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Hey guys it's Kevin Kreider..More than just
muscle I want to do in Q and A but also
there's this question about fat loss and
somebody asked me on instagram how what
are the best tips what are the tips to
lose body fat number one focus on the
things that give you the best results
because there's so many different ways
to lose body fat that take up a lot of
energy and willpower it gets exhausting
so one we focus on the 20% of the things
that give you 80% of the results which
is remain in a caloric deficit don't
worry about macronutrients don't worry
about carbs or fats just remain in a
caloric deficit and you can do that
easily by multiplying your body weight
times 11 and you get your calories for
the dance start tracking your feel for a
little bit okay because you need to know
what's actually going into your body to
see if you're actually in a caloric
deficit and then weigh yourself to see
if that actually works test it out those
just assume it's going to work I mean
like seriously test it out see if it
works before you shit all over and say
it doesn't work for me because you don't
even know without you even trying right
so I really recommend it's all about the
energy balance more calories and more
energy has to be burnt then you put it
through your body through food over an
extended period of time and you will
lose body fat if you want to break it
down 500 calories per day
it's recommended to lose 1 pound of body
fat because one time the body fat stores
about 3,500 calories and then you do
that in a week you stay consistent and
you can lose 1 pound a week and it's
awesome so that's really it to stay in
the cordetta system is no magic sleep or
look like
well it's the carbs it's the it's the
Paleo diet this diet stuff it's not
you're just eating too much it's that
there's no magic pill there's no magic
food that's going to make you burn body
fat like there's this one guy there's a
client of mine who was on this military
diet and allowed like coffee
the grapefruit hot dogs and like a scoop
of ice cream and this seat ripped
apparently was the grapefruit because it
has this little thing called cinnamon in
it that burned bodies after putting in
supplements now it blunt at the time
acts like a diuretic not that kind of
great before you need to give the
clinical dosage of cinnamon to actually
be in any effect into your body not
going to happen from one grapefruit is
that it's such a gimmick Jim Marketing
toy and people fall for it all the time
looking for this easy way stop focusing
on energy actually if you just focused
on staying in the caloric deficit you're
not worried about these types of food
and all that kind of stuff is going to
make me fat or is this going to burn bad
or you actually probably have energy to
spend two minutes on your phone to
download my Fitness Pal and find
macronutrients in my sentence palette or
calories and remain in the caloric
deficit it's really that simple I'd also
recommend googled intermittent fasting
because it makes being on a caloric
deficit and dieting much more enjoyable
because it gives eat bigger meals you're
not worried or spending energy and
willpower on breakfast Anthony like a
burn body fat and just it makes things
so much more simple and you can see
bigger meals that make you feel folks I
don't know about you I'd rather have a
$1300 calorie meal that have three three
to four hundred calorie meals in a day
it just makes more sense to me I feel
more for than half a cab more
flexibility in foods that I want to eat
so it's really just that simple
to be in Connecticut and Spain of course
that's two guys do it it's really that
I'm not going to bolster that you wanna
hear it's just really that easy in the
moment that you get to do it and see the
experience of it you see how easy it is
and had someone to be so rigid and
shipped all the time it's gonna make it
easier and your life is going to be
easier so going to the body fat loss I
want to answer Marie Antoinette she has
those questions he's from Nigeria and
she says that she's doing a competition
The Biggest Loser and it's run for four
weeks and she wants to lose a life and
she does jogging and mostly in the
mornings and she wants to no tricks get
in your city bus to the gym start weight
training start weight training because
it's actually going to long-term burn
more body fat and use more calories than
running because when you tear your
muscles down your body is working and
using at energy from calories to repair
the muscle tissue over a long period of
time so short-term you're actually
burning less calories from the actual
weight training and the low then running
but then running you actually stop
burning calories especially at a slow
pace you just stop burning tally exactly
do activities finish so if you run for
40 minutes your body is pretty much
finished burning calories for the rest
of the day then what if your strength
training really going to get down to and
you do the Biggest Loser I do not
believe in that stuff because you're
just going to rebound and gain the
weight that I do believe I'm being a
little bit more aggressive with the
weight loss we're a little bit more
rapid because you want me to lose two to
three pounds so multiply a current body
weight by 11 and this isn't Allen so K
and then stay in that and then start
tracking it with my fitness pal and
making sure you stay in a caloric
deficit and then you can do weight
training if you're doing it in a short
period of time
been doing for four weeks then you
weight training four or five times a
week and then just gets you wherever you
are and then just take a total week off
to let your body rest of the covers is
your central nervous systems going to
get really burn out at that time and
then start losing body fat slowly and
incrementally in a healthy way I just
don't really recommend you land it just
hit a number just to win a competition
because that's a short-term benefit with
the trade offs on it's great rebound you
gain the weight back or more second of
all you're going to be Moody you could
be so Moody you're going to be the
energized if national levels are level
your brain won't function as well so if
you really want to get down to it and
lose more weight just cut out all your
guards there but the problem that I
don't think that's really healthy either
you're going to be moody as hell you're
going to make some bad decisions
possibly get on your boss for something
that you didn't do or she didn't do so
it's just a trade off what you're
willing to take and eat lots of
vegetables vegetables and every single
meal that you do and eat more vegetables
than you do other regular foods if you
really want to get down to getting your
weight loss back when you can for a
competition that you don't the biggest
boobs or something like that and then
when you've got to go weigh in and just
don't drink any water for the day
because what you or the day before
because water holds on the weight and
then having zero carbs zero carbs
carbohydrates home and water weight as
well and by going zero carb and reducing
your water weight you'll actually come
in late on the next day for your
if you
tournament macro so in those sodium
either you're going to look flat as crap
though you're not going to feel hard
vascular or you want to have your
muscles filled out but you will really
wait if you're just looking for the
weight so I don't really recommend it go
for it that's the answer your questions
I hope this helped out please subscribe
to my youtube channel and take the body
design tool guys if you really want to
change the way your lifestyle is be the
fitness lifestyle to be healthy that you
all you know around it'll look awesome
who wants to basically just look great
for a four week competition I want to
look good all year around so pick the
body design tool it's free to take it'll
guide you to a customized workout plan
with the nutrition plan as well and I'll
see you guys next week

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