
only maybe halfway into my
I have another half hour another hour
left and my blood sugar is 70.
one glucose tab won't be
enough I might take two
and maybe half a banana right so you
need to start thinking about
what situation are you in how many
carbohydrates will you actually need
other things that impact how many
carbohydrates you need is well again the
15 grams
general recommendation it will also
depend on your body size
so if you have a child that
you're treating a low blood sugar for
they might need less than an adult male
also again I said what are you doing
what time of day is it
what activity are you doing and another
thing for us who wear a glucose monitor
would be are your blood sugars actually
dropping quickly
are they stable or they may be
already on the way up
to all these things you need to take
into consideration
so this is all about how you yourself
treat a low blood sugar
and again for some people it's around
the 70 milligrams per deciliter for some
people it's less or higher
this is not however how you necessarily
treat a
severe low blood sugar so let's talk a
little bit about that
so severe low blood sugar is a situation
where you'll need help from somebody
to treat your low blood sugar you might
be passed out you might be unresponsive
if you're in a situation like that
somebody around you will need to call
9-1-1 but if you have a glucagon kit
they can inject that into your body so
glucagon basically what it does
is that it makes your liver release
glucose into your bloodstream thereby
raising your blood sugars back to
healthy levels
again you should still seek out medical
attention but that could be a way of
basically saving you so there's some
different options on the market
here in the U.S, there is something
called Gvoke which is a pre-mixed
this is a traditional glucagon kit that
you probably see the red box
and then there is a new nasal glucagon
as well it's called Baqsimi
Baqsimi that's hard to say but
those are the three ones that are
available here in the U.S.
whereas the red glucagon kit I believe
it's from Lilly
it's available pretty much worldwide but
that is how you treat a low blood sugar
you choose a carbohydrate with very
little fiber
very little fat that way you can raise
your blood sugars quickly
and get back to living your life thank
you so much for watching

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