www.bealiveandwell.com Barbara Badolati of Be Alive and Well discusses aiding digestion of foods by adding a digestive enzyme supplement to your diet.
Hi This is Barbara Badolati of Be Alive & Well,
and today I want to share a secret with you
that can dramatically increase your energy,
improve your digestion and help you lose weight.
Have you ever heard of Digestive Enzymes?
Every food has enzymes to help us digest it,
and every cell in our body has enzymes which
help break down, digest and absorb nutrients.
In this video I'm using regular cooked oatmeal,
and Usana's Digestive Enzymes, which is a
plant based enzyme – make sure if you take
an enzyme support that is plant based.
You can see that the enzyme is breaking down
the sticky, solid food – turning it almost
to a liquid, which is actually what you want.
Because of age, stress, or poor diet, we don't
get the best nutrition. And even if you do
eat healthy, you may not be absorbing vitamins
or minerals as well as you should.
Imagine if you just ate this oatmeal and it
was in your stomach, and there was some breakdown,
but it still passes into the intestine.
The intestine is a long tube that has a wall
which is like a very fine cheesecloth, and
the microscopic nutrients need to pass through
this cheesecloth wall into your blood stream.
So if you're not able to absorb, your body
is Hungry for nutrients, and keeps signaling
you to EAT – Feed me. Or needs the energy
of nutrients. Plus your intestines weren't
designed to do this breakdown, so other digestive
issues arise from constipation to more severe
I hope this was informative and if you'd like
to order some of the Usana Digestive Enzyme
which I recommend, visit my website: Be Alive
And Well . (dot) Usana.com
Or call me if you'd like to set up a
coaching session so we can get you on the
road to Optimal Health and Well-Being. This
Barbara Badolati, Be Alive & Well!

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