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A few days ago I came across this article in the Guardian
and it was talking about an animal auction market
that took place in Scotland
and how a ram had been sold in this market for
368 thousand pounds which is officially a record breaking fee
for one ram
but what's really disturbing about this whole market
and the auction of the animal
is that these farmers have paid 368 thousand pounds
for this ram's semen
because the reason they've bought this ram
is for breeding purposes
now it's more common than not
that in the sheep industry, rams will breed with yews
but they've actually said they're going to use this ram
for collection of semen as well, which of course is very common
with those animals they're viewed to be
genetically superior
and so what this really means
is that these farmers have paid 368 thousand pounds
to sexually exploit the genitalia of this male ram
which is absolutely insane
and so this ram, what they'll have done to them at some point in their life
is they will be sexually excited by a farmer
who will then use one hand
to take the ram's penis and guide that penis into an artificial vagina
that they will be holding with their other hand
and so they are going to be manually taking semen
from a ram
what are we doing?
and people say vegans are strange
and weird and extreme
and yet if you're not vegan you're paying for people
to do these really insane things to animals
to their genitals and their sexual organs
it couldn't be more weird and extreme than that
I think it's important to mention that this practice
doesn't just take place in the sheep industry
in fact it's more prevalent in the dairy and beef industry
because it's less common for the bulls to mate with the cows directly
and so instead they use this process of taking
the semen through using the artificial vagina
and then later inseminating the cow forcibly
and even more disturbing, potentially is
there's another method called electro-ejaculation
which is where they force a device into the anus of
of the male cows, which forces them to ejaculate
it's just absolutely horrendous
and so disturbing
and to be quite frank I think it is one of the most disgusting things
you could possibly do to another animal
is exploit their sexual organs
and their reproductive system
and for what? for money?
like it's so disturbing
and, uh, well let's get to the article
and see what they have to say about it
because there's a few little quotes in here that
which I think are quite interesting
and definitely reflect badly on the industry
which is absolutely true because
all these industries and businesses
as this person refers to them
rely on the mass exploitation of the genitals
and sexual reproductive system of these animals
and all these different industries
whether it's for entertainment or for food
animals are exploited in mass
and their sexual reproductive systems
are exploited in mass as well
he goes on to say
this is just creepy to me, i mean
the language used here really highlights how
objectified these animals are
because that's exactly what happens to these animals
they're herded into these rings and these farmers are in these stands
and their objectifying these animals
and their looking at them, trying to work out
what to bid on them for their semen
or for their reproductive system
it is so strange and disturbing to me
but this is exactly what happens every single day
in the animal farming industry
and when we think about the use of the term "something"
it's just the fact that these farmers don't even recognize
these animals as being individuals
they want them to be objects
they view them as objects
and that little bit where he says "everyone wanted a piece of it"
is just, ugh
you just see all these farmers in the stands, leering
down at this ram
leering at this ram thinking about how much
they want to pay for this ram so they can take
this rams semen
(auction announcements)
(ram vocalizing)
(auction announcements)
(ram vocalizing)
now imagine if i said there's this person
who likes to take dogs
and he likes to force these dogs to ejaculate
into an artificial vagina
what would we say about that person?
like "that person is sick"
"they should be arrested, what sort of perverted freak
does that to another animal?"
and I say "no, no, no, sorry. I made a mistake
I didn't mean a dog, I meant a ram.
and the people paid 368 thousand pounds
to be able to do that to the ram."
and we go "oh, that's fine then. nothing weird there at all.
everything has changed now apparently because
it's just a couple of farmers doing a hard days job
working on the farm, making an honest living"
but it's not like that
because it's no different, the action is the same
and just because we pay people to do it
or it's normalized in the form of employment
doesn't mean that it's more moral
it's still immoral to do these things to animals
so we have to recognize that
I mean, surely it can't that hard
to understand that all the things we do to animals
the sexual exploitation to their reproductive systems
is obviously immoral
and it's also worth noting of course that
this does happen to dogs as well
dog breeders who sell puppies to people
who want more puppies, do this to dogs as well
the forced ejaculation to male dogs
the artificial insemination and forced impregnation
of the female dogs
which is yet just another reason why of course
we should adopt and never buy from a breeder
or from a store, because again
when animal exploitation is involved
exploitation of the their reproductive systems
is also involved intrinsically as well
but if we take this idea of
traditional farming practices that when
they're no longer in the farming world
are viewed as these horrible, horrendous
and abject things to do to animals
two years ago, thereabouts, there was an article
about a man who had been caught with his arm inside
a cow, his arm up to his shoulder
inside the cow
the national press got hold of it and
said that he was an animal abuser
he was a pervert, a molester
and of course, it's an incredibly immoral
thing to do
it shouldn't even need to be stated
that it's an incredibly immoral thing to do
to forcibly penetrate an animal
but guess who else does that?
Farmers do that.
that's how they artificially and forcibly
impregnate cows
they put their arm inside
the anus of the cow
and they take the semen, that they forcibly
taken from the bull with their hands using the artificial vagina
and then they force that
inside the uterus of the cow
so when someone does it outside the farming world
they're a molester and a pervert
and an animal abuser
but when someone does it within the farming world
then it's absolutely fine
and there's no questionable practices there
and we don't have to worry about it
i mean, the practice of forcibly penetrating an animal
is something that is shown in agricultural schools
it's so normalized within the agricultural community
but as soon as someone does it outside of that community
it's this terrible, horrible thing
but if we say that it's abusive to an animal
for that man to penetrate them
then it must, of course, be abusive
to the animal for a farmer to do so
because to the animal, it's exactly the same
it's just to us we go "well farmers are employed
and their paid to do it so that's different"
but to the animal it's no different at all
except the farmer of course is not going to just
forcibly penetrate the animal
he is then going to steal their baby from them
and send them to a slaughterhouse
to have their throat cut as well
and so we say "oh, this person is penetrating this animal
what a freak, a molester
oh but this farmer is fine because
they do it to significantly more animals
and they're paid to do it
and they also exploit animals in more ways
than just penetrating them
it's exactly the same
to the animal, and that's what is important
i also came across this website called
Genetic Gains
and on their website you can download something called
the ram semen catalogue
like a catalogue for items in your home
except it's for ram semen
so you can go through this catalogue and
decide which ram you would like to get the semen from
and if you thought that was weird, it gets even weirder
because when you scroll down
in the catalogue it says
"Harness his earning power, he's worth big money
so make him pay his way"
is that not one of the most disturbing things
you've ever heard, all these farmers going
"Oh, yeah let's make pay their way by
forcing them to ejaculate
so we can take their semen"
"this ram is worth big money
so make them pay their way"
by what? forcing them to ejaculate?
making them live a life of exploitation
sending them to a slaughterhouse
and if we just bring it back to the Guardian article
there's a bit at the bottom which is
unrelated to what we've been talking about but
I think it's also an important issue
and so it's from the farm owners
the ones who bred the ram to begin with
"Don't get me wrong, it is an obscene amount of money to pay for a sheep
and it definitely should not be a reflection on the farming community."
and so actually a lot of articles i've read
one of the main focuses of the article
about this particular subject is how
it's not a reflection, how it's an obscene amount of money
and don't get the wrong idea
now this is a very poor reflection on the farming community
and I could fully understand why a lot of
farmers would not be very happy about the fact
this is being publicized
because one of the main narratives from the farming community
is how they financially struggle
and it's a really hard industry
and they make no money
and yet what we see outside the community is
368 thousand pounds being spent on
on one ram, and we go "well, hang on a minute
one day we're told you're struggling
and it's financially really difficult
and the next day we hear that hundreds of thousands of pounds
is being spent on one animal"
now, of course, a lot of animal farmers do
financially struggle, there's no denying that
which is even more of a reason for
them to diversify and get out of the animal farming industry
and diversify your land, do something different
whether that be plant farming
or re-wilding, whatever
do something different
but for a lot of these farmers
they make a lot of money, especially
from tax subsidies
sheep farmers are among the farmers who
make the most from tax subsidies
DEFRA, which is the
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in the UK
says that grazing livestock farmers
so sheep farmers and cattle farmers predominately
about 90% to 95% of their average annual profits
comes from tax subsidies
anyway, let's leave the video there
but until the next video I hope you stay safe
and I look forward to speaking to you all very soon

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