CoolTone contracts muscles thousands and thousands of times in a 30 minute period. Just 4 treatments will reveal a toned, firm, strong core, butt or thighs.
how do you get six pack abs without
going to the gym
cooltone how do you tone tighten and
strengthen your thighs and butt
without weights or squats cooltone cooltone uses magnetic muscle stimulation
to bypass your skin nerves and fat to
stimulate your muscles
thousands of times many more than you
can do with any gym exercise
people that are relatively fit looking
for more muscle definition are excellent
candidates for cooltone
let me walk you through the process when
you come into the office
we will take some before and after
pictures in our dedicated photography
then we will escort you to the cooltone
where you'll lie down on a very
comfortable chair
we'll apply the applicators to your
or buttocks and you will lie there very
comfortably for the next 30 minutes
when you're done you'll feel like you
had a great workout
and you might have some muscle spasms or
tendon tightness
but all of that will resolve as there is
absolutely no downtime with this
when i first heard about cool tone i was
really intrigued with the possibilities
of it
one thing that i've struggled with is
targeting muscles
that are so small to begin with that
it it seems like an impossible journey
to to build those muscles up
i probably should be more apprehensive
about things like this
but based on what i read and saw i did
my own research of course
i was really excited to get started and
i saw no downside to trying it it wasn't
that uncomfortable
afterwards i did not feel
a lot of soreness i felt more just a
little bit of tiredness in the muscle
maybe but it was
virtually no after effects at all that i
noticed on that
i feel like i'm seeing results and i
can definitely feel the results
and so far i feel stronger
and i am i'm confident that i see a
knowing what i know now i plan on
two more procedures my abs and my legs
in the near future you can spend
countless hours at the gym to get
improved muscle definition
or you can spend 30 minutes getting cooltone at RejuvenationMD
learn more at

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