This Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases�? HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis and More… According to recent studies, black cumin seed oil …
this ancient remedy cures all diseases ?
hiv/aids diabetes cancer stroke STDs
arthritis and number of 38 more
according to recent studies black cumin
seed oil nigella sativa has the ability
to inhibit cancer cell activity and is a
potential cancer cure this oil and it's
extract called thigh ma Kenan have
exhibited potent anti-cancer activity
when faced against liver pancreatic
cervical breast stomach colon and
prostate cancer as well as against
lymphoma and melanoma however the
studies have so far been done only on
animals and there's been no advance in
human clinical trials yet and although
several studies have shown what the
black cumin seeds oil can do modern
medicine still doesn't recognize it
continue reading the article to learn
more about why there are no human
clinical trials and why big farm who is
trying to subdue the use of the oil
according to two studies conducted in
China and Saudi Arabia in 2011 which
reviewed literature on the use of the
oil as a cancer treatment the black
cumin seed oil has been used as the
natural cancer remedy for millennia the
oil and its extract have also been used
against cardiovascular diseases diabetes
asthma kidney disease and more
the scientists also noted that the
mechanism behind the anti-cancer
properties of the black cumin seed oil
is not understood some think that it's
all due to the antioxidant effects of
thigh mäkinen and its ability to
reinforce the immune system but this
claim hasn't been supported by
scientific evidence studies have shown
that the oil induces apoptosis in cancer
cells besides controlling the app
pathway which means that it controls
self-survival throughout the body and
although the oil has been used for
millennia modern medicine has only
learned about it in the past few decades
black cumin seed oil and honey work
together in one Egyptian study
scientists exposed rats to a strong
carcinogen and have been studying the
effects of black cumin seed oil and
honey on the disease there were four
groups of rats in the study one was fed
with black seeds and honey while the
three other groups were fed agha honey
or black seeds the results showed that
the group fed with black cumin seeds had
eighty percent of protection against
oxidative stress and cancer formation
while this number jumped to one hundred
percent in the group that was fed both
ingredients together black cumin seed
oil is great against radiation the
Turkish study from 2014 discovered that
black cumin seed oil can help people
undergoing radiation therapy against
cancer recover most of these patients
experience terrible side effects from
the treatment which could even be fatal
the study focused on the effects of the
oil on irradiated rats the animals were
exposed to gamma radiation and divided
into two groups one was fed with about a
gram of the oil and hour before the
station while also receiving attend
grains dose in the next 10 days the
other group was given a saline solution
and the control group was not irradiated
the results showed that black cumin seed
oil reduce oxidative stress markers and
has powerful antioxidant effects while
increasing the oxidative capacity of the
liver tissues administering the oil 10
days prior to the radiation and for 10
days afterwards protected the rats from
the harmful effects of radiation a 2012
Indian study also examined the effects
of the oil on mice exposed to gamma
radiation the study involved a group of
healthy and a group of tumor-bearing
mice which were given the dose of black
cumin seed extract prior to the exposure
100 milligrams per one kilogram of body
weight the oil managed to protect the
rats internal organs in both groups
which confirms the oils protective
effects and its antioxidant properties
scientists believe that the oil can help
humans as well but there are still not
clinical trials to confirm this black
seeds inhibit uncontrolled cell growth
and kill liver cancer cells another
study conducted in India in 2013
examined the effects of thigh machina in
two groups of rats the first group
received 0.01 percent of thymic he known
water while the other one was given
plain water in only 16 weeks the liver
cancer nodules injury markers and tumor
markers were significantly decreased in
the first group and the rats didn't
develop new cancer nodules as well this
confirms thigh ma keenans amazing role
in treatment of liver
cancer and its powerful ability to
prevent the proliferation of cancer
cells black cumin seed oil kills lung
cancer cells in 2014 saudi arabian
scientists have stated that black seeds
have been used in traditional medicine
for centuries thanks to their powerful
antioxidant anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial properties to confirm this
they conducted a study which examined
the effects of black cumin extract on
human lung cancer cells in a lab the
cancer cells were exposed to 0.01
milligrams / ml of the oil and 1
milligram / ml of the extract and the
cells viability was examined afterwards
both the extract and the oil managed to
reduce the population of living cancer
cells and change their cellular
morphology and the scientists concluded
that the level of cell death rows with
greater concentration of the extract or
oil black cumin seed compounds kill
brain cancer cells an ill hiyo state
university from 2013 suggested that
glioblastoma is the most aggressive type
of brain tumor in humans the scientists
stated that there's need for additional
therapies for glioblastoma and the study
focused on thigh Maki known due to its
powerful anti-cancer properties hi MA
Kenan targets the cancer cells
specifically without harming the healthy
cells the study also looks at how high
maki known inhibits the cancer cells of
the brain and spinal cord and make
clones of themselves without harming the
normal cellular activity in the brain
the black cumin seed extract inhibits
autophagy as well autophagy in cancer
cells allows them
continued growth by maintaining their
cellular energy production so when this
get cut off cancer cells are no longer
able to grow this shows that fly ma
Kenan and black cumin seed oil are
indeed a potential natural cancer cure

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