Let’s try to eat sour fruit. ○ Sosial Media Instagram: Facebook : Twitter …
you have to try it
must be bitten, please look at the camera

try to bite again, what does it taste like?
what do you explain it feels like?
like kedondong fruit but this is more acidic

hi all back again with me riska
now i want to challenge, mmm ..
star fruit wuluh
which is a very sour fruit, you must know Indonesian people.
usually made for like making, mmm mmm
chilli sauce, just like to cook
vegetables using sour from
this starfruit, and this already has a sambal
already prepared Sambal
and this
let's try it

very sour

I was going to challenge my face not to excrete acid
but I can't seem to
let's try to hold the expression
really very sour
it's called a challenge
eat sour fruit

it feels like
really incredible, the acid is very
on the tongue
stick to it
I once ate this fruit but it really was
now I never eat
so I try again
this is my first time trying to eat starfruit salad

very spicy

my facial expression is not made up
but indeed very sour
it's so hot to sweat
so my glasses keep coming down
so it's slippery, maybe because my nose is small

and sour
of course
on the tongue is very bad

really stuck
the acid

my glasses are very annoying, up and down continue
I sweat a lot
who has a long nose, may be transferred to me

but if I don't wear glasses, I can't see the camera
and can't see you guys
I have minus eyes
it feels wow

I want to eat this but the expression isn't like this
because it's so ugly
like this

it seems like this is the last, because I can't hold the acid
very spicy

i give up .. very sour
than later I get a stomachache, I'd better stop this
it's better to have an upset stomach because of chili than this

very sour
it seems I spent
about ten maybe
because I'm not bother anymore
because my tongue already feels uncomfortable
so it ends here
I eat this fruit, if you guys
want to try it, please try it at home
then you make a video
or you eat in front of the glass, how do you express yourself
when you eat starfruit
is it beautiful
or not beautiful?
ok guys thanks for watching
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