Documentary that portrays the way in which punishment is present in our lives. Through eight environments you will be able to observe punishments that occur …
LIBYA 2011
Nearly 150 students
were massacred this Thursday
at a university in Kenya.
We all are, in a way,
victims of violence and violent.
It is a constant feedback.
The president of Chile summons
the National Security Council
to take measures of public order
regarding the protests.
In Latin America, for example,
the population has been punished.
There are cases at school.
I told my mom that I want
to go with God and die.
It is present inside the community
in many ways and expressions.
A 55 year old man killed himself
in Alicante
the same day he was going
to be evicted from his housing
for not being able to afford it.
Claiming that he was defending
his daughter,
this man hit a minor.
– You broke her nose!
– So what?
Up, up, up.
If you keep crying,
I'll drown you in the tub.
Today you were the worst,
you piece of crap!
Penitentiaries tend to balance
the social functioning.
They are excluded from
the population to be responsible
for what the system causes
He just started shooting her
because she was a policewoman
and to prevent her
from resisting the robbery.
The country is undergoing
one of the most difficult stages
of its history.
Human beings can perform
the most tortuous acts
you can imagine.
He throws a three-year-old girl
into the pool
and keeps her under water
for several minutes
until she dies.
They only need a reason
that enables it.
Punishment defines us.
It makes us unique
and merciless.
Hit her! Hit her!
That's it! More! More!
It transforms each life story.
It always has. Everywhere.
The man was tied up,
thrown to the ground,
and killed by eight shots
to the head
at the hands of a policeman
at the square
surrounded by thousand
Yemenis clapping.
There are many ways of punishing.
As many as the amount of people
in the world.
This is chaos! No way, man!
No way, man! They are killing him!
This is the moment
when they killed Fernando Baez.
Fernando didn't die.
Fernando was killed.
Don't get confused.
There was no fight.
There was a criminal ambush
to kill him.
6"4' man knocks down
an 11-year-old girl.
Last July 20, he was victim
of a lynching
when he was coming home
after buying two cows
in a neighboring town
in the north of India.
Experts say that many
of local governments
promote this kind
of collective violence.
Two young men were lynched
after being mistaken
for kidnapers.
A pregnant woman died
after being stoned in Pakistan
by her own family
after marrying a man
without her family's consent.
He shot her point-blank
inside the premises
of the company where they worked.
He was murdered in cold blood.
It happened at 12.30
last midnight.
Violence is the ultimate expression
of hate.
Sometimes, it happens daily.
Where is more potent?
Latin America gets the unfortunate
highest grade.
41 out of the 50 most dangerous
cities in the world
are in that continent.
Two young men hired
to perform surveys
were mistaken for attackers
and were mercilessly,
after being kicked,
burnt alive.
If someone breaks into your home
to rob you,
how would you defend yourself?
If a thief breaks in,
I can't end him in the backyard
because they would claim
that he fell off the side walls.
You need to take him
to the most hidden place
in your house.
To the farthest bedroom,
the basement, if possible.
When he is very well hidden,
you end him with gunshots.
Stop it! Stop!
What did you do to him?
When someone builds up
justification grounds
that say that those who steal
deserve to die.
And they can say that
while having a barbecue on Sunday.
Shooting is their way
to be left alone…
It's not always the case.
You can't generalize this.
But this could be a possibility
within his justification grounds.
– Bolsonaro!
– Bolsonaro!
There is a reason there.
Thieves must die.
That's the reason they give.
It's risky trying to find a reason
as well as a narrative
that includes any reason
as valid.
A woman was almost burnt alive
after being caught
taking a computer set.
The alleged thief was tied up
to a post as a punishment.
The Holocaust had a reason.
The reason was written down
and approved
by a high amount of population.
I won't say
that everybody supported it
or that it represents Germany,
but, as the last Argentinean
coup d'etat in 1976,
it had a reason
for a certain group
that exercised its power
using weapons
and that was supported
by other agents
that justified those reasons.
There are reasons.
What matters is what that reason is
and how we built it
and who states it.
We are going to execute
the "peteist" people in Acre.
Those corrupted people will have
to run away from Acre.
Since they like Venezuela
so much,
they will have to go there.
Two and a half million people died
since the year 2000.
Approximately the population
of Paris right now.
Can you imagine 2.5 million
people murdered by other people?
She was literally beaten down
for practicing witchcraft.
Our individualist and capitalist
cut all their horizontal
solidarity bonds.
– What are you doing there?
– Help me!
Come back!
Today is the 40th anniversary
of the massive murder in Jonestown.
The tragedy where over 900
people died
started when congressman Leo Ryan
and a group of people
who wanted to leave the community
where shot.
The rest of the victims drunk
or were injected with cyanide.
The girl tried to prevent him
from stealing her tablet
and the criminal stabbed her
eleven times.
While seating on the curb
and carrying his victims's blood,
the man says he doesn't regret
shooting five times
the martial arts instructor
his wife was cheating him with.
This happened at a high school
in Florida
where at least 17 people died.
The attacker entered the classrooms
shooting and leaving death behind.
When a phenomenon is widespread
and it "affects" so many people
in a community,
it clearly is a social phenomenon.
Poor Milagros!
She was walking
with her two-year-old son.
They tried to rape her,
they groped her, and hit her
and since they couldn't do it,
they took it off with the boy.
They told her: "Since we can't do
anything to you,
watch what we do to him."
And they threw him into the river.
The image is unbelievable.
The police car is receding
as much as it can.
Look, the police cars
start colliding.
18 policemen were hurt.
And some of them, gravely.
Argentina is the only member
that doesn't allow matches to play
with the visitor's fan
because they can't guarantee
their safety.
The one wearing the yellow T-shirt
and blue hat.
See? He is shooting.
Right above the River Plate's
player's heads.
The other one, lit up the flare
to signal that it was done.
Look at Johnny there.
I think they shot pepper spray.
I don't know.
Worse than the violence is the way
part of Argentina's society
perceives it.
As if it were unavoidable,
Or even worse, acceptable.
In the 16th Century,
Miguel de Cervantes wrote
"prison is the place
where discomfort dwells
and where sad noises
share a room.
It is a mounting block
for the dim.
A confusing republic.
A brief hell;
a long death.
A dock of sights.
A valley of tears.
A mad house where everybody screams
and deals with their craziness."
Let's test it.
– Hello, hello.
– Perfect.
Well, so you were telling me.
I was telling you that this space
is the in memorial.
To the right, in that little house,
there is the former detention camp
of the dictatorship.
The "Itinerant Cell" project.
The Magrassi Museum,
an archeological museum
from Mar Del Plata.
If you take a look,
you'll see images
of all the disappeared people
from the city of Mar Del Plata
in the windows.
I think that it is super important
to have the itinerant cell project
in this space
because we want to show
the continuity and discontinuity
of confinement.
To compare confinement
in dictatorship and in democracy.
We organize societies that control
the population
so the nation state keeps
using these domination mechanisms
over the others.
Not all who commits a crime
will go to prison
and be trapped by the penal system.
But it builds the subject
who is going to be the object
of institutional violence.
The distance from the slums
to the prison
is this close.
It's a two-way bridge.
We create an evil, a cancer,
within population,
and we give it an entity
and we get people
that plays that role.
First, it was the Indians,
then, the gaucho.
Then, the anarchist.
Then, the immigrant.
Then, the subversive.
Now, it's the poor.
But power has always built an enemy
where to place all social evils.
And that way they build
this reality
that the penal system applies.
Those who avoided taxes
and caused a terrible social damage
can pay a certain amount of money
to avoid going to prison.
And the boy who robbed a cell phone
cannot pay the judgmental amount
to avoid confinement.
We can see how people are punished
based on the judgment
of the social group,
on the look of the rest
that sees them as different.
That is a way of stigmatizing
not for what they did,
but for what they are.
They make us stay in prisons
that aren't qualified
and they keep us on the floor,
without mattresses.
And they keep throwing money
in that shit
instead of investing it
in education, in health,
or in taking care of the women.
The confinement conditions
are a violent way
of keeping people
under the tutelage of the state
to establish whether
they have committed a crime.
No water tap.
No water.
No lights either.
For 24 hours.
What differentiates confinement
in dictatorship and in democracy?
The illegality and legality.
But we need to check the content
and the quality
of the confinement
we are talking about.
In that sense, we find many
similarities between what happened
in times of dictatorship
and what happens now in democracy
regarding the treatment
of human beings in confinement.
In every prison,
there are huge rats.
Many of the inmates are bitten
by those rats.
They are violating
our human rights!
Confinement places are,
without a doubt,
where the most vulnerable people
of the society are.
In October, 2016, I was visiting
a prison,
and a young man confined
in that place,
had a piece of bone protruding
from his skin.
He had had that for several weeks.
How many people sleep here?
Ten people.
– Yes.
– But you don't fit in here.
How do you manage?
We place two mattresses like this
and one like this.
We leave the mattresses
for the oldest people.
And us, the young ones,
I wake up, wash up,
and have "mate." I do this all day.
I don't do anything else.
I just sit there.
I fold the mattress in two
and use the pillow
to sit down under a bit of sun.
They open our doors,
but it's the same thing.
We only look at walls.
How many times did we see this
on TV?
How many times did we read
about it?
How many people fits here?
How much does it show?
The less you see, the better.
Precincts are invisible.
Because there is torture
and cruelty there.
Because the human rights
are being violated there.
There is a complete society,
a political, economic
and historical context
that leads us to suffer
like we are suffering.
This is Clarice de Andrade.
In 2007,
she sent a 15 year-old girl
accused of robbing a cell phone
in Para to a male cell
for ten days.
She was sexually abused there
in several occasions.
Two weeks later,
the prisoner was brought
before the authority
who decided to sent her back
to the same cell.
She was eight months pregnant
when she was 18 years old.
Suddenly, she felt extreme pain.
She called the emergency number,
but the help never arrived.
The baby had been born already.
I got scared when I saw
that the baby didn't react.
I didn't know what to do.
While being taken to the hospital,
she lost consciousness.
When she woke up, she was
accused of killing the child.
It was my first baby.
When I saw my daughter's
tennis shoe,
I felt something I can't explain.
This pain… There are no words
to explain this pain.
I saw the tennis shoe,
a piece of sock of my daughter
and her skin.
I thought they had cut
her foot off.
It wasn't my daughter.
She was destroyed.
40 percent of the women
who requested protection this year
didn't get it.
Since the victims are women,
they don't matter to them. Right?
According to official numbers,
45 women were killed
so far this year in Spain.
Feminist organizations say
the numbers double
because they don't include
the sexist homicides
outside a couple context.
67 percent of women in Peru
claim to have been victims
of some sort of abuse,
mainly psychological.
And 32.4 percent claimed
physical violence in that country.
Brazil has one of the highest rates
of female murders in the world
and the murder of a lawyer
by her husband impacts the country.
This is Kenni Mireya Finol,
a 26-year-old Venezuelan,
months before being killed
in Ecatepec, Mexico.
I prefer my dogs eat
the meat of those women
than those women keep breathing
my oxygen.
Do you have any other mission
in life?
– Mission?
– Yes.
Well, man, I don't think
I'll get out of this.
But if I do, let me tell my pals,
I'll keep killing women.
Horrendous crimes against women
keep taking place in India.
This is the third teenage girl
that was raped and burnt this week.
If we say that the violence
against women
is based on a patriarchal society
where we all live in…
What do you want your hair for?
To get men?
Son of a bitch!
…there must be something
in that patriarchal society
that keeps it up.
Attackers, physical abusers,
psychological abusers,
pathological jealous men,
manipulators, controlling men,
women killers…
These are some of the typologies
that define those men
who exerts gender violence
to control those he considers
his property.
If we start from the concept
that we live in a society
that divides human beings
under certain obligations
where men have to be a certain way
and women have to be a certain way,
the punishment is
a disciplinary tool
when one of them moves out
from their place.
Make it stop or I'll kill you!
Stop it, you bitch! Get out!
He killed his wife,
dismembered her,
and kept her in a duffel bag.
They were both soldiers
of the Argentinean Army.
One more female homicide
joins the daily reports
and it confirms that a woman
is killed each day in Argentina.
Lately, the latest female homicides
have an alarming trait
that show an aggravated punishment.
It's not about just killing her.
It's about killing her,
punishing her and her body.
They discard it in a black bag
to the trash.
The way they get rid
of the bodies is a symbol.
A new female homicide.
This time, in Loma Hermosa.
You can see the image.
That's the murderer.
He left the body of the woman
next to a container.
New born girls,
very little girls
or preteen girls
are killed and considered
like a disposable item
by the aggressor.
It's not like it wasn't visible
and that's why we didn't hear
about it.
I don't think so.
I think the cases increased.
Valentina was 19 years old.
She was murdered by her boyfriend.
Her personal story
has specific details
because her mom was also killed
by her couple eleven years ago.
Nowadays, street harassment
is part of the agenda.
And they tell you:
"Why do you complain?
They are saying you are pretty."
No, they don't say you are pretty.
They say they want to screw you.
I mean it isn't pleasant.
They are seeing you as an object
they can have access to.
They feel they have
the social license to say that.
And not only telling you that,
but if possible, doing it.
We are here for our dignity.
We don't want to live with fear.
We want to choose our life,
who we are, our jobs,
the way we dress,
the relationships we want
freely, without conditions.
We want our lives to be free,
peaceful, harmonic.
We want to have relationships
with people that love us
and take care of us.
We don't accept violence.
We don't accept the connection
between violence and love.
If there is violence,
it isn't love.
No more women killed!
A hundred female murders
were registered in 2020 so far.
16 of them happened
during this mandatory quarantine.
If in my individual justification,
I think that a woman wearing
a mini-skirt
deserves to be punished because
wearing that while having a couple
means she is whore,
and, as a whore, I must teach her,
according to my grounds,
I have a justification, a reason.
That reason breaks with
and goes against
what we culturally,
socially, and legislatively
we stipulate.
But when we talk about
modifying paradigms
or cultural transformation,
we are talking about this,
about modifying the grounds
for justification.
The Women's Day isn't an honor.
It's about a horrendous situation
female textile workers suffered.
Because they were striking,
they all ended up burning
inside the locked factory.
Preventing gender violence
doesn't imply more security
and more punishment
for the aggressor.
It implies rethinking our roles
within a society.
Our roles as men and women
respecting diversity
and the role I want to have
in this society.
A video posted
in the social networks
caused huge embarrassment
and outrage.
He was asking the woman
for her cell phone password
and she refused to give it away.
So he took a kitchen knife
and started threatening her.
And that's how everything ended.
There is a big line working
in gender violence
regarding the aggressor’s
I mean, violence is a crime.
It has to be punished
with greater punishment.
But if we don't reconsider
the relationships among people,
you will only fill prisons up
with aggressors
who won't be rethinking
their roles
and they are going to do the same
when they get out.
You, at home, would you hire
a gay driver to take your kids
to school?
Of course not!
She is high. She is evil.
Who is high? You are high,
shitty Colombians.
I'm not even Colombia.
Go get educated.
Educated about what?
Get educated and go.
And go? I'm also recording.
– Recording what?
– Go join your gang.
Educate your kid, please.
For millions of people
around the globe,
the struggle to avoid
is an impossible ambition.
Policies based
on discriminatory ideologies
and thought trends
that validate segregation and abuse
always find a victim.
– Stupid.
– Nigger.
-Low life
-Low life nigger.
This is terrible.
It happened last week.
But the video was just released.
This happened in Mataderos.
– Look.
– You can't be such a…
You can't hang out in a corner
or do whatever…
If a police car goes by
and sees you with a cap on
or dressed in a certain way
that shows that I'm poor,
it stops you.
The same happens, if a neighbor
sees you. They call the police.
If you go to the police station
to report something,
if you are a man,
they listen to you.
Otherwise, they don't.
They tell you something
similar to what they told me.
"It was just a snatch."
While I was working
in the public sector,
on the first days of December,
the police went out
looking for homeless people
to commit them
as long as the high season lasted
so tourists didn't see homeless
people on the streets.
We don't know how to live together
We don't accept the differences
of the rest.
That is essential.
This group is not constituted
by conservative nationalist people
or outraged citizens.
They are neonazis from the north
of Europe that arrive in Falun,
a small town in the middle
of Sweden.
A fascist group wildly attacked
dozens of refugees
by throwing stones, bottles
and flares at them
while chanting:
"Burn them alive!"
Even in the 21st Century,
homophobia in Russia prevails.
Anti-gay groups record
and broadcast videos
where they physically
and emotionally
abuse people of that community.
On Tuesday, two Indonesian
homosexuals got 83 lashes each.
The sentence was executed
on a stage
in front of a mosque
and hundreds of people.
Full families established
in substandard housing
in towns near the borders.
Without any humanitarian help,
they make a living
by working without any papers
even though seven months ago,
the Ankara's government
imposed severe restrictions
to the entrance
of Syrian’s fugitives.
Who knows who did this?
All those guys at the corner.
They went up, that way.
They live here.
In these apartments.
There isn't a perfect society.
Even less, a perfect capitalism.
Life sentence for the sniper
who committed three racist killings
and five attempted murders,
also xenophobic acts,
in Sweden.
One out of ten Swedish
doesn't want me here.
Yesterday, Sweden celebrated
its legislative elections
and the results
of the extreme right stood out.
They don't want
any kind of immigrants.
One of them doesn't want
any immigrants in Sweden.
They take great care.
They keep their distance.
They are afraid.
They think that people
who are different
are weird, crazy.
We are closing down our borders.
We live in a place
that is isolated from the world.
The reason, the problem,
isn't where they are from,
but whether they are poor
or rich.
I was born in Sweden
and I enjoy all my rights.
But there are people
who were born in places
where there is war.
Of course, their lives
are different.
But not everybody sees that.
They think we are the good ones
and they are the bad ones.
In terms of us and them.
I think this is getting deeper
than before.
In Europe and in the United States,
they live in great conditions.
So let's build walls in the border
with Mexico
and shoot at the rafters
crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
– More punishment.
– More punishment.
Her parent's had given
their consent for the abortion.
The doctors weren't objecting
due to moral issues.
It was a extreme case.
Very painful.
Even then, advocates
of the organization "Pro Vida"
generated violent acts,
tried to interrupt the surgery
that had the consent of her parents
who are also the tutors
of a 14-year-old girl
who has mental disability
and had been raped.
Sexual abuse as mistreatment
isn't a modern practice,
but a constant throughout
human history.
Just like many other ways
of aggression,
sexual violence is usually silenced
by the victims,
by their environment,
and by justice as well.
We are here looking for the rapist
from Pradera.
The citizens found him and they are
going to do justice today.
A child is victim of sexual
violence each hour in Colombia.
The girl was sexually abused
by her own father.
As a consequence of this rape,
the girl got pregnant.
Six sisters from 7 to 15 years old
were victims, for several months,
of sexual aggressions by eleven
of their closest male relatives.
A 3-year-old girl was raped,
beat and burnt with acid
by an unknown man
nobody heard of.
That's the reaction of the uncle
of the victim of the "Pack from Manresa"
when he saw the seven young men
accused of multiple rape
leave the court.
It isn’t abuse.
It's rape.
The same argument was given
in the case
of the "Pack from Pamplona"
where the defendants
were only sentenced for abuse
and not sexual aggression.
This was Lucia Perez.
She was only 16 years old
when her body showed up
at the gates of a hospital
in Mar Del Plata, Argentina.
Her aggressors, three men,
were absolved of the charges
for rape and murder.
This sentence mirrors what happened
with the pack in Pamplona.
Lucia isn't the ideal victim.
Lucia is a victim
guilty of what happened.
And justice reproduces this idea
and provides arguments for it.
Five men can penetrate
your mouth, anus, and vagina,
ejaculate over you
while you are in shock
without being considered rapists.
In his decision, the judge says
that it was impossible for them
to realize that she didn't want
to have sexual intercourse.
We are talking about a woman
in shock.
We are repeating patterns
where the victim is being judged
while they go through that trauma
completely alone.
We live in a society where women
are told to take care
so they don't get raped.
Does she feel as bad as she would
by being attacked by one person
or does she feel even a lot worse?
It's some sort of public execution,
if you think about it.
For the woman, it is much worse.
In Argentina, the decision
of Fernando Rivarola,
the prosecutor, caused
a strong rejection in society.
He called a group rape
"a sexual relief"
and lowered the punishments
for the aggressors
according to the victim.
The last time a went with a friend
to make a report
against discrimination
at a police precincts
in the city of Salta,
we needed two hours
to get close to that precinct
because she remembered being raped
by seven policemen in that place.
But that wasn't registered
In countries where there are wars,
it is becoming the norm
to use sexual violence
as a weapon.
The Bosnian War was a feast
for predators.
There were about 67 camps
for Muslim women
where they were kept and raped
to give birth Bosnian children.
Men and children were also victims.
The United Nations estimates
about 4000 cases of sexual violence
against women in 19 countries
at war.
But it acknowledges
that by each case reported,
there are between 10 and 20 more
that are never reported.
In Central African Republic, the UN
gathered cases of raped women
that were forced by their own
community to abandon their homes.
It's estimated that over 20000
children were born as a result
of the massive rapes
during the Rwandan genocide
in 1994.
Nowadays, those babies
are 23, 24 years old
and face situations
of social exclusion,
family abandonment, trauma,
and illnesses like AIDS.
Punishment pierces our lives.
As victims, we learn it.
And, by punishing, we teach it.
Punishment survives time
and goes beyond borders.
Voting won't change anything
in this country.
Nothing at all.
Things are only going to change
when we face a civil war
and we do the job
that the military regime didn't do:
kill 30000 people.
There are many ways of punishing.
And the State knows them all.
Mister President,
for a long time,
Argentina has been,
and it still is,
criticized by international
by entities and institutions,
regarding the human rights
situation here in the country.
That same criticism appears
in the report
by the Human Rights Commission
of the Organization of American
What do you answer to that,
Mister President?
That's an interesting question.
Undoubtedly, Argentina
has been the victim
of a defamation campaign
whose main purpose
was to separate it
from the rest of the world,
to isolate it,
to cause…
To prevent its development,
drown it in chaos
in order to take over its power
using violence.
It has been proved.
I remember being at my doctor's
office door at a hospital
and a woman who saw
young people being taken in a truck
said: "We won't see them again."
While I was in Spain,
I heard that the Army
had come to my house
looking for me.
We used a short-wave radio
we had to listen
to the police movement.
At one point, we realized
we were the objective.
For them, my children didn't have
uncles and grandparents.
Not only my children, the children
of thousands of refugees.
Hereby, we inform the population
that from this date on
the country is under the control
of the Military Junta.
My wife was disappeared.
My first wife.
The mother of my two eldest sons.
They arrested those who killed her
because a boy who had done
the conscription
many years later came forward…
Apparently, that experience
was hurting him.
He came before the Human Rights
and told what he had seen.
The first operation that group
was kidnapping my first wife.
She was the founder
of the Teachers Union of Morón.
She was a teacher.
It took eight years for me
to go near a policeman.
And to talk to a policeman
as if he were a normal person.
An authority representative
for the State who I couldn't talk
to for eight years.
I came from Argentina
where I didn't go near a policeman.
About two months ago,
I made a private visit
and it was striking
how the school that I remembered
from Jaime Dri's testimony
as a survivor who broke out
from the Army Mechanics School.
Looking at it…
Looking at its walls,
its floor
and imagine the infinite pain
of those we were here.
Not everybody could have been
a soldier in the 70's.
They should have had
certain ideas,
a certain way of thinking,
and a certain individual
Not everybody can be a part
of those kinds of crimes.
They had a reason, like I said,
a justification.
They had a certain valuation
of the others.
As if they were nothing.
They had a certain conception
about themselves
to stand in those acts.
Not everybody can do anything.
But we all have the initial
potential of being anything.
It was a very young married couple.
22, 23 years old.
You could tell they had nothing
to do with it.
And they were accused of being part
of the PRT.
He was interrogated.
He was tortured terribly.
She was cut.
She was tortured
in front of her husband.
And then, they brought in
their kid.
He was two or three years old.
They cut his fingers
with scissors.
His four fingers
from a hand
with a pair of scissors.
And they let him bleed to death.
He was killed in front
of his parents.
And then, they killed
his parents.
That's why I keep asking myself
how a human being can become
an animal.
A beast.
I can't…
I can't understand that.
I can't understand it.
My daughter was five months
pregnant when she was taken.
My grandson should have been born
in August last year.
So far, I don't know anything
about him.
The only thing we know
is that children are born,
but they are kept
in institutions as unidentified
and we can't find
our grandchildren.
Don't you hear him say
that the World Cup is peaceful.
The government says you are lying.
Are we the liars?
Are we lying when we say
that our children disappeared?
Everything is proven.
You can check all the testimonies
at the Justice Palace.
The Finance Ministry
has all the statements and reports.
The Federal Police
has all the reports.
Everything is stated.
They raided my house four times.
They took me away and tortured me
to say where my son was.
That's the Argentina
we live in.
By means of the military action
of the Argentinean Armed Forces
and with the intention
of staying in power,
the dictator Leopoldo Fortunato
recovers the Malvinas, Georgia
and South Sandwich islands
Even today, top Argentinean ranks
are being judged
for the atrocities they carried out
against their own soldiers.
If they want to come,
let them come.
And we'll fight them.
There are plenty of evidence
that shows that in Malvinas
there were severe violations
to the human rights.
The war was against the English,
but when we had to fight them,
we had no strength for that.
All the military units
that took part in Malvinas,
whether the Army, Navy
or Air Force,
have reports against.
It was a systematic practice.
– You were there.
– Of course.
I was a soldier
in the Seventh Regiment.
– Did you witness these situations?
– Of course. I was a witness.
What did you see?
Impaling, freezing to death…
I was impaled in my hands and feet
and wasn't fed for three days.
The war wasn't against the English,
it has happened in that place.
A sheep's life was worth more
than a soldier's life.
Soldiers from Corrientes and Chaco
arrived in the other island,
Soledad Island.
There are two reports of soldiers
that died from starvation.
Are they cold? Are they hungry?
I'm responsible for that.
So if they are cold or hungry
you now know who to blame.
I assure you that they aren't cold.
They've got plenty of coats.
And they are going to come back
a bit fatter
because they are eating better
than at their homes.
Do you remember all the donations
we gathered here in Buenos Aires?
Yes, of course.
At schools, we gave chocolates
and food.
We made boxes for the soldiers.
They never got them.
Chilean people,
we've reached a historic time
for the destiny of our nation.
In a few hours, the government
I preside will hand over
its political power
to the new authorities
democratically chosen
by the Chilean people.
This is a war.
A terrible one.
A fact in itself.
A terrible circumstance.
This war has a result:
dead people, prisoners,
disappeared people…
A painful result
we are not happy about.
Banzer's dictatorship was
an active part of the Condor Plan
to eliminate opposing politicians
in the continent.
It started on August 21, 1971.
The Constitution forces
the military men to answer
to their Chief Commander.
Right now, that is Evo Morales.
When those military men
take a political stance
and withdraw their support
from President Evo Morales,
there is, obviously,
a coup d'etat.
I'm very proud though
that the Army with the cooperation
of the civilians
have beaten the subversive ones
and that now, the country,
thanks to that military victory,
enjoys peace, freedom, respect
and dignity.
In honor to Colonel
Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra,
Dilma Rousseff's terror.
The Condor Plan was an intelligence
and coordination plan
agreed on by the security services
of the military dictatorships
in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil
together with the right governments
in Uruguay and Argentina.
Do you think you should ask
for forgiveness
to all the people you tortured?
Lidia Falcon said: I was hit
in the stomach and in the liver.
And they pulled from my arms.
I thought they'd come out.
While he hit my stomach,
Billy "The Kid" told me:
"You won't be able to breed
anymore, whore."
What people don't talk about
remains unknown.
And governments, even now,
take care of preventing people
from knowing.
It wasn't taught in universities,
in institutes.
Nothing is said in schools.
So people don't know what happened.
From the coup d'etat in 1936
up to Franco's death,
it seems there was no past.
People were taken
and if they didn't say
what they wanted to hear,
they were executed.
Citizens do what they hear
and what they are told to do
because they have no other option.
And if the communication media,
the government and schools lie,
people is going to choose
the oppression.
My mother's mother and sister
were killed.
They were taken to prison
and executed.
About two million people
were killed.
Without considering the victims
from the civil and military war,
but they died due to starvation
and lack of jobs.
And if they got a job, they were
paid with a can of sardines
with a small piece of pan
per day and that was it.
No money or anything.
And many of them
had wives and kids.
Today, in many places,
people requests more safety.
But until exclusion and inequality
are solved in society
and between different people,
it will be impossible
to eradicate violence.
Violence against the poor
and the poor people is reported,
but without equal opportunities
the different types of aggression
and war
will find breeding grounds
that sooner or later
will cause an explosion.
As if we didn't know that weapons
and violent repression
instead of providing a solution
create new and worse conflicts.
On April 19, 1991,
the Federal Police of Argentina
carried out a massive arrest
of more than 80 people.
Among those arrested,
there was a 17-year-old boy
who after his arrest
was taken to a Precinct
where he was beaten
by police officers.
He died on April 26.
His name was Walter Bulacio.
He was 12 years old
when he died on March 8
after being trapped in the middle
of a police operation.
There were police officers
It is a year anniversary
of the murder of the Mapuche boy,
Rafael Nahuel, when he was trying
to recover land for his community
in Patagonia.
Watch out!
Son of a bitch!
We were burying Santiago Maldonado,
keeping the company of his family,
When we learned about this murder
aggravated by the excess violence
in the hands of the State.
What the State is doing
with the complicity of the media
is distorting the Mapuche
They are accused of violent acts
that they didn't perform
to legitimate their own violence.
The justice is investigating
the defense to an attack.
I mean, they didn't just shoot
because they wanted to.
According to who, Gabriela?
Who said that?
According to who? They were there
– There are weapons.
– Which weapons?
Well, allegedly, there are
all kinds of weapons.
– Allegedly.
– Spears.
– Spears?
– How do you call these things?
Spears, slingshots, stones?
– Stones and firearms.
– Really?
– Yes. We don't know.
– Were there or is it unknown?
It is unknown.
There is impunity still.
There is criminalization still.
And the killing, the persecution,
and the harassment still exist.
We are asking for jobs!
We are here today.
We are going to be here tomorrow
and the day after
and as long as it takes to fight
for the rights of the young.
Today, the local police
are our friends.
They grew up with us
in the neighborhood
and lived our same experiences,
but they got in there
because they needed a job.
And what they teach them there
is to hit and beat down.
I'm here for the repression
of January 15.
After three months,
they gave the order of eviction.
We were about 450 people.
51 families that suffered
the beating.
There were pregnant women,
They didn't care.
We all ended up sleeping
in America Libre Cultural Center.
And if you left those premises,
the cops caught you
and beat you down.
Or even worse.
He is retired! He is a senior,
son of a bitch!
The Calvary came so the mothers
locked arms.
The horses came on us.
They didn't care.
We couldn't tell
who the animal was.
If it was the one at the bottom
or the one at the top.
At first, Chocobar shoots and him
and hurts him.
The thief is completely motionless.
And then, he approaches him
and kills him.
There is no country in the world
without a declared war
where more human beings die
per year than Brazil.
Half of them are young
and have a defined profile.
Dark skin poor males.
Uneducated and slum inhabitants.
Rates show that African-Americans
have three times more chance
of being killed by the police
than white people.
There was always punishment.
We punish those who surround us,
the strangers…
…those who are different.
Even ourselves.
This is the video of a young man
in Russia who changed his mind
after jumping from a building,
but ended up falling off.
The game started in that country
where it took the life
of over a hundred youngsters.
The situation of unstable
employment, of unstable emotions,
of difficulties to belong
to certain groups,
to interact with others…
In Facebook, we can find
a huge loneliness pathology.
People who is alone and writes down
their sufferings.
They retell them indiscriminately.
That suggests something
about our society.
Everything works very well
as you say.
The infrastructure.
We have money and we can buy
whatever we want.
And what happens once
I've got all that?
I've got my cell phone.
We are all glued
to the cell phone.
Why would I need you?
I don't need you.
You are alone
in the middle of a hole.
Nobody looks at you.
Nobody gives you a hand.
Nobody takes a chance on you.
You are completely alone.
So you go and hang yourself.
It sometimes happens at work.
It is discussed.
But it happens.
They turn their backs on you.
So those that smiled at you
and talk with you,
suddenly don't sit with you
at the table.
They cast you aside.
This cemetery in the south part
of Stockholm, in Sweden,
was built between 1917 and 1920.
Here, next artists, architects,
missionaries, among others,
in March, 2010, the remains
of Jose Perez were buried.
He was a 60-year-old Argentinean.
His body was found three years
after his death
in his house in Stockholm
due to the huge amount of mail
accumulated at his door.
In March, 2007, in one
of the most advanced societies,
Jose Perez killed himself
in the utmost loneliness.
OECD ranks Chile second
with the most amount
of adolescent suicide globally.
A 14-year-old boy made the fatal
decision of killing himself.
According to his relatives,
the minor suffered depression
after his father left them.
A boy who came out as gay
took his own life
after being a victim of bullying
at school.
A 55-year-old man killed himself
in Alicante on the same day
he was going to be evicted
from his housing
for not being able to afford it.
This is the fourth suicide
this week for this reason.
In our country, ten teenagers
kill themselves per day.
There are three times more
suicides than murders in Argentina.
Those are the reported suicides.
Attempted suicides
are twenty times more.
And then, there are a lot
of suicide cases covered up.
Many of the accidents are suicides.
The 20th century
was bloody and cruel.
A century where punishment
was present daily in our actions,
just like the previous centuries.
The 21st century
won't be different.
It'll just be the continuation
of a story that doesn't change.
Translated by
Alejandra Trabanco

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